It’s always interesting to see spin emanate from City Hall.   It’s rarely graceful.   Bob Peters and Kevin Lajoie have teamed to essentially “Brand” Cornwall.   It’s been an odd failure of an exercise and some of my fellow journalists have questioned why the City is essentially trying toContinue Reading

Over a dozen Cornwall real estate agents have been lamenting the weak market we’re seeing this season.  Inventory is fat and sales are few and far between. This of course is having an impact on businesses that depend on house sales, from support services to sales of furnishings and allContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – The Canadian Association of Journalists and Sun Media’s Standard Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodgrigues burned a source live on Twitter this morning. Incensed over his interpretation of a CFN story Mr. Rodrigues went on the war path on social media calling out this writer and calling moi aContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  For a new comer Hugo Rodrigues, editor of the Standard Freeholder and poobah at the Canadian Association of Journalists is upset.  He’s mad.  He’s talking radio licenses.   He’s not happy that Corus radio shut down their newsroom in Cornwall terminating three jobs. I agree with him.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Mark A MacDonald was a bit bewildered Saturday.   Busy with his projects including the RCAF Wing Mr. MacDonald was the subject of a Claude McIntosh column, but Mac’s Musing led to the public saying that Mr. MacDonald was not running for office in 2014 as IContinue Reading