It’s been fully a week since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement absent of any specific mention of Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, and the only mainstream media mention of the breathtakingly glaring omission was in the conservative-minded Toronto Sun. . I posted about Trudeau’s whitewashingContinue Reading

CFN – The biggest loser in the Province of Ontario election is not Jim Prentice and his Federal  Conservative counterparts under PM Stephen Harper, but Justin Trudeau.   As the next Federal election looms closer Canadians are mulling over a lot of options. Is the Harper government past it’s “bestContinue Reading

(Tom Manley holding Fitzy the Wonder Dachshund!) CFN –   Tom Manley is an interesting politician.   From his stunning results for the Green Party he shifted to the Liberals in SD&SG.   He has been one of the true pillars of the party since his run for MP aContinue Reading

CFN – When ever any party sets out a plan to address any policy, they are, in effect, trying to predict the future and/or influence the outcome. No one can actually know what the future will bring, but if a ball is hit with a bat and it heads towards a house, everyone watching canContinue Reading

CFN – A major discussion of the biennial Liberal Convention in Montreal was the need for infrastructure, both physical such as rail, human such as education, and services such as health care. Clearly, infrastructure is the critical role of government. Even though the private sector will usually build infrastructure, onlyContinue Reading

CFN – The is the Liberal Party biennial policy convention in Montreal. What is a policy convention? After all, some presume that the Party Leader does what he wants to get votes. . So I asked Maryanne Kampouris about policy development. Maryanne was elected the National Policy Chair in 2012 and is acclaimed thisContinue Reading

CFN – Once again we have a spending scandal occupying the attention of Canadians. This time however, it doesn’t involve our esteemed senators but two former generals, Andrew Leslie who is presently a senior Liberal advisor and Daniel Menard who retired in disgrace from the armed forces. Leslie claimed $72,000Continue Reading

Early on in Martin Scorcese’s 2006 film “The Departed”, Massachuesetts State Police Captain Oliver Queenan, played by Martin Sheen, tells the young aspirant, Billy Costigan, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, “We deal in deception here. What we do not deal in is self-deception.” We are deceiving ourselves if we believe thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – James Borer was re-elected President of the Local Provincial Riding Association.   Mr. Borer’s trajectory in politics started with his own family issue that was assisted by MPP at the time, former Liberal Jim Brownell who quit before the next election. Mr. Brownell is aboard as aContinue Reading

CFN – Two provincial elections expected in the spring could have huge repercussions for the federal Conservatives. Just as Ground Hog Day is a sign that spring is coming, photos of Premier Kathleen Wynne showing up at the doors of Toronto homeowners with baskets of food indicates Ontarians will soonContinue Reading

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013, Conservative MP Michael Chong introduced a private member’s bill known as the Reform Act, which is designed to renew parliamentary democracy in Canada. As I understand it, the Reform Act would: Empower MPs to represent their constituents rather than being the trained seals of respectively, the prime minister, the PMO, and party leaders Empower membersContinue Reading

CFN – Four more bye-elections enter the history books. The two main protagonists, Liberals and Conservatives can both claim victory and their spin machines are already in action. In politics what matters is that you get to send someone from your team to Ottawa, so in that sense the ConservativesContinue Reading