CORNWALL Ontario – A new whistle blower has gone public.  RN Julie Johnston of Cornwall Ontario who works at Glen Stor Dun Lodge has submitted a letter which we have published unedited below. Ms Johnston is the nurse that  submitted 11 letters to council that never made their way directly;Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Mark A MacDonald was a bit bewildered Saturday.   Busy with his projects including the RCAF Wing Mr. MacDonald was the subject of a Claude McIntosh column, but Mac’s Musing led to the public saying that Mr. MacDonald was not running for office in 2014 as IContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – A third Whistle Blower officially stepped forward today in Cornwall Ontario.   The City Employee sent a letter to each councilor and the mayor back in December 2010.   Those letters did not find their way to council so another 11 envelopes were delivered to City Hall.Continue Reading

No employer…shall take a disciplinary measure against, demote, terminate or otherwise adversely affect the employment of such and employee, or threaten to do so. CFN – It’s a paradox that the very facilities designed to care for our aging loved ones can sometimes put them at risk.  And if theContinue Reading