CORNWALL Ontario – I had an interesting chat with two of Cornwall’s finest last night.   Mayhem broke out at the Waterfront Committee meeting. CFN and myself were blindsided. For a few years now our high school drop out mayor, Bob Kilger, and some of his friends; I guess becauseContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Canlyte is flipping the switch off here in Cornwall Ontario.  That would be nearly 200 manufacturing and support jobs lost and they join the hundreds lost recently in the call centre segment of our employment map. The announcement, or admission as it was leaking all over SocialContinue Reading

So you’re working at home; or just chillaxing, or have just put the baby to bed and your silence is disturbed by a doorbell. It’s a person trying to come in and check your water heater; or someone trying to sell you something; or a religious group looking for newContinue Reading

Marijuana is not new to anyone here in Cornwall or for that matter just about anywhere else. We live in times where bizarre laws are changing and the public is pushing hard for that change. In Colorado and Washington State Marijuana is now bringing in hard cash into the publicContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – As some of you know I was charged by Cornwall Police for making threatening phone calls over a month ago. I’ve had people state that I had been found guilty, which I haven’t.  I’ve been fingerprinted, put in a cell, patted down.   I’ve had phone callsContinue Reading

Saturday was an interesting day politically here in Cornwall Ontario.   As I stated at the bottom of my election banner on the left,  I feel we have to change the culture of our city. Yesterday three political events took place. First was the Provincial Liberal leadership nomination which wasContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – There’s a lot of misinformation about myself and CFN out in the community and I thought I’d take this opportunity to clear some of it up. When I first moved here my first job was with our local Habitat for Humanity outlet as their marketing manager.  ItContinue Reading

CFN – Youth retention is a huge issue in Cornwall Ontario, and while it’s easy to make it an election issue there’s very little any candidate can do to change the course and direction of what’s happening here in our fair city. Today I was talking with a young manContinue Reading

The Cornwall Free News is proud to be celebrating its 5th Birthday Sunday February 9th at 2:30 PM at The Port Theatre in Cornwall Ontario! We kick things off with Funny Man Mark Vincent followed by Cornwall Songstress Mandee Woods who is taking a break from recording to help celebrateContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  Thank you for the response to our 11th Councilor column.   It’s been impressive and your feedback has been helpful and amazing. The biggest issue since we started was the  waste spending on outside agencies here in Cornwall. It’s that time of the year when outside agenciesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I get asked a lot about local politics.   Young people, old, heck sometimes by politicians themselves.      There is a lot of material in Cornwall which can be good and bad.    With elected officials and some management playing games with the releasing of infoContinue Reading

CFN– Five years is a mile stone for any small business.  On February 9, 2014 CFN will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary by screening the legendary film Blade Runner on the Big Screen live at The Port Theatre in Cornwall Ontario! The Port is a 72 year old original RoxyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s really weird covering a story when you’re in the story.    As many of our viewers know I’m an activist at heart.   Beaver Gate; defeating Wal-Mart over the First Student Drivers Survivor Weekend, finding lost dogs and people… So when I discovered and started toContinue Reading