CORNWALL Ontario – According to  Liberal John Earle has fallen behind the NDP into third place.   The website run by Eric Grenier uses formulas that combine popular poll results. It shows that not only is current MPP Jim McDonell a shoe in to return to his seat; butContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Glengarry Prescott Russell looks like it’s in play in the early days of the 2014 Ontario Provincial election according to a snapshot taken on Canada’s premier political blog, Éric Grenier’s The snap shot shows the PC’s narrowly defeating Glengarry Prescott Russell  incumbent Liberal Grant Crack.  In StormontContinue Reading

CFN – Two provincial elections expected in the spring could have huge repercussions for the federal Conservatives. Just as Ground Hog Day is a sign that spring is coming, photos of Premier Kathleen Wynne showing up at the doors of Toronto homeowners with baskets of food indicates Ontarians will soonContinue Reading

CFN – Jim McDonell, Progressive Conservative MPP for SD&SG must be starting to feel like a campaign is coming up as he’s becoming more outspoken on several issues. Last week he issued a release on Youth Employment or lack thereof in Ontario and I sat down with him for aContinue Reading

CFN – The PC party in Ontario is in a total conundrum.  Not since the Mike Harris days has the potential for control of Canada’s largest province been so close yet so far away. It’s enough of a conundrum that there is a growing movement to dump leader Tim Hudak.Continue Reading