We live in a community that sadly discounts truth and integrity. Where terms like “fake news” get bandied around by people that truly have no understanding of news or how news works. Some of whom get elected to office. If you live in a community with little accountability this isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – We all get them every week.   Mine goes straight to the recycle bin, but that’s exactly why city’s like Montreal are deciding whether to ban them altogether.  LINK Locally TC Media ships them with the Seaway News weekly, but most end up in our landfill.    WithContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Several Italian groups are upset at Rick Shaver of the Cornwall Seaway News (owned by TC Media), Bill Makinson of Cogeco Cable, and Lori Greer – Executive Director of the United Way of SD&G, for their Italian Night fundraiser which uses blatantly negative stereotypes of Italians beingContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Oddly enough we media types read our competition, even minor competition,  and that’s why it’s utterly astounding to read words quoted from Angela Vinet, the Exec Director of Sexual Assault Support Services in Cornwall. Vinet is hopeful the movement will be a catalyst for greater change, allowingContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Can you imagine a magazine called “Cornwall Living” not really about living in Cornwall?   The vanity magazine is grossly subsidized by Bob Peters and the City via its Economic Development department. You can’t blame TC media who simply are trying to run a business, but whenContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  I live in a very strange community.  Ignorance and corruption are literally destroying our local economy.   Now two of the main three media are for sale, and the Standard Freeholder is rumored to be wobbly.  Corus Radio chopped its newsroom staff a few years ago asContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Eight is a mystical number.  It’s also a version of the infinity sign if you turn it sideways. The Cornwall Free News turned eight this week, on the 9th.    I decided to not have any fanfare or major celebration as the last time I did so,Continue Reading

Wow!   Perusing the last few issues of TC Media’s Seaway News it was kinda funny watching Todd & Mac try and tag team. Mr. Lihou must be cranky of late.  He’s taken shots at moi and Freeholder editor Hugo Rodrigues recently.   Of course looking at the page countContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Adam Brazeau is a young man that is a journalist for TC Media owned Seaway News in Cornwall Ontario.    He’s covers ground that editor Todd Lihou doesn’t as opposed to won’t. Last night, before he appeared at the SASS Walk a Mile in Her Shoes eventContinue Reading

CFN – Media is a hard biz these days.   Even the big guns suffer.   Today, on Friday the 13th Sun News Network shuttered down.  They flipped the switch to off.   I won’t get into the merits of Sun News and it’s fake boobed talking heads or farContinue Reading

CFN – Tammy Hart and her very odd council in South Stormont appear to be in retreat after humiliating the township, again. In an act of truly boggling weirdness she and her council initiated discussion in limiting or eliminating cameras in open council meetings. Ms Hart and friends have anContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – If there was a photo in a text book in a section on media corruption in elections Todd Lihou’s would embossed. The Seaway News Editor has clearly not only showed his personal bias pro and con for candidates in this election in editorial, which is fair game, butContinue Reading