Cornwall Ontario –  Sometimes adults make mistakes.   There is an old saying….   The difference between winners and losers is how they deal with adversity. Maureen Adams was the city’s Chief Financial Officer before becoming its CAO.  Under her leadership, or lack thereof, the city’s finances have crumbled.   She’s partContinue Reading

The new Council really needs to consider the possibility of having one central location for the new fire station, such as the old Bob Turner site. Attached is a map of the city that clearly shows a 6 minute response time that covers most of the city and is still wellContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The city likes to give out voodoo numbers when it comes to tax increases, but the bottom line is the bottom line.  If you raise taxes nearly 20% per term without increasing revenues something always gives out. Even worse, if you borrow money to pay for aContinue Reading

I was not completely anonymous when I came forward in December 2010 describing the consequences of a micromanager at the Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge. One councillor was aware a letter was sent to city council. This is how we found out the severity of censorship (obstruction of justice) within the city asContinue Reading

I have been searching online for major accomplishments of this Council and came up short other than ongoing significant tax increases over the past 10 years and building the Benson Centre. Tax payers simply cannot afford to leave this Council in power. Each and every day city employees work toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  What an odd Municipal election this is.   Almost no media coverage to date and an invite for an evening for council and mayoralty candidates to meet at the Knights of Columbus Hall for tonight was cancelled due to several candidates refusing to attend. The meeting would haveContinue Reading

Media can be a bewildering thing.    We are flooded with content through the day.  Local, regional, National, happy stories, tragedies, tales of injustice, and crime. Yet at the end of the day we filter all that down to a few stories on a good day. With 4 utterly pointlessContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In the 2014 Ontario municipal election CFN viewers were credited with being the change in Cornwall. Out went one long time corrupt Mayor and politician along with half of his council,  and in came a mayor who allegedly stood against the corruption including having resigned during theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   City Councilor Mark A MacDonald wrote an open letter to Police Chief Dan Parkinson and embattled fire chief Pierre Voisine.   He sent it to media as well and we’re publishing it unedited. [bs-quote quote=”OPEN LETTER POLICE AND FIRE SERVICES Hello: Recent discussions regarding police and fire serviceContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – What a weird group around the council table Cornwall has.    It’s odd, as though some on council have brain function issues….or simply are trying to copy Brockville. Brockville’s art centre renovated an old theatre; with much public money, into a stunning and lovely facility that isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Cornwall council has embarrassed the city multiple times over the last few terms.   From the Fitzpatrick scandals, to the CFN boycott that included a mayor hitting the panic button over a t shirt he didn’t like, to this writers false arrest during the election while the mayorContinue Reading

Reporting Elder Abuse There is very clear legislation in the Long Term Care Act identifying abuse and how to report it but for some reason employers have difficulty understanding/enforcing it. You just have to Google Elder Abuse and find the multiple reports of abuse which were only dealt with afterContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – There are many definitions of Elder Abuse and Neglect. Although most are similar, the Yukon has one of the most comprehensive definition: the deliberate mistreatment of an adult that (a) causes the adult physical, mental or emotional harm, or (b) causes financial damage or loss to theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   One area lawyer refers to Mayor Leslie O’Shaugnessy as a hobo.   They get irate that the man won’t wear a tie to council and dresses shabby even to going as far as once saying he was going to drop some coins onto the mayor’s desk to helpContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When I ran for Mayor of Cornwall in 2014 I was really clear about our number one issue, taxes. I had a clear plan that would cut taxes by 5%.   Now knowing the lay of the land; my false police charges, still not held accountable for byContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After years of labour peace it seems giving managers double digit raises while freezing hiring and wages for union staff leads to Strike votes. CUPE issued the following: Cornwall municipal workers give their union overwhelming strike mandate CORNWALL, ON – Municipal workers in Cornwall have given their unionContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – What an ugly budget procedure this year has been, and it’s not over yet.    What we’re starting to see clearly is that the adage that you get the government you deserve always comes home to roost.   A motion to cap an increase @ 4% because ofContinue Reading