Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall Ontario Loses Another CAO as Norm Levac to Retire – Sept 18, 2014

Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall Ontario Loses Another CAO as Norm Levac to Retire – Sept 18, 2014

Norm's the guyCORNWALL Ontario – When Norm Levac was announced as CAO after the Paul Fitzpatrick scandal there was some hope from politico’s in the city as Mr. Levac was well liked and respected; but sadly Mr. Levac just took the extra college money for his kids for a few years and is now heading off to retirement.

During his brief tenure taxes went up in our city; laws were broken including this writer being illegally removed from council (still before the courts) Mr. Levac also has silently allowed the Harbour Tanks to allowed to be installed on our waterfront and has refused to come clean on what occurred on his watch with Economic Development’s role in the scandal.

With an election little more than a month away it should be interesting to see who the new council will choose to head management as well as if that person will simply be another puppet for a very corrupt mayor or council or a new change.

Below is Mayor Kilger’s release on Mr. Levac’s retirement.

Mayor Bob Kilger announced today that Chief Administrative Officer Norm Levac will be retiring. His final day in the position will be at the end of December.

“It is with mixed emotions that I accept Mr. Levac’s retirement notice,” said Mayor Kilger. “His leadership and experience in the municipal government sector will be sorely missed. On behalf of Council, I would like to thank Mr. Levac for his many years of service with the City of Cornwall and wish him well in his retirement.”

Mr. Levac has served with the City of Cornwall for nearly 30 years. Prior to becoming CAO in January 2013, he headed up the City’s Infrastructure and Municipal Works Department.

During his tenure, Mr. Levac has been involved with a number of key initiatives. Some of them include the development of the City of Cornwall Strategic Plan, upgrades to the Water Purification Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant (which is now ongoing), the expansion of the Cornwall Business Park, the implementation of the Cornwall Blueprint, implementing the concept of asset management and related asset management plans and the advancement of the City’s public transit system.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with a great team of people who are committed to moving Cornwall forward,” said Mr. Levac. “I would like to thank all City employees for the work they do each and every day to make Cornwall a better place to live.”

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