Claude McIntosh Caught Telling Porkies Again – This Time at the Seaway News in Cornwall Ontario – Mark A MacDonald Did not Say he is not Running for Office

mark a macdonald nov 2013Cornwall Ontario – Mark A MacDonald was a bit bewildered Saturday.   Busy with his projects including the RCAF Wing Mr. MacDonald was the subject of a Claude McIntosh column, but Mac’s Musing led to the public saying that Mr. MacDonald was not running for office in 2014 as I discovered when I went to a meeting Saturday.    The headline read “The Mayoral Race That Was Heating Up Has Suddenly Gone Cold”

Mark MacDonald told Seaway News editor Todd Lihou last week that he has decided against a second run for the job.   Instead, he wants to work outside the political arena to bring change.

Reached by CFN Mr. MacDonald was bewildered as he claimed to never have said such thing as you can hear in our interview video in this piece.

In fact there is much buzz; especially if Mayor Bob Kilger doesn’t run.   In fact Mayor Kilger was just mentioned in the Toronto Sun in a piece talking about the need for Oversight of Municipal Government in Ontario.   LINK

In Cornwall, Mayor Bob Kilger faced allegations of nepotism — which he denied — when his son was hired by the local fire department.

And the controversies in Cornwall, London and Brampton are not isolated incidents.

denise kilger for mayorSo was Todd Lihou telling Porkies?  Or Claude who after getting caught three times over an 18 month period was turfed by The Standard Freeholder after his near five decade career there; the last one which triggered another lawsuit against the Sun owned newspaper.   (Seaway News is a Trans Con owned weekly)


(Mayor Kilger lost his good friends Paul Fitzpatrick (CAO) & Denise Labelle Gelinas (Clerk); both forced to retire as scandals exploded this term)

Omission of the truth is also considered lying and there are in fact quite a few people being buzzed about a run for mayor including this scribbler who has twice in the past, and now for a third time confirming that if somehow Bob Kilger runs again for mayor; if he’s not nailed for his conflict of interest or charged with theft for his role in the withholding of mail to councilors; that I would myself put up my $200 and run against him.  In fact I would do so the day he signed his name up again.

Phil Poirier is a hotly mentioned name, but also current Councilor Glen Grant; although it’s been said that Grant would not run if David Murphy runs.   Mr. Murphy’s long time boss Gerry Benson is part of the Community Action Group which whines about lowering taxes while asking the city for monies which bloat them.   Mr. Murphy though would be considered a company man and has done almost nothing of note his first term compared to his fellow rookie councilor Maurice Dupelle.

Likewise Councilor Bernadette Clement’s name is bantered about for nearly every election in the region.  It’s been said that the diminutive lawyer is too tainted to consider a run and certainly would not run against Kilger.

And there are always wild cards and names that we are not mentioning at this point.   No, if anything there are no shortage of possibilities for the job of running the $150M budgeted city of Cornwall Ontario.

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