Cornwall Ontario Loses Nearly 200 More Manufacturing Jobs – Jamie Gilcig Election Blog

Cornwall Ontario Loses Nearly 200 More Manufacturing Jobs – Jamie Gilcig Election Blog

JG Election 300x250-02  TESTCORNWALL Ontario – Canlyte is flipping the switch off here in Cornwall Ontario.  That would be nearly 200 manufacturing and support jobs lost and they join the hundreds lost recently in the call centre segment of our employment map.

The announcement, or admission as it was leaking all over Social Media as upset employees started to talk, happened about the same time that the Province has plunged into another election.

Government cannot create jobs.   As much as politicians spout stuff like “Million Job” plans the reality is at best all government can do is either spend tax dollars to bribe stimulate employment; but that rarely turns into long term success.

A well run city or Province attracts good business.   The factors for why a business chooses to locate are not that complex.  Cost, productivity (good pool of employees, good access, lower costs), and location.

While Cornwall is in an ideal location we have failed to attract strong employment.   Not minimum wage jobs or near minimum, but core industries that have good jobs attached to them.

Of course there are factors outside of any municipality or city’s control; but taxes and services are some of the areas that can help.

Bringing down taxes is critical for us to attract not only higher level employers, but the employees that they need to work there.  How many cases have we seen where one spouse gets a job; but their partner can’t find suitable employment?    What happens then?   We lose valuable members of our community that contribute and make up positive metrics.    They don’t buy their home here, or their two cars, and big ticket items.   The trickle effect is devastating.

I’m not sure the people of Cornwall are ready for change.  There’s some lip service, but for the most part it seems that people aren’t willing to take the steps to impact change?   I could be wrong.  I hope I’m wrong.    It will take the next election to show me I’m wrong.

Remember, if you want change, real change, there is only one option.   Are you willing to help make that change happen?

We need better jobs in Cornwall for families, for our children, and most importantly for our growth and future.

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