Ford Government Spends $25M on Guns & Gangs in Ontario 080918

Will invest $25 million to crack down on bail offenders and equip police with the tools they need

TORONTO — Ontario’s men and women in uniform will receive new tools and resources to protect innocent families from the menace of drug, gun and gang-related violence. Premier Doug Ford today joined Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Michael Tibollo and Attorney General Caroline Mulroney to announce that Ontario’s Government for the People is investing $25 million in new funding to fight gangs and guns.This new funding is above and beyond the $76 million already being provided to support the Toronto Police Service.

“It’s time to get serious about fighting guns and gangs,” said Premier Doug Ford. “And I’m proud to say our government is stepping up to the plate to do our part. With today’s announcement, we are sending a clear message to the violent criminals carrying out gun violence on our streets. We are letting them know that we are coming for them. We are giving our police the cutting-edge tools that they need to fight drug gangs and gun criminals in 2018.” 

As part of the funding, the Ford Government will invest $7.6 million in assigning one legal SWAT team per courthouse to be located at each of Toronto’s provincial courthouses. Each team will be led by a Crown Attorney with the mandate to focus exclusively on ensuring violent gun criminals are denied bail and remain behind bars. These teams will be further supported by a new team of bail compliance officers who will focus their attention exclusively on ensuring that those gun criminals who are out on bail are not violating any of the terms of their release.

“Those who commit violent gun offences belong behind bars, and not on bail,” said Mulroney. “These new resources will help keep the worst offenders off the streets and keep our neighbourhoods safe.”

“The senseless gun violence we are seeing in Toronto needs to stop and the status quo will not cut it,” said Tibollo. “We’re proud to partner with our police officers and ensure they have the tools they need to crack down on crime and help restore public safety across the city.”

Following extensive consultations with Toronto Chief of Police Mark Saunders and members of the Toronto Police Service, the Ford Government also announced that it will dedicate $18 million in funding to provide additional digital, investigative and analytical resources necessary for fighting drug gangs and gun criminals in 2018.

“Part of our strategy to address gun violence in the city includes partnering with the provincial government for a collaborative and meaningful response,” said Toronto Chief of Police Mark Saunders. “With today’s announcement, Premier Ford and his government have listened to our concerns and have invested in the Toronto Police Service, giving us the ability to be surgical with apprehending those who use guns and ensuring the courts have the resources they need to deal with violent criminals.”

Premier Ford also called on the City of Toronto and the federal government to each do their part by matching Ontario’s unprecedented investment. “We are calling on them to step up and do their part,” said Ford. “The Feds must do more and the city must step forward, because we all have a part to play in keeping our communities safe.”



  1. That’s all nice and fuzzy for Toronto but what about other cities across Ontario??

  2. This morning hubby said that Frederickton N.B. had a shooting and I said this country has gone completely nuts. The problem isn’t just Toronto or Ontario but the entire country. I believe in building a wall between Canada and the US and very strict laws that don’t exist just now but must exist to combat guns, drugs, illegal aliens and many other crimes.

  3. I agree with Jules. We need much tougher laws where illegal guns and aliens are concerned. Much longer jail terms and easier deportation rules. It will help but I’m afraid there’s no slam dunk solution. It’s obviously not all immigrants at fault but it should be much easier to deport the ones who commit crimes, any crimes.

  4. How much did Dougie’s brother GIVE to guns and gangs? … Ironic ain’t it.

  5. Simon, yes its very ironic, but Ford will recoup the money from savings by reducing the size of Toronto city council, but how many billions did Wynne give away to air orang, hydro one, and so on.

  6. When my husband was in the Ottawa General Hospital in March for 2 weeks the doctors wanted him to stay longer and he said no let me out now or I am walking out on my own. Hubby had a Saudi Arabian doctor and hubby said to the doctor is this food and the doctor named off all the good Lebanese and Arabic food and hubby was grabbing his clothes literally to leave. LOL LOL.

  7. Yes we all find $25 million dollars to combat guns and gangs but the trouble is that things are getting a great deal worse. As time goes on and the economy gets even worse then criminals turn to violence. These things happen anywhere at anytime. Cops killed in Fredericton and since when does Fredericton have such violence. Things have gone completely nuts here in Canada.

  8. While it’s a nice idea; will any of the $25 million be spent outside the GTA? All indications are no.

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