Will Glengarry Prescott Russell Crack? Hudak PC’s Holding Strong in Eastern Ontario

CORNWALL Ontario – Glengarry Prescott Russell looks like it’s in play in the early days of the 2014 Ontario Provincial election according to a snapshot taken on Canada’s premier political blog, Éric Grenier’s  threehundredeight.com

Grant_CrackThe snap shot shows the PC’s narrowly defeating Glengarry Prescott Russell  incumbent Liberal Grant Crack.  In Stormont Dundas & South Glengarry PC incumbent Jim McDonell looks pretty safe with the NDP actually in second ahead of new Liberal and Hair product specialist John Earle.

From Mr. Grenier:

Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry should be an easy hold for Tim Hudak’s Tories. But Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, which was only won by the Ontario Liberals with a narrow margin in 2011 and is represented at the federal level by a Conservative MP, is a definite swing riding in this election.

308 may 5 2014

The bigger picture in these early days shows an interesting map with the minority Liberal government and PC’s running neck and neck.

Who do you think will win the race?  You can post your comments below.



  1. The Cons will do well in all the usual rural/semi-rural ridings where most people vote the way their parents and grandparents voted.

  2. I fell on an article somewhere on the net where Ottawa is supporting the fiberals and I went “oh God Almighty a good thing that I am voting for nobody.” None are any good at all and Ontario is bankrupt. It will get worse if Winnie wins again. God help us all.

  3. Jules, it’s not just Ottawa. Toronto also supports the Liberals. In the last provincial election due to the number of seats in those two cities they were able to give the Liberals a minority government. If you’re waiting to vote for the perfect candidate, perfect party or perfect solution you’ll be waiting quite a while. The perfect candidate, party and solution don’t exist. Why note vote and help us make change happen?

  4. Hugger I sure don’t want another McGuinty style government and I fear the Con Jobs if McGuinty’s cousin “Who Dat” Hudak. I too want change and desperately. I don’t want to see a party get in out of popularity but about what is good for our province and even for our country. I do not want to see someone like Trudeau get in because he wants to legalize drugs since we already see enough problems what drugs do. Just go downtown Ottawa and see the people on the streets because of their drug addictions. I don’t want to see a dictator that gets in year after year. I too want change and good change and I agree with you Hugger all the way. I don’t know who to vote for. The NDP lady is not a strong leader and we saw what Bob Rae did in the past and he was a highly intelligent person and he did a turncoat as well and turned his back on the very people he was supposed to represent. Now you see some of my fears.

  5. Jules, he doesn’t want to legalize drugs, he wants to legalize marijuana. There is a big difference. By legalizing it we can (hopefully) keep it out of the hands of the kids. And gov’t can regulate and tax it. Jeez I wonder if they’ll tax it like gas!! As for voting if you are undecided you can always spoil your ballot. That way you can say you voted.

  6. Hugger thanks you just gave me a good idea. About marijuana it is like alcohol and it can do harm to people and it can lead to harder drugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayor Rob Ford started off with marijuana and led to harder stuff. Look at where it got him including celebrities and others. I hope that they do tax the hell out of marijuana and keep it out of people’s hands but look at legal cigarettes what the cost of it is and people still smoke and the same thing with alcohol and whether kids or adults they still drink. The cost of gas at the pump will rise significantly as well as heating the homes and lighting them. People will have to learn to live differently like they do in other countries. We are spoiled here in North America and that is the truth.

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