Cornwall Ontario – When I ran for Mayor of Cornwall in 2014 I was really clear about our number one issue, taxes. I had a clear plan that would cut taxes by 5%.   Now knowing the lay of the land; my false police charges, still not held accountable for byContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Economic Development is one of the biggest envelopes in the City of Cornwall’s budget.  It also now entails tourism. Sadly, under the reign of Mark Boileau & Bob Peters it’s been an underperforming joke.  Oddly enough Boileau was promoted up and Peters was given tourism and someContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Oddly enough our fire and police services are refusing to answer basic questions and information to this newspaper. Questions like how many calls for service the police had from last Friday to Sunday.  Where other services voluntarily release that to media, our police service, led by ChiefContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Holy Chem Tanks!   One of the most incompetent councils I’ve witnessed since living in this town is not only seeming desperate as elections start to come closer, but pulling a page out of the Kilger play book and hustling a waterfront scandal on this community. You’dContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   I live in a very strange community.   Here in Cornwall the people that clean city hall can’t run for council.  Yet Elaine MacDonald, President of the Labour Council, can. That’s letting the fox in the henhouse when it comes to the staff that make theContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Cornwall City Council finally agreed at a residential tax hike for this budget of just under 2%. Much gnashing of teeth and rendering of garments as Councilor Elaine MacDonald and her pet monkey bemoaned the small increase after failing to bump it up to near 3%. “We areContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Hydro will be THE election issue in Ontario.   With Premier Wynne fighting for her political life she’s blinked first and reacted to the NDP’s strong first blow. The day after leader Andrea Horwath outlined plans to even out the playing field hydro wise, Ms Wynne announcedContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s only 1.48%, but how many in Cornwall are not seeing their incomes go up by that much?  And of course while the percentage may sound small, these taxes rarely if ever go down. Again, how many on council actually earn a living other than by theContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO –  Unlike Hugo “The Hack” Rodrigues at the Freeholder, I’m not afraid to give someone credit when credit is due.  Nor do I not mention their name like a silly silly petty person. His Friday editorial hits the nail on the head. Instead of dealing with the adversityContinue Reading

The City of Brampton just axed 25 management and senior officials in what has to be one of the most progressive house cleaning jobs in Ontario Municipal history. From the Toronto Star article: “We had to notify 25 individuals that had to exit the organization this morning,” he said, butContinue Reading

$210,581, nearly $20 per resident of the township,  is about how much taxes are going up for South Stormont residents this year, or about 3.8%.  Ironically Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart and  her puppets fellow elected council, Jim Bancroft,  and Donna Primeau, ran on a platform of transparency, accountability, and killing theContinue Reading

I was asked to run in the current Federal election as an Independent candidate.  A group had come together, cash in hand, ready to roll, but I decided I couldn’t do it with any integrity. Yes it would be fun to stand on stage and debate Guy & Bernie, toContinue Reading

It should be easier for shoppers to get to Freshco after this project! Residents of Cornwall will benefit from the Marleau Avenue reconstruction project thanks to joint funding from the Governments of Canada and Ontario through the Small Communities Fund. The project involves reconstructing the urban roadway, from Marlborough StreetContinue Reading