Wendy the Weed Witch – Which Strains of Marijuana Describes City Councilors 101418

It’s election time and campaigning has begun. If you are anxious and nauseous about it, you are not alone. Four years truly pass quickly yet people forget the previous campaign only to be told the exact same lie four years later. One has to ask what are these people smoking? I can tell you what they are not smoking, strains that help with creativity, deep thought and focus.

Let’s look at what strain would best describe those at the council table.

Bernadette Clement

–“Blue Dream” would be an appropriate strain to show that you must be dreaming if you think that the city can support an art center that you voted down two years ago.

It makes no sense and yet, she continues to waste tax dollars and supports tax increases because we “haven’t been taxed enough in the past.”

Typical political response. She has no plans as to how we can save money for the city.

She only dreams of spending it all!

Elaine MacDonald

–“Jack The Ripper” would be the strain type to best describe her. This reflects the tax rape that she consistently supports. Talk about being taxed to death!! Don’t forget all the unionized employees that she left hanging.

Maurice Dupelle

–“Fallen Angel” reflects that although he thought he was supporting the underdogs in the city, his lack of action shows that he sold his soul unknowingly aware how much this has hurt him publicly, not to mention the voices that will no longer be heard!

Carolyn Hebert

–“Bob Saget” shows that illusions can be very incongruent and although we have a cat problem, this council fails to offer any type of plan or support where it is needed.

Mark MacDonald

–“Green Dragon” says that he has tried to unleash the dragon but his dragon wasn’t big enough to influence the sheep around the table. Maybe he should just eat them instead.

Claude MacIntosh

–“Phantom “kookies”….the title says it all!

Andre Rivette

–“Charlotte’s Web” describes that he has been in the web a few times and was eaten by the spiders. Sad that he wasn’t strong enough and swallowed the fear they fed him!

Justin Townsdale

–Alice in Wonderland would best description that he must be out of this world to progress as quickly as he has without really being present to his constituents.

David Murphy

–Loyalty is the strain to best describe him as we have no clue where his loyalties lie.

Being that he is supportive of wasting more tax money of an already failed venture of an art center, I would say that it lies above the public’s needs!

Denis Carr

–Amnesia would best describe his actions considering that he is the longest person who stuck with council yet hasn’t influenced anything to save money. Let’s just keep borrowing and hope that the Cornwall people will continue to suffer from amnesia.

Mayor O’Shaughnessy

–“Pandora’s Box” is the perfect strain to identify the long term effects that he has imposed on the people of Cornwall by his lack of action to do anything positive or productive, especially to the people that he stepped on to rise up.

To help you cope, you will need a strain to uplift your mood, promote critical thinking skills and hopefully give you patience to endure the reruns from elections past. I suggest a hybrid or a sativa like Super Lemon Haze. This strain gives you positive energy and helps with motivation which is a great distraction. Take a puff, wait 10 minutes and start a task. You will be amazed as to how focused and productive you can be.

Some of us need a stronger and heavier strain to cope. Indicas are extremely relaxing and promotes good sleep. This will help you regain some strength to eventually accept failure of council! Good luck and vote responsibly!


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