Todd & Mac Get Spanky Over Ashley Madison & Methadone in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig

Jamie & FitzyWow!   Perusing the last few issues of TC Media’s Seaway News it was kinda funny watching Todd & Mac try and tag team.

Mr. Lihou must be cranky of late.  He’s taken shots at moi and Freeholder editor Hugo Rodrigues recently.   Of course looking at the page count of the last few issues of the Seaway News it might make some sense?

Frankly media wars can be fun, but when one person shows up with the latest tablet and one has one of those old school pencil sharpeners it doesn’t end up that entertaining.

Mr. Lihou has this odd penchant, now that he’s stopped slurring moi to lihouwriting about me without naming me as though our local market doesn’t know who he’s writing about.  It could be why the Seaway News has such horrible online stats?

This week he’s picking on the new alleged Methadone clinic coming to the old Beauty Rock building.   What he has against that, or what Rick Shaver does, I have no idea?  I think it’s awesome that people are trying to clean up their acts and with the cataclysmic impacts of today’s cheap pain killers and the oxy issues we’ve had I’m glad.

Where should a Methadone clinic be?  In Bonville in an old mobile home near the Beagle club?   What we are seeing potentially is a business invest in our community and create a few jobs and probably provide a much needed service.

And then people wonder why it’s so hard to get our city over the 50,000 mark?

Mac is on the offensive regarding my outing of Bob Noble and Mike Bedard re the Ashley Madison dbase dump.

Todd could learn from Mac who’s organized labour’s 3rd favorite on our council, but then after this many years if Todd hasn’t the odds are he never will.

Mac feels that it’s not news and that media should stay out of people’s bedrooms.   He’s right, but this isn’t about their bedrooms.  In this day and age if you really want some booty do you really have to go to a website that glorifies cheating and adultery?

There’s lots of spin about why some people may or may not be on the AM rolls, but the end of the day should anyone be so, and if they were using their personal email addresses?

Brownell young mcdonell parkinsonOne local real estate contractor and bon vivant, when contacted by CFN about his email addy being on the list, volunteered that if we didn’t publish his email addy he’d give up four of his friends who were on the list.  What was ironic is that we’ve only found five email addresses out of the near 500 we’ve searched.  What kind of friends does this guy hang out with?

We now have 19 names on a list that we haven’t decided to publish yet or not.

Mac then waxes on about how in the day people gossiped about “gay folks”.

But in 2015 there’s no real reason to be in the closet unless you want to be a MP or MPP for the Conservatives.   Is that really an issue to lob in for Mac?

The point is that judging by how many people click on this sort of story it is in fact news.  Salacious, TMZ like, and that sadly is what the public wants.

Mr. Lihou took a shot at Freeholder ManEd Hugo Rodrigues recently as well inferring that Hugo doesn’t spend much time in Cornwall.  Is that really an issue?  Maybe Mr. Lihou should get out of Cornwall a bit and learn how people operate in a more literate and politically civilized community?

Boring huh?   Not much of an improvement from the standard malign of simply calling moi a blogger.   Here’s hoping to some better dueling or maybe just going back to big cheque stories or how amazing non amazing things are….

And what is it with these Brown Shirt hair cuts of these young conservatives around here?

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