TC Media Seaway News Reporter Adam Brazeau Sends Legal Letter Over Sexual Facebook Outing JUNE 2, 2015

– You can’t make stuff like this up.   You really can’t.  Adam Brazeau seems to be a very confused young man?

The journalist at the TC media owned Seaway News sent a legal letter to yours truly today after we outed his over the line behaviour to a former Journalism class mate hours before appearing at an event to support awareness of Sexual Assault and Abuse.

When his victim rejected his coarse comment Mr. Brazeau typed “LOL” and then after hitting a question mark twice blocked the victim so that she couldn’t contact him any further.  It almost looked like he was embarrassed and ran away.

Instead of apologizing to his victim, even after she brought this story to CFN, he took to whining on facebook as though he himself were the victim.

brazeau comment on fb

Mr. Brazeau was sent an email and facebook message offering him an opportunity to deny or respond prior to the publication of the story.  He did not respond to either.

Today his action was to send an email threatening what seems to clearly be legal action to yours truly.

Brazeau Demand Letter JUNE 1 2015

This was a highly private and confidential Conversation.

It was a conversation that Mr. Brazeau’s victim chose to go public with and which we published because frankly sexual abuse, and assault, is a huge issue in this community.  She supplied ten screen caps of their conversation and we published the ones that were relevant to his comment and the story.

The letter was cc’d to his manager, Rick Shaver via the TC Media internal mail system.

While Mr. Brazeau’s words were harsh, coarse, and ugly; those words said to a woman who may have already have been sexually assaulted could only amplify their volume.

Today in discussion with the victim she said that she felt that she was being re-victimized again.   She also confirmed that Mr. Brazeau had not contacted her since the incident to apologize or otherwise.

CFN spoke with Angela Vinet of SASS, the group that the event was for, who said that she’d read the article and would distance herself from the story although she did send an email afterwords distancing herself from her distancing comment.  Nearly 24 hours later she still has not responded to our request for an email statement.

When CFN originally  interviewed the victim we had asked her why she was choosing to stay anonymous and her answer was echoed in the comments of our original story and by comments seen by Mr. Brazeau’s friends and supporters.

Is there any wonder why so few women step forward?

What do you think dear CFN viewers? You can post your comments below.




  1. What Adam Brazeau doesn’t get is that anything that is said over the net is public and anybody with the know how can intercept what is being said. If some girl came to you Jamie about being sexually abused then it is up to that girl to seek legal help and stop chatting on the net on forums that are public. What I mean by sexually abused is in person. Cornwall is so mighty renowned for that and Cornwall’s name is as black as a kettle over an open fire. If Brazeau would keep his big mouth shut then nothing would be published about his crazy antics.

  2. He got his Mommy to write it. Scary.

  3. The saga continues.

    What he did was wrong. Is it as bad as Jules would like us to think? No. This is not on the level of previous Cornwall “scandals.”

  4. Adam Brazeau is supposed to be a professional of the dirty rag Seaway News. Brazeau should have known better and is supposed to be educated and know how to speak to the public. If there is anything serious in what took part it is up to the girl involved to seek legal action. So many things are said over the net and it is public when you write something. There is nothing hidden when you are over the airwaves. Jamie you have a big heart but be mighty careful because people today have very low to no morals at all and are always willing to sue over nothing. Speaking about low morals you wouldn’t believe what I saw today with my daughter waiting for a bus downtown. This country has gone to hell and women do cause a great deal of trouble and this is coming from a woman.

  5. Hey Jamie, as you know I am a member of this graduating class with Adam Brazeau.{MODERATED FOR HEARSAY) We would just laugh it off awkwardly, because this individual prided herself on being different and we would just let it roll off our backs. In fact there was a time when she would ask us on a daily basis if we thought she was “pretty”

    Based on personal experience I completely understand why Mr. Brazeau felt comfortable enough to talk with her in this manner. Pursuing someone for sexual relations although embarrassing at times is not harassment. If she had a case and felt so distraught about this situation then she would have sent that conversation the police and we would be reading about this in the blotter.

    What really happened here is that she had an opportunity after the conversation ended abruptly to put Mr. Brazeau’s face in the mud, and you took full advantage. There was a time fresh out of school were I believed in you and the idea of the CFN because at the core of what you are doing there is something of value here. However it was these types of stories which you do nothing but cater to your need to tear other people down in an unjust way, is what made it not only impossible to work with you but embarrassing as well. Last week there was a real story about the hospital board chair being suspended. Something right up your ally and something I would expect you to cover but you let it go to the wayside. However you are all over a cheap story like this like a wet blanket.

    Finally I am sure she wants to distance herself from this story because like me she took the same law classes as I did, and she probably has realized she has left herself open to a libel case. I know you will never apologize but I do recommend you adhere to the demands of this letter, just based on percentages you cant win all these battles. That is it for now I will go back to the shadows and keep hoping that one day you will see the errors of your ways and actually become a service to this community, rather than a cheap knock-off of TMZ

  6. Author

    Mr. Noe, you are not working in journalism because you have very little work ethic; something that lacks in a lot of younger people. Your typos in your comment show that you didn’t proof read. You had some talent and we nurtured you as best as we could, but you couldn’t hack doing a single story per day in our story challenge to you as well as other assignments, and your diva behavior as an intern doomed you to failure. Looking at your own blog is a testament to the lack of work ethos you practice as well.

    I’ve also seen several attacks from you against CFN and myself over the last few years. Generally we leave childish people to their own machinations, but today you have chosen to enter this subject in what pretty much looks like friendship towards Mr. Brazeau.

    Even if everything you said is true, including the hearsay which we edited out, there were no grounds for Mr. Brazeau to type what he did. There certainly was a clear opportunity for him to apologize for what he typed.

    Your words here clearly show a problem with the culture of this area. To take your position is sadly, embarrassing.

    Again, this is what CFN does best, we expose people in very bright white light as you have just exposed yourself.

    Cheers and best with your future endeavors.

  7. This is just a click-bait article. Unless you show the entire conversation for understanding of context and not just a snippet of something racy, we can’t properly judge what Brazeau did period. What he said was crude, but it’s not harassment. Harassment is continuous or repeated unwanted behaviour. A (possibly) drunk text at 3:15 AM is unfortunate but hey, at 3:15 AM what he said could have gone the other way as well. Is it wrong for Brazeau to try his luck when this lady was up and willing to have Facebook conversation with him in the wee hours of the day? She shot him down. He didn’t continue so no story here. Should we all be shamed for trying to have sex?

  8. A letter sent “WITHOUT PREJUDICE” is probably without merit.

  9. All Adam had to say was..I,m sorry,I apologize,Victim would have ended it there & not seek out help from CFN,none of us would ever have know about it

  10. It’s disturbing to see how many people are blind to the purpose of this story. Adam is a guy who has been given a position in our community to have a voice. When a journalist is given that oportunity one would hope that they’re a decent human being, not a perverted hypocrite. This isn’t the first time {MODERATED} and it wouldn’t have been the last if this brave woman had not come forward. And he clearly isn’t learning his lesson yet. Still no public statement or appoligy, he just wants to power through and shut her up. Would that be justice? Let the deviant shut her up and move on to the next girl? What if he chooses your daughter next? Then would you feel different? {MODERATED} he has a reputation and a history of being a creep, so it definitely would not have been his last. It isn’t right for something like this to be swept under the rug so he can continue to be one of the voices of this city. His moral complass is obviously broken, therefore he has no place in journalism. I thank the CFN for being the only form of media that will truly stand by The People of Cornwall – Not just it’s brands, businesses, sponsors and political interests

  11. Facebook is public like anything said over the air waves you have to be very careful because many people will pick it up and run with it. Adam Brazeau is supposed to be a professional journalist (one of the presstitutes) and he cannot go and speak in that manner nor should anyone without having a lawsuit of some sort. Yes Jamie came across it but the problem is that anything said over the airwaves becomes public. If Adam Brazeau didn’t want this to be seen by others all he had to do was keep his mouth shut or should I say not to talk dirty on the net. Jian Ghomeshi paid a heavy price for what he did.

  12. I do not know Adam Brazeau from a hole in the ground but from his letter to Admin you are quite able to draw the conclusion that he is not the sharpest tack in the box. Adam displays massive confusion with the simple reality that if you post on the world wide web it is a public domain and there is nothing private about it. Adam’s assertion that you violated his privacy is absolute lunacy on his part or wishful thinking. Further, his reputation and honour were in his hands in the public domain and through his actions he lowered himself to the bottom where the scum settles. The legally meaningless letter still offers no apology for his disgusting indiscretion.

    Unfortunately this Angela Vinet aligns herself with Adam Brazeau by default by not standing up for woman. This was not a situation of something being taken out of context it was simply an inappropriate remark by an ignorant person who has no apparent remorse.

    Adam Brazeau has on his own soured any positive reputation that he thought that he had. Maybe Adam will come to realize that there are repercussions for actions, maybe he will think before he opens his mouth in the future. Maybe.

  13. Dan Lalonde there are many things that you cannot say over the air waves just like when it comes to printed matter in newspapers, manazines or even over the boob tube that you call a TV. People can get sued and also many people are hurt over things that maybe you might not find it offensive but another person would. You don’t talk sex over the airwaves and you don’t know who falls on that. Jamie didn’t have to post the entire story and for whatever reasons he saw fit. Jamie doesn’t post 90% of what I post and nothing offensive just that I go on a lot and get off the subject at times. I don’t mind that because it is his paper and he can post what he wants. A lot of people talk about different matters over the airwaves, etc. not knowing that everything that is said is being monitored and kept in case something happens. We don’t know how someone will take whatever is said especially something this personal. I stand with Jamie on this matter.


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