Todd Lihou Figures Out How to Get a Clean Shot at Me Finally by Jamie Gilcig – Sept 18, 2014

lihouCORNWALL Ontario –  That wacky Todd Lihou shows again why he most likely should not be employed as an editor of any actual media outlet that cares about the principles of journalism

He just did an opinion piece about the election.   After several “news” stories where he violates the principles of “traditional” journalism by mixing opinion into a news piece he decided to poop out his latest missive.

Of the 32 candidates for Mayor and Council (29 and 3) he mentions only 15 by name which for piece covering the variety of those running seems odd, especially as it has a poll on it.  Typical under Mr. Lihou’s and Rick Shaver’s management the poll does not offer numbers, but only percentages for results.

Of the 20 other candidates I see six, maybe seven legitimate contenders amidst a field of others who haven’t paid their dues or lack the experience to be given such an influential job.

In no particular order candidates to watch in this election include Guy St-Jean, Justin Towndale, Todd Bennett, Alyssa Blais, Mark MacDonald and Claude McIntosh.

Now at the risk of daring to maybe point out some of the obvious several on that list have relationships with either Mr. Lihou or the Seaway News.   I could point out the exact nature; but it’s so obvious that I don’t really have to.

For example my business partner Reg Coffey is running for council in South Stormont.  You won’t see me writing an editorial about what a great guy Reg is; even though he is a great guy; because frankly  I could never imagine insulting the intelligence of our viewers or the tawdriness of scribbling such nonsense.

Mr. McIntosh has been around Cornwall as a writer for over 40 years.  His civic achievements are very minimal.  For someone that has written as many opinion pieces as Claude has, the amount of change he’s been a part of has been….dismal.    Mr. Lihou is correct though.   Sadly many elections are popularity contests, especially when media refuse to do their true jobs as Mr. Lihou has by not reporting hard news and or soft selling it.

Towndale offers one of the younger perspectives of the councillors who have put their name forward. He’s also got some experience, after working as a staffer for political heavyweights at Queen’s Park. He has yet to make any public comments, outside of issuing some press material, so seeing him live will offer some insights.

Justin seems like a personable and intelligent young man who’s ventured away from Cornwall and accomplished a few things; but if Rick Shaver and his family weren’t card carrying of the same political party would he be getting a mention?  If Mr. Towndale had picked Ms Wynne instead of Ms Pupatello in the leadership race for the Liberals; would he be in Cornwall now?

Perhaps though, the real reason Mr. Lihou has written such a meagre opus has simply been to be able to get another personal shot in at yours truly.

On the mayoral side it’s a two-horse race between incumbent Bob Kilger and former councillor Leslie O’Shaughnessy, the frontrunners. The early returns suggest Kilger is going to run on his record, while O’Shaughnessy promises a bombshell Friday night at his launch party.

Long shot Jamie Gilcig hasn’t got a prayer.

Congrats Todd, you finally figured out how to get that shot in without flunking stand j school rules.

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  1. I wish Reg Coffey the best and he would make a good councellor for South Stormont. Way to go Reg. Jamie I think that Leslie O’Shaughnessey has a much better chance at beating Bare Ass than yourself. You are an excellent person and that is the truth but Leslie knows the shots and can tell the people what went on that made his resign as councellor. Leslie knows about all the corruption that has been going on and he is a Cornwallite and not like yourself where the people have a small sized brain of not letting people from the outside in. It is like Peggy’s Cover Nova Scotia mentality. Most of us here know you as the best journalist in town and you can help Leslie a great deal and he has the goods on Bare Ass.

  2. I love how you didn’t allow my last post. You call yourself a journalist, but you are a joke.

  3. Can’t believe, from the Lihou story, there’s something called politi-gal. Cripes, can you imagine calling Hilary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, or Benazir Bhutto “gals”?

    Message to women in politics: Give your heads a shake. You are what you call yourselves. And next March, take note it is not International “gals” day but women’s day.

  4. Tea & Biscuit all those women that you named are highly intelligent people. Angela Markell has her PHD in physics. Hillary Clinton (I don’t like) but is one of the most intelligent people in law. All those women are very independent and highly intelligent and are not called “gals”.

  5. Poll or no poll, Kilger is toast… bye, bye, to Bob the Knob.

    Bob is a relic of old school voters that relied on the Standard-Freeholder and CJSS for news, and the Arch-Bishop and K of C for its orders.

    Now, thanks to a couple of long suffering journalists, Cornwall voters have had their blinders removed, and they see the systemic corruption.

    These dissimilar journalists share at least one thing …the notion that it is the right to know what government tries to do behind our back …and that it is the duty of the press to expose those dirty deeds.

    Jamie Gilcig, of Cornwall Free News, and Greg Kielec formerly of the Cornwall Journal de Cornwall have given the — quick to please and ready to appease — Standard Freeholder, a kick in the butt… it’s only now awakening to how irrelevant it has become.

    And the S-F will have lost not only relevance, but every ounce of credibility it ever had if it continues its tradition of support for our mealy mouth mayor and his phart catching crew.

  6. Here’s what Todd Lihou said about Ribfest in the July 14, 2014 issue of Seaway News, “I often refer to Ribfest as Mecca”! …Mecca?!?!!

    Simply amazing that this bush league hack would equate a festival of PORK eating with the holiest city in ISLAM.

    What an ignoramus! — what a jerk!

  7. I read the article and was left wondering what he was thinking about, is he a blogger? I laughed pretty loud so he might be a comedian.

  8. I know someones name has to appear last on your list but I do wonder why my name appears last. Is there something I should know? I realize I may be long shot pick running up against a strong list of dinosaurs and wannabes and a few whom I find are very capable opponents. I also realize I did not fair well last time out in what ended up as a questionable election also for which I am glad not to have been part of in any way being the worst council ever in my opinion. I still might not get elected this time and I will keep trying as I never give up for what I truly believe in but I am also quite sure I will not come in last. I am hoping and sure Cornwall will get it right this time.

  9. Author

    Which list Gary?

  10. Your Poll posted on right side of CFN page Who will you vote for Councillor in Cornwall Ontario? You can make 10 selections. Some other people like me start at the bottom and work their way to the top and this way the Leafs are always in top spot when you look at the bottom or hold the page upside down.

  11. Author

    Garry the polls start out alphabetically and then are ranked by votes.

  12. Next thing you know “cub reporter”, Todd Lihou will be referring to ISIS/IL as ZEALOTS!

    But don’t give up Todd, you may make it yet in the media biz …that is if the “Childrens’s Network” or “Treehouse” ever launch a news segment.

  13. Simon can you please provide a link to back up your view about Standard Freeholder please. New SF Editor Hugo is the first to write editorials that include his byline. He has called out Riverfront committee for throwing Jamie out because Bob Kilger doesn’t like his style of reporting.Mr Rodrigues also posted a very strong report”We have failed Collin Fitzgerald, his family and his friends.
    I see lots of positive changes at SF since Hugo took over and he is working with a skeleton staff compared to when new council wanta_be Claude McIntosh worked there.

  14. Dear Mr Jamie
    I am hoping the moderation is because that organization isn’t playing fair in your view.
    I do my best trying to be fair on your pages so if that is the case its fine by me.
    One last thought if Big Mac is getting so many votes for Councillor does that mean even NON journalist Todd Lihou could be Mayor???
    At least it seems some media people have name recognition- so people vote for the name- Not the man.
    If i was a Cornwall voter the first question for McIntosh would be why did you mock so many desperate hurting victims during Project Truth

  15. Author

    Mel Mr. McIntosh has been in headlines for nearly 50 years. That buys a lot of recognition and that’s part of why some people vote.

  16. The Melman too rings twice it seems.

    But, to respond to your inquiry …it would be far more telling to provide “links” to all the political scandals and reveals that were (and are) reported here at the Cornwall Free News — reported long before they are part of the court record, the police blotter, or just plain in your face.

    Sure Hugo’s trying but he’s not the publisher and he’ll soon have his fingers slapped by SUN Media …he’s already feeling the chill from Bob the Knob and his troop of skunks and phart catchers.

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