Councilors Want to Revert Second Street Bike Path Changes by Jamie Gilcig – FEB 9, 2015

mark & andre sept 2014CORNWALL Ontario – Sometimes politicians listen.   Councilor Mark M MacDonald sent out an email to Mayor O’Shaughnessy and Council as well as the media.

His thoughts echoed a CFN editorial from awhile back where the public also voted in our poll about changing the dangerous changes to 2nd Street here in Cornwall.

Hello Mr. Mayor and fellow Councillors:  
It’s time to take a look at the 2nd St. E. issue involving the new bike paths.  I am prepared to put a new business motion forward, let me know if someone will second the motion, please.

The motion is brief and it would read as follows;

WHEREAS:  The issue of new bike paths on 2nd St. E. has been causing a number of problems.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT:  Administration prepare a report on the cost of putting things back in order on 2nd St. E.

Mark A. MacDonald

Councilor Andre Rivette replied to his email offering to second any motion.    It should be an interesting meeting at City Hall tonight.

Do you want to see Second Street revert back?  You can post your comment below or post your comment.

Should the New Cornwall Council Reverse the Second Street Bike Lanes to Two Lane Vehicle Traffic?

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  1. It has nothing to do with the drivers being “better.” It’s about taking one of the major roads in the city and turning it from a four-lane road to a two-lane road. Would they consider doing this to Ninth Street or Brookdale? No. Then why do it to Second Street East?

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