Will Leslie O’Shaughnessy Quit Again And Be Replaced by Bob Kilger? JUNE 3, 2015

CORNWALL Ontario – What about Bob?    Is he coming back?  Is Cornwall turning into a George Romero movie?

Leslie O’Shaughnessy is one bad poker player.

In other media reports he stated that he had a legal opinion on his Conflict of Interest incident and that he’d be getting a second opinion.

Legal opinions are expensive.  Generally you don’t go for a second unless you didn’t like the first.   He also stated he’d be having a Press Conference with selected media specifically excluding the largest media outlet in this city, owned by yours truly.   That conference never happened.

The municipal act clearly states that if you have an opening you run with someone that offered themselves for the office or call a by election.    The city has generally followed that path.

Kilger rammed through a new procedural by law to change that (the Mark MacDonald by law) but many legal minds have said it would never pass the stink test and could cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in court.

Bob finished second.    The question has been his health.  For example our t shirt law suit has been adjourned because of his health and if he’s too ill to attend court is he healthy enough to take on the role of mayor again?

Looking at the make up of this council and some of what’s gone on it’s a distinct possibility that Bob may be back as early as next Monday night’s meeting.   He’s been seen in Cornwall recently and is getting an honourary plug at St. Lawrence College on Friday (For chem tanks and waterfront development? )

One source stated that one of the reasons that Brock Frost is stepping down is that Kilger would not have him on his council and wanted Denis Carr and one of his other stooges back, most likely Glen Grant.

Elaine MacDonald looks to be left out of the equation which would give her much more time to lobby for her favorite causes like the Agape Centre, flying kites, turning seniors apartments into condos, and destroying 33 year old public art galleries.

City Hall is staying mum as events unfold.  It certainly has been an eventful first year of the term to date from the National exposure of shutting down a beautiful family ice rink at Christmas to the Brock Frost circus and other events.

In a normal situation none of this could possibly happen, but this is Cornwall Ontario we’re talking about so it’s probably already signed and delivered.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Are you ready for more of the Bob Kilger show?   You can post your comments below.




  1. I think that you couldn’t make this stuff up. Cornwall has become further entrenched in its own reality show. Side Show Bob eat your heart out.

  2. Hopefully not. There is enough nonsense going on with Brock Frost. we do NOT need or want Bob Kilger back.

  3. Rumours…..aren’t they fun?? And since when does the rumoured mayor get to pick who is on city council? If Bob had been reelected he would have been dealing with Brock Frost. What would he have done? Would he have said I’m not going to deal with you, go sit in a corner? If Leslie were to resign AGAIN I’d say it would be best to have a byelection for Brock’s position and the mayor’s position. Let the people decide whom they want in those positions, not appointed by a dysfunctional city council.

  4. Very true “Hugger”. The same can be said for Carr & Grant ? The thought of these two returning is the worst possible scenario ? What a town, we live in ! Heart of the City & friends controlling the whole sha-bang ? lol

  5. If he decides to leave then lets have a by-election with new candidates.

  6. Author

    Hugger as someone that has worked with candidates during elections and as a candidate myself I think calling a by election is a horrible thing to do. People spend their money and campaign it should always go to the next person in the results even if they’re as nasty as Glen Grant.

  7. I’d say if it’s just to replace Brock Frost then have council appoint someone. If it is to replace Brock Frost and the mayor a by election should be held. I have this feeling though, that Bob Kilger would not be interested in being mayor again due to his ongoing health issues; yet another reason to have a by election.

  8. Agreed Stan. IMHO Heart of the City is a joke. It needs to stick to the laid out rules, not bend them for their friends or at their whim.

  9. Hugger1
    Would gently suggest you might be including too much detail when saying “somebody” saw action at Cedars during Police operation
    .I maybe way off base but think your trying to protect the identity of a family member??????
    If I continue to put all the small clues together from many posts it might be possible to know the identity based on lines of site etc etc

  10. I think that the next in line get the position,if not Carr then Grant,should the mayor resign & Bob too ill then you Jamie would be next Mayor of Cornwall

  11. Under the Ontario Municipal Act, Council can chose to have a by-election or appoint the next in line if he or she still wants to serve.

  12. Author

    That’s right Furtz. Kilger & friends tried to circumvent that with their procedural bylaw.

  13. Melman….do you know how many offices / businesses have a view and / or line of sight view of the old Cedars on Wheels location? I didn’t say the person had a line of sight view, did I?

    Yes, I am trying to protect a family member, that’s one reason I use a pseudonym on here and other sites.

    You can try to guess, but I don’t think you’ll get it spot on.

  14. HOLY JUMPING JOSEPH ALMIGHTY! I had double vision today and I will tell you about it here. First of all Cornwall’s council sounds like a game of musical chairs with the Three Stooges. Since Leslie came in his council is Mickey Mouse in kindergarden level. I wanted Leslie in but never thought that he was a weakling. I just came back less than a few hours with my daughter since she is going to go to a private college here in Ottawa and we picked up some sandwiches to eat for supper. Well you wouldn’t believe that my old age must be double vision of Clarence the Cross Eyed Lion or Senility or something of that nature. I was in with my daughter and the man waiting beside us for his turn looked similar to Frosty the Showman and this man was with a girl but didn’t look like the girl in the film that was taken. This man looked a little chunkier than Frosty but with the same haircut with that little curl on top. Jamie I think that I need some psychiatric help desperately and coming on to your site and seeing this I can’t believe it. If BOB is well enough to come back as mayor with all the stress involved and the wacky council then he is well enough to attend court. Cornwall is a mighty wacky town and nothing can compare to it at all. I think that after reading the news I will have to lie down because it is too much in my senior years. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  15. Having cancer treatments takes a great deal out of a person and if BOB got back in the cat bird seat the stress can make the cancer come back. Jamie would make a good mayor but too many people put this good man down and I can’t see him be elected as mayor and that is why I supported Leslie because of what Jamie is and has gone through. The people of Cornwall did not see the truth for years nor did they do anything about it. People accepted to be trampled upon and hid away in their homes. Well nothing good will be done by hiding and it takes guts to do something about your town before it gets any worse than it already is. I was thinking that maybe an outside force has to take over and get rid of the evil doings going on down there and the town to be taken over by another municipality. A great deal is wrong in Cornwall and I have seen it for many many years and it is only a place for the very old to live off whatever is left of their lives and nothing else. Nobody can live under tyrants and illegal goings on and enough is enough. Jamie is too good of a man and I have a great deal of respect for him and he should be treated well by everyone. It is long overdo that people change their weird and evil ways and change the town for better and it is all in your hands. The town is like one big comedy show so make the necessary changes.

  16. Jules, Jules, Jules….I don’t see Leslie O’Shaughnessy resigning. How do you suppose we are to see the truth? With only one media outlet reporting what is really going on it’s hard to see what is actually going on. People still rely on traditional methods of getting the news and in Cornwall that traditional media outlet is the CSF. I give props to Jamie and CFN for what he has done and accomplished. People have NOT accepted to be trampled upon and hide away in their homes. Cornwall is a very small city; things that happen here get noticed a lot quicker than they would in much larger cities. An outside force should take over Cornwall?? Now, that is a good one. What municipality do you suggest take over? Ingleside? Long Sault? St. Andrews West? Seriously Jules!! Yes, there are things wrong with Cornwall. But name me one city that doesn’t have issues. It wouldn’t take long to name things wrong with Ottawa if I felt inclined to do so. Tyrants and illegal goings on? Again, name me one city that doesn’t have this.

  17. Hugger1
    Don’t get my message wrong I was only trying to help PLEASE
    I don’t want to know who you are protecting
    Only want you to be careful
    You have said the person works for the city
    It is a woman
    How many women work in a city building that can see Cedars
    I change my IP address on a daily basis to protect my family
    Just didn’t want to see a long time dedicated writer here on CFN have any problems
    As we see on this site almost every day people get themselves into trouble saying way toooo much. I count about 10 people who have lost jobs over facebook posts and that is only in Canada

  18. Hugger a lot of times rumors come true and this happened at Domtar, Levi Strauss, Courthaulds, etc. and everything came true. BOB has an uphill battle with his cancer and if he came back he would be literally sick again and this time it can take his life. BOB is an older man and time to relax in life. Leslie didn’t tell the truth about being transparent but Frosty sure is transparent we can all see through his lies and insanity. Frosty cannot run away no matter where he lives his past and present will catch up to him and more craziness will be exposed.

  19. I do not see Leslie O’Shaughnessy leaving soon, if at all before his term is up. If hypothetically, that should happen, a run off election should be required, one for a council seat a one for a mayor replacement.

    It was clear that Bob Kilgour was persona non grata after his disastrous decision making and favoritisms plagued his previous terms on top of his own health recurrence possibilities. Trust but verify got him in hot water.

    A run off could include Denis Carr and Glen Grant and perhaps ANY current council members if the rules would allow,.and yes, even Jamie Gilcig if he so desired and could afford another election.

    As well, any previous person who ran for council could if they so desired run once again for possibly 2 council spots. Say if Elaine McDonald (heaven forbid) or Andre Rivette chose to run for mayor their place on council will also need to be replaced. In a run off the top two candidates then would fill the Brock Frost post and the councillor the may win the mayors seat.

    Until then, this hog wash swill pile is all conjecture.

  20. Melman….I appreciate the comments you provided. But there are literally dozens of women, probably closer to 40 or 50 who work for the city that can have access to a window that has a view of the old Cedars on Wheels location. There are two city buildings with that view. And depending on how you define “working for the city” there would be more as well.

  21. Rumours are one thing…..crystal ball gazing is another……just hoping something happens because it should is just crazy.

  22. And what I post here does not make its way to Facebook.

  23. OK Hugger 1 I will stay quiet
    But as for facebook tonight I saw your comments posted on Standard Freeholder facebook site under a story about one of their columnist taking shots at bike riders
    all the best

  24. Melman;

    When the Standard Freeholder allowed comments I used a pseudonym on their site.

    But I will be more careful on how / what I post.

  25. Melman;

    stop confusing us older folk.

  26. Author

    Hugger according to some of the rocket scientists in the hate group you really are me using a fake name.

  27. Admin….I saw that earlier. Whatever floats their boat. I think they’ve also said you were also Jules and Furtz. I don’t have enough time to entertain them. And I don’t think you have enough time or energy to be all the people they say you are.

  28. And Jules, and me, and most of the people who post comments here.
    If truth be told, Tammy Hart is really Bob Noble in drag!

  29. I realize the cost for a by-election is high, but do we really want to appoint people that came in 12th, 13th & so on. The next few candidates were incumbents & clearly the electorate gave them the “toss” ! Yes, in the past, we went with the person in line, but in this case, apparently, the next “guy” doesn’t want it ? So, we are digging deeper ?
    Obviously, no one on Council was ever serious, during the past election when they all wanted transparency, open government, no back-room dealing, etc, etc, ya know the usual election rhetoric, other than Frosty, but will our present dysfunctional crew implement one ? This writer felt, that the past Council’s dismal record of openness would never be matched again, wow, was I mistaken !

  30. There is only one me and Jamie is not wacky enough to be me. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie is still sane but with all the running around lately I wonder about myself. Just yesterday my daughter said to me “mom are you ok because you seem out of it sometimes” and I said “sometimes?”. I am who I am and nobody can replace me. I never look at facebook so I don’t know what is going on and have been off the entire system for years and something that makes absolutely no sense at all. Gee I love this paper – Jamie you are the best.

  31. {MODERATED} Both BOB and Leslie are liars and no truth comes out of them and one example is the Diane Shay case. Do you all remember what Leslie was supposed to do for Diane but nothing came about it. Both BOB and Leslie are not good as mayors and all talk and no action and dishonest. Cornwall itself stands for corruption and dishonesty and is more black in reputation than a pot over the hot coals. Cornwall is a literal joke among everybody. Cornwall is completely ignored and nobody wants any part of it.

  32. Cornwall does not stand for corruption and dishonesty. Having people constantly put it down does not help. Sure Cornwall had problems in the past and still has some very valid issues. But to call it black and a joke is going a bit far. If we wanted to I’m sure we could come up with some things to call other Canadian cities, in particular Ottawa being the seat of the federal government. But you don’t see us doing that.

  33. Well tie my face to the side of a pig and roll me in the mud…. I just noticed the George Romero reference; Totally EXCELLENT.

    I’m pretty sure however, that nature will take its course before we have to submit to another horror show from city hall.

  34. What to heck is everybody smoking here. These comments are such bull crap. Way to go Admin. You sure know how to draw a crowd.

  35. Author

    Um, that ultimately is the job DS 🙂

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