Morbern Workers Walk Out of Cornwall Ontario Plant – BREAKING – Sept 18, 2014

Cornwall City skylineCORNWALL Ontario – Workers from United Steel Workers local 9343 have walked off the job and are mulling outside of the plant on Boundary Road.

Tim Mullin from the Union confirmed that workers walked off the job.

Morbern responded to with a no comment when contacted by CFN.

We will be updating this story shortly as more information becomes available.

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  1. This is one example of people not wanting to work. Well soon this job will be sent over to China, India or Mexico where they will be more than happy to work for pennies on the dollar. This is the reason why our jobs have been sent overseas and people continue to complain that there are no jobs. No there are no jobs because it became that employers can no longer handle the big demands. The more money you make the more the cost of living goes higher and less for everyone else. Fire them all and send the work overseas and then let them squirm on welfare and see how hard it is to live on that. I have absolutely no feelings whatsoever for people who walk off the job and don’t want to work. China, India, Mexico, etc. grab these jobs now.

  2. Not wanting to work??? I think it’s probably a safety issue.

  3. All that said Jules over an article which little is know,n as to why the walk out.I think you could have waited for more news on this sitution.

  4. I know how people act on the job and it has to do with money. As for safety people around the world are working in sweat shops and no safety and are happy to have a job. Take a good look at the teachers in B.C. and it is all about money and they earn top dollar as is. Wait very soon and see what is going to happen to the US dollar which is the world’s reserve currency and people are going to reject it and then see what is going to happen. Our trade with the US is no less than 80 to 85% and watch what will happen to Canada when all hell breaks loose. Many countries want nothing to do with the dollar. The Petro dollar is almost gone very soon. This company will go with the rest.

  5. “I know because I know?” Facts, Jules. facts.

  6. As a Morbern worker, I can supply facts. There are a few issues that require arbitration, but the basis of the walk out is exactly what most people would have guessed. WORKER SAFETY. Jules sounds like an employer, not an employee. Part of the reason for companies to go overseas is definitely because of the huge pool of workers that are available in second and third world countries, but another part of it is the fact that in most of those countries health and safety violations are a joke. There is always another “horse to pull the plow”, so if something happens to one, turn it to dogfood and get another. And the base company, be it Morbern or Satisfied or whoever gets to wash their hands of it. The United States is starting to turn things around by pushing more things to be made in their own country, and it is past time we did the same as Canadians.
    We a Morbern did not walk out for more money, or big bonuses, or any of the like. We did a walk out to show our solidarity for each other in our determination for our rights to work in a fair and safe environment.
    Yeah, what big selfish jerks we are, Jules, you’re right.
    Do us a favour, send your kids over to China and get them jobs in a nice factory over there.

  7. I think that it would be informative and enlightening to know what the safety issues are.

  8. Morbern is a well known established industry in Cornwall for a mighty long time and never have I ever heard of safety issues at that industry. Spoiled brats are why everything has gone overseas. The industries in the US that have gone and still going are not coming back. There are no Canadian industries – not many – everything is American and they only come to use our people to do the manufacturing for them. Even high tech has gone overseas and continue to do so. Captains of industry know that they can get the job done for pennies on the dollar and not $50K and up for people who are unskilled and no education.

  9. Jules, there are always safety issues in any manufacturing industry. We don’t hear about them until there’s an accident or walkout. As Jean Paul said it was a safety issue that caused the wildcat walkout on Thursday. I guess it has been resolved or close to being resolved as I drove by there today and it looked like everything was back to normal.

  10. Hugger Morbern has been in Cornwall for a mighty long time and a friend of mine used to work there as a secretary. There were never issues about safety as long as I can remember. It seemed to be a pretty good place to work from what I gather. Yes industries do have safety issues and everywhere as well. I will say this that Morbern has been pretty good to Cornwall since all others pulled out and went abroad.

  11. As Jean Paul pointed out the walkout was safety related.

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