Is it Time to Regulate Gasoline Prices in Canada by Jamie Gilcig – DEC 29, 2015

How many times during a week do you hear people ask why the price of gasoline is still so high when the price of oil has dropped so much?

While we hear rhetoric about possible issues, the real focus should be on the Federal and Provincial governments allowing for gouging of the public.  Chiefly both are parties to huge amount of cash in the incoming of taxes from the sale of each litre of gasoline which in the current clime means sometimes as much or more than what a litre of gas is costing to produce.

It just might be time for an arms length agency to regulate the price of fuels such as gasoline.    An example of gouging is locally our price can fluctuate as much as ten cents a litre overnight.   That’s insane.   Yet over the border, less than ten minutes away in Akwesasne you don’t see the same price fluctuations.     The kicker.  For the most part it’s the same gas we pump here in Cornwall from the same distributors.

Is it time to Regulate the Price of Gasoline in Canada?

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Is it time to regulate the price of gas?  Should Canadians have to go to that level to be treated fairly by the oil companies, refineries, distributors, and government?

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   You can post your comments below.


  1. As world demand drops, the greedy oil companies and government realize they must now condition the people to their level of greed, rather than the cost of a barrel. Before, if a Nigerian got kidnapped, oil jumped, we paid more at the pumps within minutes. Took months to drop back down until a storm hit Texas and it jumped again. Now, weather and middle east unrest has no factor. The quest to keep it above a $1 is paramount. You can almost hear the greedy oil companies cry when it dips below. So they created the “Spike Game”, whereas the cost will spike 12 cents over night for NO reason..and take weeks to drop at .5 of cent a day. We all feel good…prices are dropping. No,..averaged out, the companies have duped us all an extra 6 cents a litre for NO reason. We hear reports of slumping prices from worried economists, in fact, the prices are the same as 9 years ago, its just everyone had a WINDFALL of profit for those 9 years. So we should be asking…Where did that windfall go?? The original OPEC agreement had a cap of $60 per barrel, it was made when prices were $16 a barrel. We are around $40 a barrel, still on the high end of things. Yet, paying even higher at the pumps. The greed will continue, and rates will continue to jump as we drive electric cars, dump our oil burners from the house etc. Same situation with Hydro…as we conserve…they MUST make the same greedy profit…so they jack the rates to compensate our conservation’s. We need an organized scheme to play out against the oil companies.

  2. Nova Scotia has gas regulation to a certain point. It should have been regulated years ago. If we have milk and other marketing boards in Ontario certainly we can have a petroleum marketing board. But the governments gain too much tax revenue for them to be interested in having regulated and stable gas prices.

  3. I got gas on the Island yesterday. It’s 78 cents for regular. Diesel is very cheap too,

  4. Gas and oil are all regulated by the BIG OIL COMPANIES as well as the government who are in bed with each other. I see prices going up and down like a yo yo here in Ottawa. Our food, and so many goods are produced by oil (oil runs the machines), there is oil in plastics and so many products. Oil is like the Bible calls “the wine”. Everything is overpriced and done by the Big Banks, Big Oil Companies, the crooked governments from our Canada, US and the entire world. We only went a few times to Massena to fill up with gas and that was back in 1990 and we gave up. While coming back my husband declared cigarettes at the border and was nailed in the price and we never purchased anything ever again in the US nor did we ever step foot there and never will. We watch very carefully what we purchase and when you think about the toll that you pay to go across it isn’t really worth the bother nor putting up with all the hastles at the borders. We live frugally as we can and that is the way to live. Electricity is going up here in Ontario and taxes are rising here in Ottawa and my rent is going up like usual every year and we cannot escape but being serfs in this life of ours. I cannot wait until the Good Lord takes over the world to rule it in His Way and not in man’s way.

  5. The last government to fairly regulate gas pricing was lead by Pierre Trudeau and his Liberals in the seventies. The temporary measure which lasted approximately five years had a predetermined expiry (Dec 31st 1979).
    Sadly the concept and ability to use temporary acts/bills for important issues is an opportunity sadly overlooked. Bill C-51 for example could have had been employed as a temporary bill with a predetermined expiry that would have required a new vote and possible adjustments by parliament. Just my opinion.

  6. Jules….The government counts on revenue from gas, tobacco and liquor for tax revenue. That’s why when you come back from the U.S. one of the pre-defined questions is “do you have any tobacco or liquor to declare?” As long as you don`t overspend on things you bring back, excluding tobacco or liquor, you shouldn’t have to pay duty taxes. Of course, now the reason not to go is the almost 40% difference in $U.S. and $CDN, depending if you`re buying or selling.

  7. I don`t see any Canadian government deciding to regulate gas prices. They make too much tax money from the sale of gas, oil, etc.

  8. Especially when there’s a 10 cent or more liter cheaper in Ottawa and Limoges!

  9. Yes the government makes money on gas as well as tobacco and booze. Our dollar has really come down quite a bit and not many Canadians will travel to the US or elsewhere. Food is going to climb in price but hang on to your shorts many things are going to plunge as well. We are in a recession just now and we only spend on the necessities but we always lived that way. I do notice that here in Ottawa every gas station has a different price.

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