Tammy Hart & South Stormont Council Retreat on Banning Cameras in Open Council Meetings by Jamie Gilcig

tammy parkway HSCFN – Tammy Hart and her very odd council in South Stormont appear to be in retreat after humiliating the township, again.

In an act of truly boggling weirdness she and her council initiated discussion in limiting or eliminating cameras in open council meetings.

Ms Hart and friends have an issue with one media outlet in particular and showing his total lack of understanding and ignorance Mayor Jim Bancroft actually compared a open meeting in a public space to a copywritten performance in a private hall.   I kid you not.

Ms Hart is upset that she is sometimes video taped.  She doesn’t like to answer questions.

or this video of our interview after she leaked a council report over the Integrity Commissioner against herself.


That led to the war that was the election that was filled with lies and misinformation.

Ms Hart after the report came out went on the warpath against the South Stormont News, my other newspaper to the point of leaking a false memo to the public stating that SSN was getting funding and loans, which we weren’t, and she was sanctioned again by Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze.

She worked with a team and slate of candidates and through much chicanery ended up with election results that put her back on council with a team of people, including Mayor Jim Bancroft who she had previously erected a bill board to campaign against, a person who won’t admit that they have a criminal record/pardon, another that illegally corrupted the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce and actually took money to run the Long Sault Farmer’s Market. That is her slate and team.

Here’s Tammy after lying in Council.

Again refusing to answer regarding her lying in Council.

And here she is after being asked about the allegations that she actually snatched a pile of SSN off the counter of The Marina Restaurant in Long Sault.   The printed newspapers were also removed from several other locations during the election.

Ms Hart also was a critical part of a local facebook hate group which essentially targeted her political opponents, this writer, CFN and SSN.  Over 2,000 comments have been captured including violent images, posting pictures of people’s homes and addresses, client lists, and even relatives personal information.  The rare few who stood up to them in the group were attacked including threats to their jobs.  It’s pretty nuts.  What’s nuttier is that local police have refused to issue any charges of mischief or harassment against any of the members to date although a few police officers, off the record, complained that it was the local crown attorney’s office that iced any charges.

aug 10 FACEBOOK currier bbq Tammy Hart Dockery good looking couple

Tammy pictured above at a BBQ that featured mass burning of the South Stormont News.

tammy x f group 3

The original group has gone underground although many of its members are now part of its latest composition including believe it or not Seaway News editor Todd Lihou and a few other local notable haters.

Council mate Donna Primeau, after minutes of the Chamber of Commerce were submitted to members with false and misleading information also doesn’t like cameras. Again, video doesn’t lie. Ms Primeau might, but cameras do not.

She was quoted in the Seaway News as saying;

Critics and others have lambasted South Stormont council for even considering such a ban, complaining that free speech and municipal transparency would be unfairly mitigated by such a policy change.

“We certainly have no objection to having residents know all the business of their township,” said Hart. “This has to do with gonzo reporting in the past year.

“We’re trying to do our due diligence.”

And that ladies and gentlemen is where the truth does lie.   Ms Hart and her council have a problem with a media outlet that simply has told the truth.   Sometimes the truth isn’t flattering, especially when you’re caught lying as Ms Hart has been, repeatedly.

The fact that through lies and bullying she was able to manipulate an election will never change that truth.

Hugo Rodrigues, editor of the Standard Freeholder wrote an editorial about the idea of banning cameras, and to be fair South Stormont only wanted to ban some cameras, in particular those of my own and Reg Coffey.

What are council members afraid of? Being held to their word? Having their decisions and discussions open to scrutiny from those not personally in attendance? Saying something stupid?

It’s funny how the Seaway News and Freeholder voiced out over the banning of some or all cameras, yet were eerily silent when SSN was attacked in the manner it was by Ms Hart and friends, even to the point of her and her team campaigning to kill the paper’s advertising from the township which essentially means that if media write something the politician doesn’t like then they lose their advertising which essentially neuters media’s ability to do their job properly.

Mr. Rodrigues is also President of the CAJ (Canadian Association of Journalists) and I submitted some questions to him to answer while wearing his CAJ hat.  He did oblige and answer several of them.

As a journalist how do you feel when a municipal government tries to limit video coverage of any council meeting that is open and in a public space as we’ve just heard that South Stormont is exploring?
Any time a municipal council limits how the public can access its proceedings, we all suffer. Journalists have no more right to record video and/or audio at a meeting than any other member of the public. Any member of the public should be outraged when his or her council puts up barriers to restrict how they can observe open council meetings.
A council does have the legal ability to put limits in place to ensure its meetings can happen in an orderly fashion. Some councils request that no hats be worn in chambers, or that no signs or placards be brought into chambers. Others place firm rules around how members of the public in the gallery can interact with council members and staff members — not allowing those in the audience to speak unless they’ve signed up as a delegation, etc.
All of these could be frustrating to various degrees, but none places restrictions on observing what council is doing and recording it so others can do the same.
Are journalist’s abilities to perform their duties being attacked and diminished when elected officials take this sort of tact?
It’s an unreasonable limit to place on any member of the public in attendance. For working journalists who need to gather video and/or audio recordings, it can place severe restrictions on how they’re able to do their work. As frustrating as these limits may be, they don’t make the work impossible. Good journalists find innovative ways to make up for these restrictions without breaking any unreasonable rules that may be in place.
 In your opinion does the public have a right to know more of what goes on at public meetings?
The public has a right to know what’s being done by its elected officials at all levels. The Ontario Municipal Act defines the limited reasons where councils can close the doors and if any member of the public believes a council is breaking those rules, we all have the right to ask the closed-meeting investigator to determine whether the rules were broken.
Any business done by a council in open session should be fully public — meaning any member of the public can observe and follow along. Any documents that council members are reading or referring to in their deliberations during an open meeting should be available to any member of the public.
It’s incumbent on municipalities to make council as accessible as possible. In 2015, that means not just to those who are in the gallery, but to those following along from wherever they may be located.
Here are the questions he chose to not answer.  (no offense Hugo)
4) In today’s media reality how do outlets face the challenges of having coverage of political and court events?
5)  A criminal lawyer stated that we media are failing because we do not spend enough time in court rooms covering what’s happening.  Is it media’s role to hold the justice system accountable for the public?
6)  With media consolidation and withering ad incomes how do you see the role of journalists changing in the future?
7) What was the weirdest situation you ever found yourself in as a journalist?
8)   Do you think that media outlets and journalists have a responsibility to be active in the community and not just report what happened?

We decided to give the final word on this issue to the Deputy Mayor as she espouses on everything she understands regarding Freedom of the Press and the responsibility for government to be truly accountable to the public.


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  1. Author

    It’s the cycles of the culture of bullying. Fear, ignorance, anger. Repeat.

  2. What I find is even more sad than Tammy Hart,s shenanigans & embarrassment to South Stormont is that The Crown goes against the law & stops police from doing their jobs. I believe that some of them are hurting, just like the 25 or so that left for OPP during & after the Perry Dunlop trial

  3. “Ms Hart is upset that she is sometimes video taped. She doesn’t like to answer questions”. Still waiting for an answer to my email back a few months. She must be to busy! Like with furthering her narcissistic control (NPD) over South Stormont.

    “Smile for the camera, pretty please” – one way to enforce accountability and transparency. Little brother (the voters) are watching you.

    “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a shame to any people. The king’s favor is toward a servant who acts prudently, but his wrath takes place on one causing shame”(Pro 14:34-35).

  4. Tammy Tammy Tammy, You little dominatrix you. Jamie, you’re so lucky. I would pay good money to have Taminatrix yell at me like that. I can tell just by watching those clips, that she’s a freak in the bedroom. When she’s yelling at you like that, I see her in all black leather, with a whip and one foot up on my back. Actually, what am i writing lol

  5. South Stormont dug themselves in a hole with the cameras in council meetings and are now trying to fill that hole in. Of course, having Tammy Hart as the backhoe operator doesn’t help.

    Tea & Biscuit….I don’t think Jim Bancroft has figured out he’s Tammy’s little puppet boy.

  6. I agree Jerry. She’s totally HOT!

  7. I’m beginning to wonder whether Tammy Hart has mental issues…..

  8. Author

    I find it ironic that someone that would complain as much about transparency as Ms Hart did would want to silence a camera, even a gonzo one as she referred to. She certainly loved our Gonzo cameras until she went awry of the Integrity Commish….

  9. Furtz and Jerry should seek immediate help for suggesting Tammy Hart is hot. Arghhhhh!!!!!

  10. A woman she may be but a lady she most definitely is not. A lady does not chew gum in public, period. A cow chewing its cud would have been as entertaining but not as lacking in class or proper etiquette.

    Stan….. I went past the wondering point to drawing a conclusion sometime ago.

    Furtz and Jerry…. raise the bar, although I respect that perspective is in the mind/eyes of the beholder.

  11. I absolutely agree, cameras being held by certain individuals should most definitely not be allowed. This doesn’t contravene the Municipal Act; it would simply provide that certain individuals who consistently harass members of council are limited to doing so without a camera. Freedom of the press is important, however one could argue (and many have) the credibility and quality of certain websites, few would make the argument that these websites are legitimate journalism. Furthermore, why would Deputy Mayor Hart answer a single “question” after your embarrassing obsessive behaviour towards her? It would seem that you have quite an interest in the Deputy Mayor, I’m curious as to why? Calling myself creepy when you have multiple videos of the Deputy Mayor ( she doesn’t even know you are filming in the last one) , she tells you to go away and you’re still rolling lol 100 percent agree with this and I support anything that further diminishes your pathetic excuse of a business.

  12. David, I keep a small herd of cattle that I love very much. When I watch them contentedly chewing their cuds, I get a warm fuzzy feeling. Same thing when watching Tammy chewing gum. Can’t help myself.

  13. Amazing intellect! Some people should have freedom of speech and some should not. Wow. Okay to agree with but not to vocalize or otherwise critic a public official of questionable ethics? Brilliant.

    Jealousy is truly a destructive and negative force and sometimes downright creepy!

    Furtz when you used “love” and “cattle” in the same sentence I was glad that you were not a keeper of sheep as that would have conjured up a much different visual. I hear your plight brother, sometimes I find that I can not help but comment. Lol.

  14. Jerry and Furtz you are getting Jamie all sexited here and I am roaring with laughter. I have described Tammy as the wicked witch on a broom flying overhead and Furtz describes her as hot. I was wondering what Furtz was drinking or smoking the first time he said that Tammy was hot. Tammy is the wicked witch sceaming and having her whip in her hand alright and she will whip the people of South Stormont in a way that they don’t want. She is a tyrant. You men are funny indeed I can’t stop laughing here.

  15. She’s a real class act that Tammy Hart, so fortunate to not be a resident of South Stormont and to not be represented by a childish bully who’s very electoral campaign was to destroy The South Stormont News.

  16. Elliott Tammy Hart the witch of North Stormont wasn’t the only one to destroy South Stormont News. Just take a good look at Richard Currier, his wife and their friends as well as the new mayor of South Stormont – they are all bullies and witches.

  17. David, for many years I kept sheep and goats. They were wonderful and intelligent animals as well, but their cud chewing was uninspiring.

  18. Furtz those sheep and goats have a lot more intelligence than a lot of people have. I can spend days with animals and so relaxing. Humans are the ones “that get my goat”. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  19. Haha yes Jules….How could I forget the other members of the “Coven”, busy stirring their large spoons in the caldron of nastiness. 😛

  20. I can’t believe the people of South Stormont Voted out the best Mayor South Stormont has ever had, and Voted Jim Bancroft back into office. Is the people of South Stormont on glue??? He was sued by his own township in his last term of council for selling out the township when he was in conflict as the Insurance Broker and the Mayor at the same time. Tammy Hart is Mentally unstable plain and simple. She came to my door and my wife and I could not believe the lies Hart and that nut case, Richard Currier were saying about the Mayor and the Township.
    She said there was no transparency and now this lunatic wants to disband of cameras during council meetings. She complained about the lack of transparency in the last council to us. Wake the hell up people. Speak the hell up.

  21. Jim Blue the people of South Stormont really blew it for sure and the former mayor was the best there was. Long Sault, Ingleside and Morrisburg appear like nice places to live but when you have a mighty crazy woman like Tammy Hart and this Richard Currier who joins her on her broom flying over people’s homes at night it becomes mighty creepy. I will tell the people of S. Stormont “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR INTELLIGENCE SOMEWHERE”? The former mayor was the very best and you showed just what kind of people you are after putting in Tammy Hart, the new mayor that is like Tammy, Richard Currier, etc. who would burn crosses on my lawn if I had a house that is the hatred that they show. Being that I speak French I would be hated in many places so I just may stay in Ottawa. Being that my husband is Lebanese and is a Christian God knows what they would all be saying and doing. It would be like “Mississippi burning all over again”.

  22. Elliott Tammy Hart, mayor Bancroft and Richard Currier would have me in a big pot as their brew. Those witches would have their big wooden spoons stirring me over an open fire. Gee what a nightmare that would be. I would be looking at Jamie telling him “I told you so” while he would be filming the big event.

  23. Mississippi burning? LOL I don’t think the people you speak of are quite that evil. Besides, if you just keep to yourself no one will bother you. I’m in a bi racial marriage and have never once faced any scrutiny here in Cornwall. The people of Cornwall are more accepting than you might think, whether it be race, sexual orientation, income ect ect. Of course, that doesn’t really apply to the folks over about 70.

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    CFN has a new comment policy. You must use your real first and last name. As well if your email bounces we will terminate your posting privileges.

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