Cornwall Ontario – CFN has over 1 million human pageviews monthly.   It’s been that way for a awhile, but what quite a few people, and sadly many in the political and business realms locally, don’t get is that whether they like this newspaper, its publisher, or writers, and content isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Geez there are fire sales and bad deals,  and there is the sweetheart deal that the City of Cornwall is giving the Cornwall Colts for some reason?   I mean this is worse than a Marc Bergevin trade. At issue is that the city has two facilities thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Last night’s debate involving the four Mayoral candidates revealed true colours and where “THEIR” priorities are. Bernadette continues to show her preference on an art center yet cries about the “poor” in the same breath. The tactic of repeating and repeating the same words like “infrastructure”,  “art center,”Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario– Long time Cornwall City Councilor and two time failed Liberal MP candidate Bernadette “Flipper” Clement  may step out of the closet and run for Mayor of Cornwall Ontario finally!  At least that’s the buzz  heating up around the River City! When not using tax dollars at the legalContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The buzz finally hit the page as Cornwall City Councilor Andre Rivette leaked to the CBC and then confirmed with CFN,  that the issue that led to the CUPE strike is the city asking the union to move from 100% of wages for up to 17 weeksContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  David Murphy has aspirations to run for Mayor of Cornwall in 2018.   In the meanwhile he voted to support the vanity project of his long time employer, Gerry Benson. The farcical waste of cash and Liberal slush funds going into the CIC are shameful pork of theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The Benson Charity Golf Classic has folded.  Another cultural event dying in an area already nearly void of culture. Since 2002 it was a great tool to advance the Benson name, consolidate political power, and an excuse for some golfing buddies to have a great time andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Ever watch a bunch of unqualified people, some of whom are dumber than David Murphy debate an issue that is way out of their depth? Council is talking about kicking back property taxes for 10 years to a real estate developer. The property, to be usedContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Can you imagine a magazine called “Cornwall Living” not really about living in Cornwall?   The vanity magazine is grossly subsidized by Bob Peters and the City via its Economic Development department. You can’t blame TC media who simply are trying to run a business, but whenContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Starting CFN in 2009 has been an amazing experience.   It’s been brutal in many ways exposing the darkest sides of any community I’ve ever seen not in a cheap tv series or movie. While by far my experience with people in this town has been pleasant,Continue Reading

I know.  What an odd picture to header a column, but then, this is an odd town with an ever odder City Council. The problem is the old adage, “You get the politicians you deserve.” After all, this is a town that over 4,000 people voted for Robert Brock Frost,Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Council and management have a chance to show some leadership and do something positive as it’s that time to decide on what to do with our hockey rink contracts. Right now the Cornwall Colts have a ridiculous arrangement where they get subsidized by the city and get theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Apologies for not writing as much as I normally do for the last while.    I was in mourning. My beloved dog Melly passed away a week ago Saturday. She was one of the greatest relationships in my life.    She was always there, and always willContinue Reading

Hugo, Hugo, Hugo….  The Freeholder editor took on the question of whether to replace an elected official or hold a bye election.  He cited the Brock Frost drama, but omitted to mention the Conflict of Interest lawsuit pending Mayor O’Shaughnessy, and Councilors Hebert and MacDonald. The irony is that someContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  CFN is putting together a list of the top, or perhaps bottom, list of people in our amazing city.  These are the self serving nasties that hold our community back and discredit us again, and again, but for mystic (or not so mystic) reasons are still allowedContinue Reading