CORNWALL Ontario – According to  Liberal John Earle has fallen behind the NDP into third place.   The website run by Eric Grenier uses formulas that combine popular poll results. It shows that not only is current MPP Jim McDonell a shoe in to return to his seat; butContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – James Borer was re-elected President of the Local Provincial Riding Association.   Mr. Borer’s trajectory in politics started with his own family issue that was assisted by MPP at the time, former Liberal Jim Brownell who quit before the next election. Mr. Brownell is aboard as aContinue Reading

CFN – Jim Brownell attended the South Stormont Township council meeting to present a report about his groups efforts at the Historical society and Charming Lost Villages tourism and educations site. Oddly enough our amicable chat turned nasty when Mr. Brownell became upset if I asked him if he’d seenContinue Reading