Cornwall Nationals Meeting With FHL As Captain Posts “GOODBYE CORNWALL” – 022018

Cornwall Ontario – CFN confirmed after speaking with Rodney Rivette of the Cornwall Nationals that the team is meeting today with FHL officials to talk about the survival of the team.

With attendance shriveling since it lost its promotional contract with this newspaper, the loss of its admired head coach, and now its star player and captain, Ahmed “Madman” Mahfouz, the team is being talked about on anti-social media as being done.

Mahfouz was an area fan favorite for his ferocious play and ability to score going back to his days with the Akwesasne Warriors.

The team has been struggling to get people to come to the games with posted attendance hovering around 500 per game.

We will be updating as more information becomes available.


  1. WOW!!! Connecting the dots…………

  2. The city and owners / previous owners never learn. Cornwall Royals, Cornwall Aces, Cornwall River Kings and now the Cornwall Nationals. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  3. Author

    Hugger a hockey team is just like any business. If you don’t run a business like a business you end up like Kevin Hargreaves, Bryan Merkley, Mr. Rivette, and others that have put politics ahead of business. It hurts the entire community. There is a market for hockey in Cornwall, but you can’t really blame fans when team owners don’t have their acts together.

    FFS the Colts players pay to play! If they didn’t do that and the team didn’t have a cushy deal with the city would they be playing?

    Having worked in Hockey all the way up to the NHL level I spoke with a few fellow hockey lovers about creating something regionally, but honestly until things change at the Counties and City Hall I’m not going to invest further in this community and I’m not alone.

    If we don’t change things next election they will be getting worse, not better.

  4. I agree. But it’ll be a long time before they learn the hard lesson

  5. Author

    Hugger you don’t get it. We just need to elect a council that will sort out city managers and the businesses that don’t operate under sound business practices will karmalize.

    Progress isn’t that far away if people want it to happen.

  6. Have any of you ever seen this KNUCKLEHEAD play hockey, this hockey league is garbage, you don’t take kids to see this hockey as its all about pre staged fight’s. We had great hockey in this city many years ago, AHL,OHL, but all the rift raft in this city complained about paying 16$ a ticket to see 17 future NHL players with Aces team, the city residents never supported great hockey in the past.

  7. I do get it. I’ve been down this road too many times, and not just here in Cornwall, to count waiting for things to change. As the saying goes “the more things change the more they stay the same.”

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