Transcontinental TC Media Showing Bias in 2014 Cornwall Ontario Municipal Election?

lihouCORNWALL Ontario – That’s Todd Lihou, editor of The Seaway News which is owned by TC Media (Transcontinental).   It used to be known as The Shoppers News or Shopping News and is a free weekly hand out.

Mr. Lihou was hired after a meeting occurred where Rick Shaver, former part owner asked me to sell CFN to TC and come on board as editor.

Mr. Shaver hired Mr. Lihou  and after Claude McIntosh drew a third lawsuit in less than three years to the Standard Freeholder he joined up with Adam Brazeau being rescued to form a sorta dream team to try and get the Seaway News to pass us in viewership.  So far that’s not quite worked out…

The Seaway News is the largest piggie in the City’s local advertising trough.   For example Denis Thibault, a city Councilor, gives the Seaway News a ton of advertising and has a column on the paper.   Mr. Thibault’s assistant is….Mr. Lihou’s wife.   I know…you draw your own conclusions.  Mr. Thibault was also the architect of the city’s boycott of CFN which had more to do with restraint of trade than any faux pas of CFN.   Mr. Thibault and Mrs. Lihou were both on a facebook group dedicated to boycotting CFN that was taken down by Facebook for Hate Symbols and Harassment.

But that’s a tangent.

Mr. McIntosh and Mr. Lihou have taken several swipes at me over the last year.   That’s part of the game.  I even enjoy their feeble limp wristed slaps.   I really enjoy counter punching, especially when I use facts as opposed to Mr. McIntosh who seems less than gifted when it comes to writing a fact filled attack.

However now that I’m also a candidate for mayor it’s quite another thing.  Mr. McIntosh’s column this week is in full praise of Mayor Kilger who Mr. McIntosh is calling for a three peat.   Right now the odds are greater of Mr. Kilger ending up with a criminal record than I myself after a political smear charge a few weeks ago which the Seaway News trumpeted loudly with Mr. Shaver and just about every staff member sharing on social media.

Mr. McIntosh devotes extensive space to singing the praises of our current mayor who doesn’t even have the testicular fortitude to announce he’s running while still trying to do favours maneuvering  some waterfront land deals.   There are certain principles, rules, traditions of having equal space for candidates.     For example all of our ad prices for the elections are the same for everyone including myself on CFN.

We have started to organize some video debates.   Invites were sent out to all declared candidates even though I think some of them are total skanks.   It’s not what I think that counts, and I own this media outlet; but what’s fair, decent, and legal.   Because the media has a responsibility to be fair and not put out false news or hide the truth.  We really do!

Mr. McIntosh referred to me as a ” no-chance-in-hades” challenger.  So far I am the only declared candidate for mayor.  I paid my money on the barrel head.  I have put out my first pillar of my candidacy which our weak and cowardly mayor Bob Kilger countered in the Standard Freeholder while refusing a challenge to debate in March over the Future of our City.

If Bob Kilger wants to run; let him put his name forward and let’s run; but is he so weak and feeble at this point that he needs the Seaway News to pimp for him and run coverage?   Isn’t that like holding me down and then having a boxing match?  Is that fair?  Is that how Transcontinental Media and CAO Francois Olivier roll?

Again, follow the money.  The media in Cornwall that the city feeds the most money to while refusing to divulge how much of the near $300K budget is attacking the Mayor’s only opposition to date.   Is that not corruption in your opinion?  It kinda is in mine.

Politics is a blood sport.  It’s rough.  People get hurt; but if you can’t take a punch you shouldn’t throw one.  Has Bob Kilger become so old, frail, corrupt and feeble that he needs Claude McIntosh to fight his battles for him?

The only people that should decide who will be mayor of Cornwall should be the voters.  And they should have equal access to those who have the courage to sign up and put their names forward.  That includes all debates and events; and yes, equal access in all media.

And we in the media have a responsibility to be fair to all that run no matter whether we support them or not.

And if you don’t agree with that, or believe in that, perhaps China or Russia would be more to your liking as a home?  For me I believe in Canada. I believe in Democracy, and I honour the will of the people.

PS!  Loved your shot at Elaine MacDonald not standing up for Socchi Olympics and Gay Rights.

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  1. I’d avoid words like “skanks” to describe political opponents. Stay cool. Stay respectful.

  2. Jamie (Admin) there was a US candidate for president of the US and he was a self made billionaire and I forget his name just now and he was the one who spoke about “the giant sucking sound” of the jobs disappearing for overseas and he was absolutely right. This man was threatened by the Bush family as well as his family and he had to back out of the race. This is dirty politics and the kind that shows a very weak candidate who cannot win except through harassment, bribery, murder and anything else that they can come up with. I hate politics with a passion. I always say that God is Great and that sure is true and He is going to punish people very badly for what they do. People don’t realize the power of the Good Lord until it is too late.

    Bare Ass cannot debate you at all and he will not face you. Bare Ass will use any means that he can to hurt you and Cornwall itself has been corrupt for a mighty long time. People get what they deserve and if they put Bare Ass back in it will be their own funeral. I left and haven’t regretted one minute of it. If Bare Ass loses he will not be able to face his defeat since he is mighty narcistic. As for that second piece of toilet paper of nothingness Seaway News of baloneyville I always threw that thing in the trash where it belonged. Mom and dad refused to have that trash delivered to their door. Jamie you are the best and they all know that and they cannot accept defeat.

  3. Admin
    You claim a political smear charge, But in fact you only put your hat in the ring for mayor following the charges citing the tanks as the motivation.

    Is that in accurate?

  4. Author

    No Hailey. I put my hat in the ring when they poured the concrete at the Chem Tanks after it was reported that Mayor Kilger asked the MCA to pull their review request. IE; if true it was Mayor Kilger that triggered construction to start again.

  5. Just wondering Jamie can a person run for office if they have a criminal record(i don,t think so)?It on average takes about 18 months in this city to go to trial for an offence.What happens if they rush your trial and find you guilty of this offence(which i say, this is Cornwall the bigshots play very dirty in this city)before this election.Do you have to drop out of the election?As far as i,m concerned the Seaway news as Standard Freeholder are a big part of why there is so much corruption in our city.If they don,t write about how in the hell will the citzens find out about.

  6. Author

    marc I sincerely doubt there’s any chance of my being guilty of what’s stated so far; that I made threatening phone calls. The police did not even ask to see my phone or check my phone records before smearing me.

  7. Jamie (Admin) these are the dirty tricks that are pulled in Cornwall and the Dunlops went through hell on earth and had to leave with their lives and I am not just saying that but true. If as you say which I believe you all the way that the cops did not ask for your phone records or anything of that sort then whoever made those charges against you without proof can go to jail for that and have a criminal record. I have heard so many things that went on in Cornwall and I would never want to have any more part of it. The person who sold our house left town as well and was happy to have left and this person used to own very high end homes and found that the people were all the same whether they were well to do down to the lower levels. One man who was originally from Ottawa and his wife from TO said the same thing “Cornwall is Cornwall whether North, South, East or West” and he lived in the better part of Cornwall and was right and we never forgot what he said.

  8. I do not for 1 sec think you are guilty of those charges Jamie.But what i do no is, all the evedince pointing to your innocence would not matter here in Cornwall.You still have alot to learn about Cornwall.My prediction on your charges Guilty but you certainly will win the appeal.The only way you will win the trial is if there only witness for some strange reason doesn,t show(officials have a scrape goat now)Like i said this is Cornwall.

  9. Hey Jules
    You seem to be back after your vacation but I have yet to see any response to your charges against my friend Peter
    Jules you claimed he was on Mayor Kilgers side calling Mr Jenkin all kinds of really shameful names.
    You like myself claim to believe in God
    My God preached those without Sin should throw the first stone
    I know your in Ottawa but the rule still applies there as well in my naive view
    Think its really time for you to say YOUR SORRY just this once

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