Seaway News Editor Todd Lihou Attacks Whistle Blower Julie Johnston & Gilcig Candidacy – Oct 24, 2014

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – If there was a photo in a text book in a section on media corruption in elections Todd Lihou’s would embossed.

The Seaway News Editor has clearly not only showed his personal bias pro and con for candidates in this election in editorial, which is fair game, but in news coverage.

His latest bomb was dropped on Whistle Blower Julie Johnston; the nurse at Glen Stor Dun Lodge whose letters to council were with held by council not once, but twice.

When they did come to light the city hunted her down and did a number on her.

Incredously Mr. Lihou leads off his emptying of the bowels by attacking her.


Who is Julie Johnston – and is she, in fact, a whistleblower?

Two questions to ponder as you head to the polls next week to choose just who should be a member of city council for the next four years.

Johnston is a Cornwallite; a mother of five who instead of doing what so many do in Cornwall graduated as a RN from our very own local college and has worked caring for others while raising her family.   She’s a great friend to many, and yes, even to this writer.

Did Mr. Lihou interview Ms Johnston for him to be casting the aspersions that he has against her character and motivation?  Isn’t this just about preserving the gross amount of undeserved ad dollars for the Seaway News from city coffers including the Bob Peters friend and family picture magazine that they print each year?

Mr. Lihou goes on to try and define what a Whistle blower is.   All anyone has to do is read his coverage of any of the whistle blowers in the Seaway News to realize his true positions.  He may understand what a Whistle Blower is; but that would simply make his writings even more petty and evil; actually hurting the community by covering up for a corrupt administration that has brutalized whistle blowers or frankly anyone that has exposed them.

Mr. Lihou goes on about the letters being unsigned; but since when does the Mayor or CAO open sealed letters to councilors to know whether the contents are signed or not?   What they heck did Mr. Lihou just suggest?    Are part of Diane Brown’s duties to open council’s mail?

Mr. Lihou asks the question of why Ms Johnston steps forward now; but did he ask her that very question?  I  know I did, and sadly her answer is very Spencelike and makes sense seeing how things work under Mayor Kilger.

More frightening is the lie that Mr. Lihou writes in that he alleges that Mayor Kilger’s opponents knew about the information before the rest of us did; but CFN has written about the letters (without Ms Johnston’s name) over two years ago.   The buzz about them has not been quiet.  It’s been “on the street” for quite awhile and other sources of Mr. Lihou clearly knew as well.

He then went on to suggest that Johnston was being underhanded and sneaky which adds to the burden Ms Johnston had when the lodge suggested that she was “Disloyal” to the company.

The under handedness would be asking why Mr. Lihou has attacked another Whistle Blower.  Maybe the answer would be in his words in the same column.

The election may be days away, but if you’re voting in the Seaway City you already know whether Kilger or O’Shaughnessy is your man. Or Gilcig, if you want to throw your vote away.

Anyone that has watched this election clearly knows the score.   In polling the numbers have never reflected his statement.   He has neglected to cover the realty of any of the debates and clearly has shown a total bias towards the man that ultimately signs his cheque.  Todd Lihou has sold his soul as a journalist.   That’s very sad.

He even took a shot at my police charges which while already having been proven false he continues to flash to the public.

POLICE INVESTIGATION?: Mayoral candidate Jamie Gilcig wants an investigation, perhaps by the cops (sigh), following our report this week on the Diane Shay matter – the one where we outed city council on the contents of its in-camera meeting Monday night.

Gilcig, according to an email he penned to clerk Helen Finn, is miffed because there are too many leaks at city hall.

“I think this requires prompt urgent action and possibly calling in the CCPS,” he whined.

Gilcig, who has his own issues concerning the CCPS (that’s Cornwall Community Police Service, by the way), has a “hunch” he knows the source.

A production order from Bell Telephone clearly shows that I never made the calls I was alleged to have made.  The Crown is still refusing to drop the charges and ultimately will have to answer why this has gone on for over four months now, although the buzz is that she may be getting transferred to Cornwall to take over the Crown office as a thank you for keeping me tied up until after the election.    I cannot even write who made the allegations or anything connected to the story until the charges are dropped or I have my day in court which could take as long as a year.

This is our community.   This is how politics are played in Cornwall.  This is how we treat whistle blowers.   Scary huh?

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  1. Considering it’s Todd Lihou and the Cornwall Seaway News should anything less be expected?

  2. I lived in Cornwall for 10 Years, coming in 1986. I have lived in many places in Canada…but Nowhere have I seen as much corruption as in this town. BE it business or politics (often one and the same), always one hell of a lot of “back scratching”. Under the table deals and plenty on the take.

    I coined the term: “Industrial Incest” … seems fitting

    It does not surprise me that near 20 yrs after leaving, things have not changed.

  3. This Todd Lihou sounds like an angry little man with very little on his plate. His bias and approach indicates his lack of depth and understanding of the world around him. He truly is to be pitied. A life wasted. Sad.

  4. Seaway news has blocked many of my comments.
    ON this article i commented to Lihou’
    Not signed don.t you no what they do to whistleblowers in Cornwall.You live in Cornwall don,t you Todd?

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