Dupelle or Murphy for Mayor in 2018? Who would you vote for by Jamie Gilcig AUG 28, 2015

As we prep our report card for council for the first half of 2015 there was some discussion about who will run for mayor possibly and who may or may not run for council from this motley group?

The buzz is that there’s a chance of a duel between Councilors Maurice Dupelle & David Murphy.

Murphy has not been a secret with the Benson Group behind him however he has utterly failed in his second term as a councilor and his stance against the Arts won’t help him either.

Andre Pommier Justin Towndale Maurice Dupelle Mark Vincent TAG DUNK TANK JULY 4 2015Dupelle has picked his spots and been one of the rare councilors who on occasion has stood up for an issue even knowing that he may not be successful.  That’s leadership and communicating to voters where you stand, something very much lacking in Cornwall, especially as we’ve had so many hot button issues over the last two terms.

While Council is not officially partisan there are clear lines as to who is  generally in which party at other levels. david murphy Murphy is clearly identified as a Conservative; sadly he seems to identify with the worst qualities of conservatives rather than the better ones.

Both men were elected for the first time in the previous term and both have had equal access to committees.

To this writer’s knowledge though Dupelle has never missed a presentation and then come back to trash a group and cut their funding as Murphy has to the 33 year old public art gallery in Cornwall.

Dupelle also works a very busy full time job as opposed to Mr. Murphy’s patronage/cronyism gigs.

The one strong point that Murphy may have over many in his years of service is that he actually seems to understand what a Conflict of Interest is compared to some of his other confreres….

Who Would you Vote for Mayor in Cornwall in 2018? Murphy or Dupelle?

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Who would you vote for Cornwall?  Gerry Benson  David Murphy or Maurice Dupelle?

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  1. How about “none of the above?”

  2. This is another time that I agree fully with Hugger. I took time to read the article and honest to God I wouldn’t vote for any of them. This Gerry Benson seems to be another Kaneb and worse. This Benson Universityh (what a laugh so as to make {MODERATEED}) and not a recognizable institution that people will go to and as you all see everyone leaves town for good. None of these people represent you and only represent their own pockets and it is about time that people see that as the truth. As for electing anyone NONE OF THE ABOVE! There is way too much croynism and nepitism in Cornwall and Cornwall will never change one iota. I was thinking about that this morning and wanted to tell all of you that there is so much corruption and too small town mentality that the mill town mentality will never disappear and people will continue to remain at the bottom.

  3. None of the above is my first reaction. Both these individuals were hand me downs from the previous council. Being part of the problem is not my understanding of a successful solution. I wish them well but leadership does not appear to be their strength.

  4. If Leslie decides not to run again I would be torn if my only choices were David Murphy and Maurice Dupelle. I’d have to go with Maurice Dupelle. But I’doubt like to see a few of the current council step forward…..namely Justin Towndale.

  5. Author

    Hugger I think our JT is eyeing a run for MPP or MP.

  6. Jamie this is one meeting of minds that you and I have and for some time now I have been saying to myself that there was something about JT in Cornwall and that he wasn’t just going to stay on council but is going to go a great deal higher in politics. JT is very intelligent and knows what he wants and believe me he can succeed. If there is anybody besides Bernadette Clément who is highly intelligent and capable and that is JT.

    As for Lez he has been a real let down and lied and cannot ever be trusted again. If he lied once he will continue to lie. Like I said about the other two Dupelle and Murphy none can be trusted. Murphy is intelligent and I find more so than Dupelle but cannot be trusted at all and is all part of the clique.

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