How Dead is the Liberal Brand in SD&G Ontario? Local Provincial Riding Association AGM

jamesborerCornwall Ontario – James Borer was re-elected President of the Local Provincial Riding Association.   Mr. Borer’s trajectory in politics started with his own family issue that was assisted by MPP at the time, former Liberal Jim Brownell who quit before the next election.

Mr. Brownell is aboard as a director along with a slew of familiar names, Claude Poirier, Denis Sabourin, Allison St. Jean, and some new names, Usmaan Alam as Executive VP, local lawyer Michelle Allinote (rumored to be the next candidate) , Dale Fobert, Melinda Fenton, Ryan MacKay as treasurer, and the team of Agape poobah Alyssa Blais who wrote that she is running for City Council, but has yet to file her papers and her husband John  never seen a cronyism gig he’d turn down Earle.   Beverly Pyke in between trying to start a rival Band Council in Akwesasne is also on the team.

In the last provincial election divisive and petty politics turned the riding Blue from Red.   Mark A MacDonald won the nomination over what was said to be Mr. Brownell’s choice Pat Finucan in a stunning move when buses of new Canadians showed up to put Mr. MacDonald in the winners seat on the first ballot.

The Dalton McGuinty Liberals missed a majority by one seat.  Mr. McGuinty fell on his sword over party scandals and was replaced by Kathleen Wynne; the Province’s first Openly Gay Premier.

Mr. Brownell was barely visible during the campaign as were several other prominent other Liberals in the riding, and most of the current group of directors.

markmacdonald01Asked for a comment Mr. MacDonald stated:

I wish them nothing but the best in the future.

In the interim things have been very quiet in Liberal land; almost as quiet as in the Federal Liberal picture in the riding where it’s expected that things should perk up with Justin Trudeau leading the party in the next election however the buzz is that Eric Duncan, Mayor of North Dundas, and engine behind the local Blue Machine that has secured huge victories for MP Guy Lauzon, MPP Jim Mcdonell, and Mr. Duncan himself; will be replacing a retiring Lauzon.

Mr. Borer, the contact person on the press release,  did not respond to email or phone calls this morning before press time.

What do you think CFN viewers?  Can the Liberals win back the riding under Kathleen Wynne and do they have any hopes under Justin Trudeau Federally?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. While Ms. Allinotte may be a prettier and more educated person than Mr. MacDonald, she will not have a chance. The liberals have abandoned and punished rural Ontario for too long. ie: farm tractor tire penalties, supporting useless environmental regulation and green spaces, chasing processing plants out of the province with hydro rates, hydro rates skyrocketing with inefficient solar subsidies, pushing urban gay rights agendas on school boards, blighting the landscape with sound polluting windmills etc. etc….{MODERATED} Really! {MODERATED} She’s friends with the Muppet. We can use a man like Mikey Harris again.

  2. And Harper is a shoe-in.

  3. I’m not familiar with the political mood in SD&G. But provincially, the Libs deserve to be tossed. The Cons won’t do it under Hudak, unless they hide him under a blanket until the election is over. I think they know that.
    Federally, Harper is way beyond his best before date. If the Reformatories don’t get a new leader and replace most of their nasty front-line ministers, our next PM will have lovely wavy hair or a beard.

  4. “Reformatories” that is a good one indeed. I have to mark that one down so as to remember it. In Ottawa the eastern half of the city is Liberal (Fiberal) and the western part of the city is Conservative the Cons and now known as the Reformatories. Thanks Furtz.

  5. 420 I am with you on things about Mike Harris and he was very tough and I think that is what a lot of people need in order to waken them up. I can think of something else which I cannot say here but it would be a very good start. I voted for Mike Harris (Harrass) once and people thought that the man was crazy at first and he got in. When we had our house in Cornwall (it was during Mike Harris’ day) a young guy on a bike was using our mailbox to collect his welfare cheque. It was thanks to the mail man who told us about what was going on and right away without a moment’s loss we got in touch with the welfare department and reported him. The mail man was going to get in touch as well. There are many scams going around and we didn’t waste a minute on this issue. Mike Harris was the most logical of all. I don’t know how well that would pan out in this economy but many would have to go elsewhere for work. There is no need to loaf around and sit on ones keester all day and not contribute. Something is going to happen yet. We need a man like Mike Harris and not one of these bleeding heart Libtards.

  6. Yes Jules. Harris was truly a fine man. Just ask the friends and family of Dudley George and the folks in Walkerton.

  7. Furtz yes Mike Harris made some mistakes and it cost some people their lives but take a good look at today with the economy in Ontario which is gone to impoverishment like the east coast. Mike Harris was a teacher and not really a politician but became one and for someone like himself he did a lot of straightening out as well among the lazy people who do not want to work but just want to collect from the taxpayers and not do anything for themselves. I like people like him who can be tough on the people both on economy and on crime. If Mike Harris were around just now I would gladly vote him in even though I swore not to vote again because there is no one else who is that capable.

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