Cornwall Councilor Mark MacDonald Balks At Bus Trip of Public Works Buildings OCT 6, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – While some CFN viewers have asked if City Councilor Mark A. MacDonald was in the Witness Protection program, the long time councilor did speak out today about a special council meeting to take one of their vaunted bus trips to look at the sites before deciding to write a large cheque for one project or another.
He sent out the following to council and the media:
With respect, I don’t think a tour is necessary.  
I believe the tour is a further sales pitch in order to justify the money that’s needed in the report.
I’m already in agreement that we need to  address this major issue.  Let’s spend the time discussing how we are going to finance what’s required.   Driving around in a bus won’t bring money to the table. 
mark sept 2013We’ve been told by experts that three of the buildings are in critical shape, what more do we need. Let’s not fool around with this any longer, we’re dragging our feet.  
We need a long-term plan for dealing with all of our city buildings. The School Board recently announced an accommodation review for their buildings, maybe we should do the same thing.  
I agree with Chief Parkinson that there may be some value in a comprehensive review of all city buildings.
Here is some footage from a bus tour from a few years ago.    This writer stopped taking the city bus tours after the shooting of that video due to some very unprofessional behavior by our elected officials, and management.

What do you think dear viewers?   Do you think a bus tour will help ensure your tax dollars have a better chance of being well spent by exercises like this?

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  1. wow, that councilor was rude. The question you asked was reasonable.

  2. Yes, Tara he (Carr) was rude, good direct question, regarding 2nd & Pitt, that property has been a local joke for years now ! Being that Carr, is the head honcho at Heart of the City-Water Front Committee, many would agree that a conflict of interest exists ? How can a sitting Councillor (not voted in) who also is a paid employee of HOTC, cut deals with people, that effect us taxpayers ?

  3. Yes Dennis Carr is mighty rude and arrogant and to save the taxpayers money they could have all walked since Cornhole is a village in size as well as the people’s mentality. Jamie you asked good questions and don’t thiink that Carr is good because he isn’t at all.

  4. Cornhole has always been one big conflict of interest and never has been straight with anyone. The town is finished and I mean the word finished and will be a place for the dying and the dead. Families have to leave that town very soon.

  5. Yesterday I told my daughter about the schools closing in Cornhole and she said the same as myself the population is a great deal less than what they are telling the sheeple and I didn’t even mention that – she came out with those words herself. Cornhole is finished.

  6. Do you mean that property at the corner of Pitt and 2nd still isn’t built up yet. Well nobody is going to pay an arm and a leg for condos at that corner or anywhere else. People are moving out of Cornhole. The only thing to do with that corner is install some park benches for “the town of idle men.”

  7. The condo project was killed a while back. It looks like it will become a commercial project. As for your other comments on Cornwall….yada, yada, yada.

  8. Bus tour wasn’t necessary. The bus tour was as Mark MacDonald said a further sales pitch to try to justify the proposed expenditure.

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