I love this town. It’s insane. I swear there’s something in the water, besides residue from Big Ben and lead. CFN has confirmed allegations that the letter to the editor published in the Standard Freeholder from Councilor Claude McIntosh was in fact not a letter to the editor, but inContinue Reading

As odd as politics can be at City Hall, Elaine MacDonald has hit a new low water mark. As reported in other media she stated the following as the budget process kicks off.  “everything is going up, and people should accept the fact that taxes will be going up.   IfContinue Reading

Hugo, Hugo, Hugo….  The Freeholder editor took on the question of whether to replace an elected official or hold a bye election.  He cited the Brock Frost drama, but omitted to mention the Conflict of Interest lawsuit pending Mayor O’Shaughnessy, and Councilors Hebert and MacDonald. The irony is that someContinue Reading

CFN – Claude McIntosh & Andre Rivette led the charge against Art funding at the Budget Committee meeting Monday.    Groups had ten minutes only to sing for their supper with some follow up questions with Bernadette Clement chairing. For disclosure purposes I am on the board of our ArtContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  That wacky Todd Lihou shows again why he most likely should not be employed as an editor of any actual media outlet that cares about the principles of journalism He just did an opinion piece about the election.   After several “news” stories where he violates theContinue Reading