SD&G Liberal Candidate Patronage Prince John Earle Falls to 3rd in Polling for Upcoming Ontario Election by Jamie Gilcig

earle posterCORNWALL Ontario – According to  Liberal John Earle has fallen behind the NDP into third place.   The website run by Eric Grenier uses formulas that combine popular poll results.

It shows that not only is current MPP Jim McDonell a shoe in to return to his seat; but that Liberal Grant Crack in Prescott Russell is now in trouble.    Of course the only poll that counts is the one on June 12th; the day of the election.

Looking at the poster on Patronage Prince Mr. Earle’s office window it almost seems that the local Liberal brain trust think their best option is run former MPP Jim Brownell’s face; but surely this will be confusing for the few old loyals that look for the former School teacher’s name on the ballot?

One PC local insider laughed and told CFN “off the record” that the McDonell team is hardly working on this one feeling that there’s no chance of either Earle, his hair (which is leading the candidate in internal CFN polls) or Elaine MacDonald the NDP candidate no matter how many signs she plasters around town.

This has been one of the most quiet elections since I’ve lived in Cornwall.   Chatting with people and asking them what the most important issue was the answers have consistently been:

Get rid of Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals.

A message that may be permeating.   According to three hundred eight the Conservatives are in striking distance of a majority victory polling from 55 to 63 seats if an election were based on poll results.

Could the scandals and unpopularity of Ms Wynne be hurting well liked and talented  MPP’s like Grant Crack of nearby Prescott Russell?    It should be an interesting month as we head towards the polls.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Will Mr. Earle fall into fourth behind the unknown Green Party candidate?  Will he finish ahead of his hair in popular voting?  Will MPP McDonell exceed 70% of the popular vote and will his helper Eric Duncan come out of hiding behind the walk in fridge at the bakery they are using as an office?  Luckily for Mr. McDonell Mr. Earle hasn’t been able to explain how cutting 100,000 civil servant jobs will make it harder to grow 1 million jobs in the province as PC Leader Tim Hudak is trying to foist on the sheep Ontario voters.

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  1. I like and respect John but shall not vote for him. I am at a loss as to why he would put himself forth to represent a corrupt and fiscally inept Party.

    Under the fiscally inept, tax & spend, McGuinty and McWynne Ontario has become for first time in history a ‘HAVE NOT’ province. We are burdened with staggering debt and deficit that continues to grow. Increased taxes and highest electricity rates in North America adds to our fiscal dilemma. We simply can not afford another term of dilemma. Corruption and pandering for self-serving purpose is not something I can endorse!

  2. His hair….by a nose. Worlds Most Funniest Campaign Signs.

  3. MPP McDonell is a carbon copy of MP Lauzon, all photo ops and fluff, party line and no substance. I have had the oppurtunity to approach both of their offices on matters of importance on more than one occasion regarding important dealings with the different level of governments and in all cases have not received so much as one piece of pertinent information, much less any help.

    Meanwhile Mike Harris prodigy “Million job Hudak” has no real plan for Ontario past decimating the public service removing 100,000 jobs and once again plunging Ontario back into the dark days of shortages of professional healthcare workers and lower standards of education from which we have never fully recovered.

    Then there is Horwath, who despite being presented with a budget that in all account was much more NDP than Liberal decided to pull the plug and force an early election with logic the would resonate with any good Conservative. Even the unions which generally prop up her party remain scratching their heads in wonder.

    Therefore I would like to see what Wynne can do unencumbered of the chains placed upon her by the huge mistakes of her predecessor. In my opinion this is the only choice which makes any sense and so I will hold my nose and vote Liberal, knowing I will probably lose my vote, but hoping for a better Ontario.

  4. Left-or-right…..Agreed. I have no idea who to vote for as all three parties seem to be trying to finish last.

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