POLL – Do You Want Ugly Low Dollar Condos on Cornwall’s Waterfront? PAC June 23, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Holy Chem Tanks!   One of the most incompetent councils I’ve witnessed since living in this town is not only seeming desperate as elections start to come closer, but pulling a page out of the Kilger play book and hustling a waterfront scandal on this community.

You’d think that the hinky harbor deal would include all crown lands in the pocket around Cornwall, but they don’t.

Left out of the hustle was a highly strategic and valuable strip of land surrounding our underused marina.

The process normally is that if the Crown wishes to dispose of land it is first optioned to the Province or municipality.

Former Councilor Glen Grant had a melt down at the Pac meeting for rezoning stating that the meeting was out of order among some other nuggets including a bit of shouting with Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy.

But lo and behold the City Planning Committee held a public meeting in council chambers Thursday night to initiate rezoning of the lands with full presentation by a Hawkesbury contractor who makes really ugly Soviet era style housing projects.   Even the suggested asking price of the 108 condos they want to make is a paltry $250,000 each.

Frankly we have one shot at the development of our waterfront.   The City needs to gain control of this land and then they city needs to open the gates and allow contractors to put in their bids with the city choosing the one that adds the most value for taxpayers and the community.  And there is more to value than simply the largest bag of gold.

Mike Gervais from CH Clement Construction tried to dangle a paltry $375K in added property taxes, but this city should have its Delivery Charge fees in place, as well as a process that would max out any return for any such project IF the public of Cornwall even wants a waterfront development.  We don’t need to be Pelda’d again.

CH Clement did not return several phone calls to its offices from CFN.

Isn’t it time to stop selling Cornwall on the cheap or even worse, subsidizing projects like the City did for Smart Centres (WAL MART)?

And the public should be notified properly of a public consultation, advertised widely, where people actually read things, and conducted openly and fairly so the public can have it’s say as we taxpayers are the ones at the end of the day that pay for council’s messes.

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Any project of this size and nature, even on only 2.9 acres should deliver at least $1M per year in property tax for any conversation to even take place. It also should have a commercial element to it in this writer’s opinion especially as it would impact the Legion Ball Park (who would need to be compensated for their trouble) and other facets.

Anything less simply should not be considered.

Contrary to what’s been said, if you’re going to PAC to rezone it’s not exploratory.   The public of course would not be privy to whatever shenanigans are going on behind closed doors as they weren’t over the Chem Tank follies.

And as we’ve seen, you can’t go back.  All the protesting over the chem tanks resulted in no action .  To date the public still doesn’t know the details of the lease or deal in place.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Do you wish to keep condos off of our waterfront or simply want to see the best that can possibly be if there is to be development rather than the ugly drawings submitted for these low rent condos as proposed by CH Clement?

You can post your comments below.

Here is the proposed by zoning change:

Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment (Rezoning)
1. A City initiated application is being made by City staff for a Zoning By-law Amendment (Housekeeping No. 26) to make a technical modification to the City of Cornwall’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law No. 751-1969, as amended. The modification is intended to assist both staff and the public in clarifying certain regulations and is commonly referred to as “Housekeeping Change(s)”. The proposed change includes, but is not limited to the following item:

  • Consideration of options to potentially introduce criteria in the Parking provision to regulate the parking of enclosed Contractor/Haulage type trailers in Residential Areas.

For more information on this item please contact Karl Doyle, Zoning and Site Plan Coordinator, at 613-930-2787 (ext. 2365) and refer to File # Z-02-17, when making enquiries.

2. An application for a Site Specific amendment to the City of Cornwall Zoning Bylaw for an exception to the Service Industrial (MS) zone to introduce additional uses including fabrication. The site is located on the former American Standard facility and is municipally described as 235 Saunders Drive, and legally described as Part Lot 19, Concession 1 being Part 5 and 6 on Plan 52R-7946.

For more information on this item please contact Karl Doyle, Zoning and Site Plan Coordinator, at 613-930-2787 (ext. 2365) and refer to File # Z-03-17, when making enquiries.

Additional Information
Additional information regarding the proposed subject amendments is available to the public for inspection at the office of the Planning Division, 100 Water Street East, 2nd Floor, Cornwall Civic Complex, during regular office hours.

If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at the public meeting or make written submissions to the PAC in respect of the proposed subject amendments before the approval authority gives or refuses to give approval to the proposed subject amendments, the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision of the City of Cornwall’s PAC to the Ontario Municipal Board.

If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at the public meeting or make written submissions to the PAC in respect of the proposed subject amendments before the approval authority gives or refuses to give approval to the proposed subject amendments, the person or public body may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board, unless, in the opinion of the Board, there are reasonable grounds to do so.


  1. Where is the WATERFRONT COMMITTEE on this back-room deal ? Very mum on this ? Perhaps Con. Carr & his -BIA-HOTC buddies could shed more info, as they seem to be involved ? WFC has should be showing some leadership & their job in protecting OUR waterfront & OUR Park ! What a disgusting project……

  2. Seems kind of stupid to attempt to rezone land for condos when the proposed builder doesn’t even own the land. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. If the province and city don’t buy the land from the feds the land should be put up for sale to the highest bidder, not the first proposal received. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  3. This is the very worst city council ever

  4. I’d agree with one of the worse councils ever. The worse ever? I think there are probably others who would fit that description. Let’s not forget the last version of the Bob Kilger council.

  5. Cornwall has taken a page out of Sears Canada’s playbook.
    Cornwall like Sears is a failed corporation with poor management, pitiful planning, and unable to adapt to a changing economy. Sears’ inevitable collapse was preceded by selling off its real estate and assets, ’til there was nothing left.
    When the City of Cornwall likewise gives up its last asset — greenspace and shoreline — then what?

  6. Absurd, that the City of Cornwall is party to taking open space and irreplaceable shoreline away from us.
    Our community should be furious at these politicians and lobbyists robbing us of public lands of which we are the real owners.
    For our sake and those that follow us, progressive and enlightened stewards are what we need to preserve and remediate our waterfront… not these asses.

  7. Why wasn’t this proposal brought to the Waterfront Committee first ? The “WFC” acts as stewards of our beloved waterfront & use the Official Waterfront Plan as their Bible, I feel, that the “WFC” should call an emergency meeting & deal with this issue , once & for all ? The alternative, is to wake up some fine morning & find bulldozers , just like the chemical tanks ….

  8. Author

    I think the odds are we might end up seeing the dozers again without proper consultation….

  9. Seems to me that the lack of style condo proposal would blend in nicely with the tacky tree lighting in Lamoureaux Park. Council seems to shoot for mediocrity but usually fails to hit their high standard.

  10. The condo that this Clement Corp. wanted to build reminded me of that mighty pitiful skinny Christmas tree that was on display at Christmas time. That tree was mighty sick and so was the condo design. Vision is key and without vision nothing works.

  11. I have something very important to add and that is the Big Ben Carcenogen hill should be removed and all those horrible chemicals can be made into hydro electricity and Sweden does this. That is another thing that Cornwall has to do and Domtar left that little gift behind and some people profited under the table.

  12. Bob Kilger made a lot of mistakes as mayor and his council had problems BUT this council is a complete moronic disaster and no brains nor vision. This is a laughable bunch to be ditched out the door forever. Brains and good vision are needed for this job and not just a paycheck. I am laughing about this idiot council that people voted in – this is the worst of all.

  13. Folks compared to Elmvale Acres mall and Westgate here in Ottawa which are very pitiful malls and my family knows that then Cornwall just may have a chance at making nice condos out of that building and maybe even a community centre as well and maybe shops. There has to be vision and brains – get an engineer – architect on this and good ideas – everyone get involved and leave the park as is.

  14. Jules, the Cornwall Square is privately owned. I can’t see them tearing the Sears pad down and building condos. What they should consider is redeveloping the whole Square area to a residentia; / commercial mix,

  15. Hugger if the city or a corporation in Cornwall would contact the owners of Cornwall Square and (I didn’t imply to tear down Cornwall Square) but to renovate the entire building with an architect and engineers into seniors apartments. Leave the shell as is and make apts. out of the entire thing. Also a place where seniors can meet (a community centre) and people can meet and get into circles.

  16. I also suggest leave the park on the river alone. The park is for everyone to enjoy and not for a few who wish to own a condo and the hell with the people the way they think. No way. Anybody who is intelligent and normal would never go along with building condos in a park. The park is for all the people who live in Cornwall and not for just a few rich idiots.

  17. Jamie and Hugger in all of my 66 years I have never seen a more insane bunch of mayor and councel as what is in Cornwall at this present time. Not even BOB can do a more insane job as what is in there now. I roar (literally) with laughter at what is going on in Cornwall. I can’t believe a population so mighty dumb and stupid to accept all what is being thrown at them. Wake up!

  18. Converting the Sears store to senior apartments is just short of being laughable. The structure does not lend itself to anything but commercial /store use.

  19. Hugger even with BOB Kilger and his administration that was off the wall is nothing in comparison to the present one. I cannot stomach Caroline Hebert at all – she is my pet peeve of the worst kind. The entire bunch is laughable and crooked. The entire bunch has to be thrown out and not one re-elected ever again.

  20. Hugger the Sears Centre at Cornwall Square can be converted into loft style apartments – maybe for sale to people who can afford them and have stores below. Things can be converted and it is the wave of the future.

  21. Author

    Jules I think you and Hugger are both right and wrong on this issue.

    I think for condos to be built on that piece of land you’d have to do a major renovation and the big question is if the current or any owner would feel that the investment would be worth it in Cornwall? It’d make no sense to have the second floor be single condo units. They’d have to sell at insane rates in that paradigm.

  22. Any potential condo units built in the Sears building would have to be long and narrow, They’d all want windows and ground level entrances. The high ceilings rule out two storey condos. As Admin pointed out second floor units would be priced out of this market. The best solution would be to tear the building down and build low storey apartment style units.

  23. Jamie you are right it would be insane – it can be done but exuherant and insane prices like Ottawa, Toronto, etc. It wouldn’t be good for Cornwall at all. I was thinking it over a lot like yourself and I laughed about the work that would be involved and the price tag OUCH!

  24. Jamie I haven’t been to Cornwall for a while now and I was wondering about the OLD ST. LAWRENCE PARK off Montreal Road and Belmont. I used to go there when I was a child with my mom – we never lived in that area but we used to go and on boat tours. If nothing is there that would be a good place for condos. Just a thought.

  25. Jamie the design that the Clement Corp had on line was not individual condos but apt. We have one bldg. like that across from us and down the ways and always for sale or for rent. That place had a principal area to enter and leave and individual apt. like what other bldgs. have and not a bright idea for ownership.

  26. Jamie I am one that would like to see some condos along the river but not in the park where the Civic Complex is located. The park where the Civic Complex is located is for the general public. Nobody who owns property wants to be bothered with noise, etc. That park is for the people only and where Canada Day, etc. etc. etc. can be held.

  27. K Mart went to hell here in Canada and he US and today I read where a woman said that her sister who lives in Sydney Australia said that they have a K-Mart down there. Sears is going to have to restructure itself and come back better than before. Sears lost a great deal of customers including ourselves.

  28. I would say to Clement Corp. get back to the drawing board and think about the old St. Lawrence Park as a place to build the condos and even another marina. I haven’t been down to Cornwall in quite a while so this is one idea. I am for condos on the water but in the right place and the right architecture.

  29. After Jules’ comment I took another look at the concept drawings of the proposed condos. They look like what condos seem to look like nowadays. IMHO, townhouses, but with higher price tags. They look like the others that C H Clement has built here and in other cities/towns.

  30. I agree with Hugger that many townhouses do look similar to what the Clement Corps design and there are many that are different as well. Not far from where we live across the ways those types of townhouses (apts.) are always for sale or for rent. Nobody stays in them long enough to stick a picture on the wall.

  31. Jamie and Hugger the only thing is to leave the Sears Shopping Centre as is a shopping centre and find other properties for seniors bldgs., etc. Yes the cost would be horrendously high and yes windows, doors, etc. are needed and where would people put them. It would need major work and better to start from scratch.

  32. IMHO Cornwall Square should be redeveloped, perhaps as a pad operation or do what Eastcourt has done. It seems some malls are going the outdoor option. It offers opportunities to reinvent the area. And with no real anchor store what will happen to the Square. To those who think Dollarama is an anchor store please give your heads a good shake and wake up.

  33. Hugger is right where he said that you cannot depend on Dollarama as an anchor store. Yes Dollarama is a great place and we do a little shopping there once in a while here in Ottawa and so many dollar stores but this one is the best by far. Sears has to change the way they do business and to offer better quality and to everyone.

  34. Hugger is right again about the cart before the horse with no land and drawing up pure garbage condos at a high enough price that would shy away perspective buyers. I know what that building would look like because we have the same design nearby and in a bad enough area. OMG if you all knew – we just cringe here.

  35. Jamie and folks I just looked fast like at the Freeloader and talk about a beautiful waterfront and you idiots want to turn that over to a developer to destroy that beauty. Are you all mentally insane. Ask Hugger what condos and homes would cost along the waterfront here in Ottawa and hold tight onto your chairs because you may all have a heart attack.

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