2018 Cornwall Election Candidate Meeting Cancelled for Thursday August 9, 2018

Cornwall Ontario –  What an odd Municipal election this is.   Almost no media coverage to date and an invite for an evening for council and mayoralty candidates to meet at the Knights of Columbus Hall for tonight was cancelled due to several candidates refusing to attend.

The meeting would have been open to the public.

The narrow minded thinking of certain candidates has deprived the public (voters) the opportunity to meet and discuss important issues with those seeking to lead them.

All credit goes to Councilor Mark A MacDonald for organizing the event to enlighten the public and embrace Democracy locally.  He said several of the candidates were still eager to see such a meeting occur and that they would be communicating shortly another date for the meeting.

Oddly enough MacDonald stated he was not contacted by Cornwall Newswatch for Bill Kingston’s hatchet job just published.  Todd Lalonde, who was to moderate,  did not return our query prior to publication of this story.  We reached out to him via phone and email.

The election is marred by scandals the city is facing or inflicting on itself such as the Elaine MacDonald follies of the BMO purchase,  and the even more embarrassing MPAC lawsuit.

Sources are suggesting that certain candidates are trying to limit their exposure to the public with an array of candidates related to city managers or foisted to run by certain civic parasites leaders.

We will be updating this story.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Talk of an all candidates evening? Was it even publicized? I only heard of it just now. Had it gone ahead, I would not of attended cause I wouldn’t have known.

  2. Author

    It wasn’t being promoted for the public as much as for the candidates to meet and schmooze. Media were invited as well.

  3. I am not impressed by this stunt that councillor MacDonald pulled. Not all of us are retired, some of us still work and are raising families. No courtesy call or e-mail to let us know that it was cancelled.

  4. Author

    Mr. Bergeron perhaps you should check your spam folder as it looks like an email was sent out. Perhaps you’re having issues. You never responded to the email(s) sent to you by this newspaper either. Anyone that wants to serve on a cities council that ignores its largest newspapers audience may not achieve much success.

  5. Perhaps you would be so kind as to forward this cancellation notice to me. Try sending it to my actual e-mail address and not whatever e-mail address you’ve been e-mailing me with.

  6. Author

    We used the email you provided for the city election page as we did for all candidates. Oddly enough five candidates have provided faulty email addresses that bounced back as non operational. If you provided a faulty email to them or have an issue it’s not our fault. CFN is easy to reach under the contact us tab at the top of the page or via our social media pages.

  7. hmm….copy and paste my e-mail from the city page and then look at my e-mail. Do you see a difference?

  8. It’s getting easier and easier to get down to 10 potential councillors. But the way things are going I think I’ll be under 10 that I actually want as councillors.

    Some just don’t get it.

  9. Author

    Hugger it seems that Cornwall simply doesn’t respect what Democracy is. I just had two officers harass me on a Saturday morning in my own home without cause. One actually opened my exterior enclosed porch door to bang on my interior door. Essentially on a whim.

  10. Not a good thing. Probably on orders from some clique based council member. The old guard needs to realize things don’t work that way any more. Arrggghhhh!!!!! I see your sidewalk issue is coming up to council on Monday. Rebuilding the whole block, sidewalk, street, etc.

    I don’t agree with some of what Admin says. But on how Cornwall politics work I am 100% behind him.

  11. Author

    Hugger they fixed the block above and below. Surely if they fixed this one at the same time the cost wouldn’t be the $700K in the report for a single block? Would City Works and Maureen really burn taxpayers because of moi? Surely that would be grounds for firing for a few of them if this were proven?

  12. Politics is strange in any city.

  13. Jamie did you know that the area of Cornwall just across the river in Massena NY has a famous person who comes from there and he was Otis the Drunk on the Andy Griffith Show who would lock himself in a cell every time he got drunk. Yes this is true.

  14. Looks like another perfect candidate. One who doesn’t accept accountability and blames everyone rather than taking two seconds to verify. He will be a shoe in. Ugh!!

  15. Looks like “the perfect candidate” is quiet when called out . Not surprising. Look in the mirror to see what you see. The clique doesn’t look good on anyone!!

  16. Jamie I was putting in about Otis because that is how Cornwall operates. You did nothing wrong but the cops are around to harass you. I couldn’t live under such a weird and backward way of life. Anybody who has left Cornwall would have a very hard time to adjust and I mean that. The clique is the problem in Cornwall and the fuzz jumps when told to jump even over nothing at all.

  17. Author

    Mr. Gilcig, like others, copied and pasted what was on the city page 🙂 None of us have made a mistake. It’s called being professional. If the city or yourself had an issue in publishing the correct info on that page this isn’t a fault of any of us.

    You’re not the only candidate with contact info that isn’t working. The question is that if running for office and seeking support from the community, why wouldn’t candidates like yourself be proactively contacting CFN seeing as we reach the largest local audience?

  18. If more than one person/organization sent emails to a “wrong” address I’d say the person with that address is at fault. How could 3+ people/orgs make the same mistake if they all copied and pasted? Why won’t Kyle Bergeron admit his mistake? Is he someone we want as councillor if he’s already trying to shift blame from himself? Welcome to the clique Kyle!! Your votes are dropping already!!!!

  19. Author

    Hugger to be fair it might be the Clerk’s fault, but again, why wouldn’t any candidate reach out to CFN for support rather than waiting for us or any media outlet to contact them? They want your and my vote, right?

  20. Yes, it might be the clerk’s fault. But if my email, phone, address, etc was being used as the primary contact in any type of communication I would have checked it. And if it was wrong I’d ask for it to be corrected asap.

    Either way Mr Bergeron will not be getting my vote. I just don’t like his “it isn’t my fault” attitude. If he does it now what will he do if elected?

  21. I will explain to you why 3 people got my email address wrong.

    Take into consideration I only just figured this out.

    If you copy and paste my email address from the city page, when you paste it, for some reason it removes the underscore from my email address. Try and see for yourself.

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