OP ED – Hugo By Elections Are the Rarity – Not the Norm by Jamie Gilcig JUNE 10, 2015

Hugo, Hugo, Hugo….  The Freeholder editor took on the question of whether to replace an elected official or hold a bye election.  He cited the Brock Frost drama, but omitted to mention the Conflict of Interest lawsuit pending Mayor O’Shaughnessy, and Councilors Hebert and MacDonald.

The irony is that some or all of those three may end up off of council before the embattled Mr. Frost.

Running for public office is something that nobody should take lightly.   Part of the problem in our city is getting better candidates to run.   Many cite the poor pay, the poor treatment, and utter frustration in serving.  Many run for an agenda of some sort.

Usually the best candidates don’t finish in the money because in many cases it’s a popularity contest.   Claude McIntosh parlayed his years of being in the public eye, even though he was dumped by the Freeholder, into a council chair.    His poison pen perhaps was shooting blanks one time too many?  Yet the awareness of his name got him into office with a weak offering of candidates.

Mike O’Neill ran a great campaign other than not advertising.  There’s a clear correlation to who spent the most (Bernie & Bob) vs results as he finished near the bottom.

So when Mr. Rodrigues spouts of such gibberish as he did in his Editorial such as this:

Moving to the next-best candidate from the 2014 election only rewards those who weren’t able to get enough votes to make it onto council in the first place. Choosing some other person makes it a popularity contest among those sitting around the council table now.

Having a by election is rarely a good solution.  Cost aside it’s a slap to the face of those that not only put their names on the ballot, but invested in their campaigns and by dint their community.  It sends a message that somehow those that ran are not worthy.  It also discourages people from running.

Cornwall does not have a history of by elections.   It generally has filled spots with the person that finished next in the ballot from the previous election.  That’s something that is the norm and best practice.

The problem right now is that there are some who may have to fill roles that are not terribly popular with those elected currently.

And that’s going to be a huge issue in this city as things evolve.

Yes, people like David Murphy and Claude McIntosh can continue to ride the petty trail, but that in of itself essentially proves that they put their personal agendas ahead of what’s best for Cornwall.   That in itself impeaches their judgement and ultimately shows why they themselves should not be on council.

If you don’t respect Democracy and the process then what do you have, and what are you yourself?

And that ultimately will be what the voters of our city and those that watch from outside will see shortly.

That will be the message that we share with the world.

A by election has a role and purpose.  That purpose is not to block the seat of a legitimate candidate that put their necks out and ran for office.  All had their chance to run during elections.    Only those that put it on the line should have consideration unless there truly is a reason that goes to the best interest of the people of Cornwall.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. A by-election is a huge waste of taxpayers’ money (AGAIN). Elections are expensive. By-elections, considering the cost, to replace one councillor the cost is obscene. I say appoint #11, #12 or #13. As you say Cornwall does not have a history of by-elections.

    To me the Brock Frost drama and the Conflict of Interest lawsuit pending on Mayor O’Shaughnessy, and Councillors Hebert and MacDonald are unrelated. Let’s deal with the Brock Frost issue first. If any of Mayor O’Shaughnessy, and Councillors Hebert and MacDonald is removed from office then we can deal with it then. If all three are removed then I’d say have a by-election as I have no desire to see Bob Kilger returned as mayor. Changing one councillor by appointment is one thing, changing almost 28% of council is something totally different.

  2. Author

    Hugger I honestly think that this might be some sleight of hand directed at what happens when Leslie either does the right thing and resigns or is found guilty of COI.

    There are sadly a few on council that will block yours truly on being on a committee, on the board of a group, and as some have said simply are trying to run me out of town. Again, a poor reflection on our community. But then when you have a leadership vacuum these are the types of people that fill the vacuum.

  3. Can`t say I disagree with your statement “There are sadly a few on council that will block yours truly on being on a committee, on the board of a group, and as some have said simply are trying to run me out of town. Again, a poor reflection on our community. But then when you have a leadership vacuum these are the types of people that fill the vacuum.“. But your statement “I honestly think that this might be some sleight of hand directed at what happens when Leslie either does the right thing and resigns or is found guilty of COI“ has me confused (what can I say, I`m almost 60) as I have no idea what you`re referrring to.

  4. This twitter conversation is EYE OPENING

    Hep-C says Canadian Association of Journalist are in conflict of interest for offering discounted airline tickets to members on its website.Think Hugo is Pres of CAJ

    Adrian Harewood CBC Ottawa HOST – missed point- asks does West Jet usually offer this stuff??????

    West Jet Twitter account enters- then offers Adrian- a number to call for discounts

    THE MAIN ISSUE IS THIS – Journalist taking discounted trips with West Jet- might have to cover a story about that Airline which is HUGE conflict.
    TWEETS START BELOW…not as entertaining as Mr Jamie Vs SF Hugo on Twitter
    but shows most CBC hosts need lesson’s in Ethical Journalism!!!!


    Adrian Harewood ‏@CBCAdrianH 10h10 hours ago

    @HepCKills Does WestJet normally offer discounts to conference participants?Do it’s competitors? Is this a common practice in the industry?
    View conversation

    Greg Allman ‏@HepCKills
    @CBCAdrianH conflict??WestJet has graciously offered CAJ delegates a 10% discount off its fares for those travelling to Halifax for #CAJ15.•
    • Adrian Harewood ‏@CBCAdrianH
    @HepCKills Does WestJet normally offer discounts to conference participants?Do it’s competitors? Is this a common practice in the industry?
    WestJet ‏@WestJet 7h7 hours ago
    @CBCAdrianH Please contact our Groups department at 1-888-493-7853 FREE.

    • • Greg Allman ‏@HepCKills
    @CBCAdrianH New York Times Ethics Rules staff members may not accept free or discounted transportation YET CAJ website offers discount West Jet trip

    Discounted flights!

    WestJet has graciously offered CAJ delegates a 10% discount off its fares for those travelling to Halifax for #CAJ15.

    To take advantage of this discount, visit the WestJet reservations page and enter both the promo code YHZ01 and the coupon code WAV94G9

    * discount applies to base fare on any WestJet Econo, Flex or Plus fare. Applies only to flights marketed and operated by WestJet.

    porter – 400×200 logo – white on blue.jpgPorter Airlines has also offered CAJ delegates a discount of 15% off its fares for those seeking to book airfares for the conference.

    For this discount, head to the Porter Airlines website and enter the promo code CAJ15 in the appropriate spot.

  5. Mr Jamie sorry for the long post but feel its an important question that seems to get NO reply from Facebool/twitter Canadian Journalist Association sites
    Just a note from a CBC reporter saying CBC paid flight
    With the turmoil at the Mother Ship cbc hated to ask did CBC corp take the discount????
    take care

  6. Strange- ask my sister- who has SF account- to pose the question in one of there FEW open comments sections.Not a peep out of Hugo Rodrigues Pres of CAJ
    That group could take lessons from CFN about twitter use
    Hugo debates you and posts photos on his private account Why oh Why Hugo can’t your newspaper do the same instead of creating a photo page…its old fashion coverage and why so many are coming to CFN…example…there is accident photo on here NOW
    Photos or News if often delayed days before going online edition and forget about the days late news in print edition. Hate to see SF fading away
    Somebody tweeted SF a photo…they asked him to email it to them
    Cripes I thought that what twitter was for…posting news photos and stories as they happen
    Guess the Freeholder system can’t handle that chore or choose not to use it

  7. I think part of the problem with the SF is that it appears their reporters work a standard 9 – 5 work day. That would explain why a lot of stories are a day or more late being posted or appearing in print.

  8. Hugger 1
    Have to stand up for the working class at SF
    They work really long hours under great stress…the problem..Print deadlines
    AS the paper has to be send ..i think…near Mirabel Airport…to be printed…
    If the operation is anything like the small paper where my buddy lives up North it goes like this…
    So lets say SF Greg P heads to City Hall for meeting before 7 pm
    So any late meeting or sporting event ends when the print deadlines have all passed
    During the meeting he has to LIVE report online and take some photos while never leavin his computer desk
    He then has to go back to office to post online E-Edition story
    Get that same story ready for next days print edition
    Post to Facebook and Twitter
    I never heard of reporters working 9-5
    Not even at the New York Times

  9. President Hugo wrote this on CAJ Facebook page saying taking a TOKEN discount is NOT a CONFLICT..I feel its a slippery slope ending up with a career ending conflict like Evan Soilomon!!!
    HUGI MESSAGE BELOW Canadian Association of Journalists — our own ethics guidelines speak to your question as well. And a journalist accepting a token discount, available to all who attended the conference, does not place that person into a meaningful conflict of interest when it comes to reporting on WestJet or Porter. Had either company fully funded the airfare for a delegate who then reported on either company after the conference, that would be a different ethical scenario.
    But that’s not what happened here. A discount was offered to make attending the conference more affordable for journalists, many of whom do not have access to corporate dollars to fund participation in this type of professional development. If an individual media company would not allow its employees to benefit from such a small discount, then it would have indicated that to its employees and they would have paid full fare. – Hugo

    What say you CFN commenting crowd????

  10. Author

    Mel that’s like saying prostitution is ok as long as you don’t charge much….

  11. Admin…if the airlines had offered the journalists free flights that they ultimately accepted would that have been wrong? Consider also would prostitution not be something else if it was free? Or are journalists that accept airline discounts not just prostitutes of a different kind?

  12. Author

    David optics are very important.

  13. Airlines offering ANY discount to journalists for any reason is wrong. If said journalist has to do a story on an airline the perceived conflict of interest is very apparent. And as my former manager and director said “perception is reality.”

  14. Author

    I find it interesting that this would draw comment yet Todd Lihou & Bill Kingston not mentioning the Conflict of Interest of the Mayor and two Councilors is not reported, nor was it front page on the Freeholder.

    That’s more disturbing to me personally than a flight discount to an event.

  15. Journalists are prostitutes better known as “presstitutes”. It is the same thing in a way because they will do anything for a story.

  16. Jules, are you saying that Jamie, a journalist, is a prostitute?

  17. Author

    If I am I’m not a cheap one and try to give good value to my trix 😉

  18. LOL LOL ROLF! Furtz I am laughing histerically at this one. No Jamie is an exception to this rule. I am talking about those at the other papers and those movie rags that a lot of people read. Sorry Jamie if you and some others have interpreted this wrong. I am laughing so much that I have to keep re-typing. I haven’t laughed this much in quite a while.

  19. Jamie and Furtz I have not stopped laughing at all since yesterday. Both of you are very funny. I would make an excellent dog sitter if I were in Cornwall and find dogs better than most people with the exceptions of you two and some others who are very funny. I am making so many errors typing since I cannot stop the laughter – you are both very funny. Well I am the wacky one and take the prize medal for that. At least I can tiptoe through the tulips with my furry friends.

  20. Mr Furtz
    Your old friend stellbystarlight must be going crazy nowhere to share her opinions after Freeholder shut them down and she had already insulted Mr Jamie and wouldn’t follow rules!! It’s Mice here at CFN Cornwalls ONLY OPEN comment section…the free ad paper run by Lihou is toooo dead to be considered

  21. Author

    Mr. Lihou seems to have a very arbitrary post moderation policy; like his editorial one….

  22. Les has only been in as mayor for a short time and he has spun out {MODERATED} that he is unbelievable. He has done nothing to help the Diane Shay case nor Rob from the fire department and doesn’t give a hoot about Jamie who was the one who put him in the cat bird seat as mayor. It was Jamie’s readers who have really put Les in power and not the mainstream/lamestream trashy papers of Cornwall. Jamie is the best there is and the comment system shows how people feel along with some comedy to keep the masses in toe and plenty of laughter as well. If I lived in Cornwall (which I am not nor ever will) I would never have voted for Carolyn Hébert at all whatsoever and could read right through her. Frosty shows just what and who he is and I would not have voted him in either. There wasn’t much to choose from at all and the whole election was one big scam. There is nothing new about Cornwall it is just the same old same old scam as usual.

  23. Melman, I think that a certain preacher is probably the most frustrated by the removal of one of his most used hate pulpits.

  24. I agree that the mainstream/lamestream papers of Cornwall are mighty boring without Stella, the Preacher and others posting their comments. The rags are going down hill and Jamie is rising and that is why they are mighty jealous. Years ago my husband heard from some neighbors that the leaders of the town hate competition and that they would do anything to quash competition. Jamie went to Cornwall with his wife and volunteered or tried to volunteer and they were told that they were not needed. What kind of a town is that? It is a town that I want no part of and many businesses have folded and much more to go yet. I have said since the first day that I came on Jamie’s CFN that it was the best paper and that is the truth. I could never live in Cornwall ever again and neither can many people who see it for what it is. Cornwall is a closed up society.

  25. Furtz will be interesting to see if Hugo allows him on their weekly religious column page
    See Hugo once again at yet another CAJ function while Freeholder continues to give us old news…His twitter feed is filled with visits to restaurants

  26. Mr Jamie
    Isn’t this the guy who always used to comment here hope like heck this isn’t a shot at the fine work at Cornwall Free News
    William E Beattie
    June 09, 2015 – 08:44

    Good for you Mayor O’Shaughnessy the unfounded rumor mill that was circulating around Cornwall had to be addressed and your statement at Council should prove to all that it was untrue .

  27. Author

    Yes Mel and I’m sure Mr. Beattie would still post. He’s good friends and a supporter of Leslie. The truth hurts when it’s a friend that lets you down, and Mr. Beattie is a good and loyal friend.

  28. Melman, If Hugo has half a brain, he’ll keep the page limited to religious discussion, and not publish any hateful BS and bigotry.

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