Carr Confirms He’s Prepared to Discuss a Return to Cornwall Ontario City Council – JUNE 2, 2015 #cwlpoli

CORNWALL Ontario – CFN reached former City Councilor Denis Carr in Newcastle UK today and asked him if he was prepared to serve again after the announcement of Brock Frost’s resignation.

He took a moment from the family trip to share that he would be prepared to discuss it as he’d have to adjust some of his other commitments.     Carr is President of the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce and still leads Heart of the City.

He finished twelfth in the 10 person race for City Councilor.   Guy St. Jean, who finished 11th, moved to the US with his husband this disqualifying him for consideration.

According to the Municipal Act Council has the option of offering the seat to someone that offered themselves for office, usually the next on the list, or calling a by election.

His son Jamie Carr, former local Corus radio announcer added that he’d be proud and happy to see his dad serve again and proud and happy if he didn’t.

Carr would be replacing Brock Frost who is resigning as of July 1st according to media reports after multiple scandals and lawsuits. (none of which have been proven in court except the one lawsuit he issued but forgot to serve against the editor of CFN which he has to pay costs for)





  1. YAHOO! YAHOO! YAHOO! YAHOO! This is great news that Frosty will be gone. This made the rest of my day. Wonderful news. Now I will get up and dance the highland fling as long as I don’t go through the cement floor. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  2. You can’t count out Guy St Jean just yet. He was eligible to be councilor during the elections and if he chooses to return he can sit on council due to having fulfilled the requirements.

    I have no idea if he would choose to come back, but either way, the statement made that he is disqualified is false.

  3. I think Guy St Jean would be a great addition to city council, but in the end it will be his decision.

  4. Author

    Jerry Guy would be the worst possible councilor. The man has no convictions or back bone and is cretinously into the clique. You may as well elect Tony Lackroix…..

  5. And Guy St. Jean said he would not be returning to Cornwall. It was his and his husband`s dream to live in Florida. Can you really see him returning to Cornwall from Florida.

  6. The following is an emailed statement from Coun. Brock Frost:

    In February of this year I made a conscious decision to move to Ottawa to pursue better business opportunities in real estate. I signed papers for a condo on February 25th, completed my Broker course on April 23rd, officially moved to Ottawa on May 1st and resigned from Storm Realty on May 4th (to be effective as of June 1st).

    I had full intentions of finishing out my term on Council….until recently.

    The past few months, and more so the past few weeks, have truly solidified my reason for moving. Put bluntly, I have no more time or energy to deal with the incessant drama, gossip and online rhetoric that has become to define the City of Cornwall.

    This was the right move for me and I am extremely happy for the decision I made today.

    Thank you once again to all my supporters, you know who you are. Because of you all, I leave Cornwall with a feeling of pure sweet-sorrow.

  7. Before you go and vote for someone find out about who they really are and never mind that they have a degree or work for so and so or have their own business and in what. Find out everything there is to know about them. Frosty hid many things on the public and he is trying to hide from his constituents because everything is going to come out about him. He may run but he can’t hide. I wonder if he sold his house in Long Sault or what he did. People here in Ottawa will find out about Frosty and will have nothing to do with him. Frosty is a house of cards ready to fall at any time.

  8. Ottawa is a lot bigger than Cornwall. There are lots of places for Brock to hide in Ottawa.

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  10. Bringing a dubious politician to Cornwall, makes about as much sense as “carrying coals to Newcastle”.

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