Former CAJ Prez & Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodrigues Publishes McIntosh Personal Email as LTE

I love this town. It’s insane. I swear there’s something in the water, besides residue from Big Ben and lead.

CFN has confirmed allegations that the letter to the editor published in the Standard Freeholder from Councilor Claude McIntosh was in fact not a letter to the editor, but in fact an email sent to National Post writer Sharon Kirkey.

Ms Kirkey confirmed this to CFN stating that it was sent to Alan Hale of the Freeholder as a courtesy.

Councilor McIntosh stated to CFN that he had no issue with the contents of the note, but had not sent it as a LTE.

Hugo Rodrigues, the Managing Editor of the Standard Freeholder has not responded to CFN as of publication time. Alan Hale referred us back to Hugo.

The Standard Freeholder is part of the Post Media family of Newspapers across Canada. The National Post is the flagship and founded by Conrad Black. It’s one of the most influential newspapers in Canada.

It’s been open warfare regarding the city’s confused agreeing to cut a cheque for $45K for a naturopathic clinic by thinking it was adding healthcare to the city. Naturopaths are in fact not Medical Doctors nor licensed by the College of Physicians of Ontario.

Here is the personal email as published by the Freeholder:


Re: Naturopathic clinic discussion at Cornwall city council.

This is one, and perhaps only, member of Cornwall city council who has no quarrel with your story.

A claim the discussion was all about funding for a building, and not medical services in the community, is bogus.

Most of the discussion centred around the owner’s plan to attract medical services, such as physiotherapy, massage therapy and naturopathic services. There is no shortage of any. One of the carrots she dangled was a vague suggestion the clinic might attract a family physician.

She almost got a standing ovation for that one.

Alan Hale’s opinion piece in the Standard-Freeholder was right on the money.

I have sent an email to Mayor Bernadette Clement telling her I do not agree with the tone of the news release the city issued in response to the story.

Coun. Claude McIntosh


Editor’s note: This letter was submitted to the National Post, who shared it with the Standard-Freeholder.

The Letter is potentially damning as Councilor Justin Towndale has bandied the term Fake New ala US President Donald Trump and Mayor Bernadette Clement has suggested inaccuracies which resulted in Mr. Hale calling “bullshit” in a rebuttal piece in the Freeholder. Councilor McIntosh’s note, while not meant to be published, clearly contradicts the city’s statement and he confirmed that he stands by his words.

We will update this story as more info becomes available.

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  1. Cornwall’s mayor is a diplomat but not a leader by any stretch. Her need for consensus is so strong that she fails to support the validity of honest dissent in her quest for a united front… in this instance to her shame, and our being out of pocket to “quackery”. Well the front that was put on by her little trooper has collapsed, unfortunately the arrogance and false pride he reaks, has not.

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