Liberal MP Candidate Bernadette Clement Off to AMO Conference During Race by Jamie Gilcig AUG 18, 2015

I was asked to run in the current Federal election as an Independent candidate.  A group had come together, cash in hand, ready to roll, but I decided I couldn’t do it with any integrity.

Yes it would be fun to stand on stage and debate Guy & Bernie, to point out their frailties and flaws, especially as they don’t appear to try and hide them, but I could not attempt to represent some of the counties in good faith.  For example I could not say I’d like to represent South Stormont when in fact I warn people from that odd and bizarre patch of Ontario.

Yet here we are in mid race and Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement, who not even elected has broken her first promise, to take leave of absence once the campaign begins, and is off to Niagara Falls for the AMO conference, apparently  travelling with fellow councilors Brock Frost, Justin Towndale, and Carilyne Herbert?

It’s kinda weird no?  I mean if she’s confident that she’ll dethrone incumbent Guy Lauzon why waste tax payer dollars?   While she made no promises to cut taxes and has never been shy to liberalize our tax bills this is another near $2,000.00 per councilor in expenses.

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Ms Clement is also a lawyer who is now travelling with Councilor Brock Frost, the Brock Frost that was charged in Quebec, has outstanding Nicarauguan real estate troubles, and is involved in several lawsuits.   She, nor any of our current council have voiced any objections to Councilor Frost’s behavior?

These junkets are glorified mini vacations.   Last year’s budget check shows that former Mayor Kilger $1,331.57, and councilors Dupelle $1,952.39, Gardiner $1,792.51, Glen Grant $1,900.02,  Elaine MacDonald $1,136.66, Murphy $1,489.34, Rivette $1,900.00, and Samson $1,797.86 all had a fine time.

Judging from the performance of council last year including Closed Meeting investigations makes one ponder if much was learned from the AMO Conference or if simply some bar tabs were run up?

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Seriously Bernadette?? You said you were stepping away as a councillor until the election. I guess she needs a “vacation” paid for by the city’s taxpayers. I haven’t decided whom to vote for. But as I’ve already eliminated Guy Lauzon. And now I can add Bernadette Clement as someone I won’t vote for.

  2. Author

    I know this story is “low hanging fruit”, but either she has little faith in winning the MP race or has total disregard for the public purse?

    Maybe she just wanted to party in the Falls? Either way the optics are horrible and then we wonder why our taxes go up?

  3. Completely off topic… For the last several days, when ever I go on this site, my web browser (Mozilla Firefox) crashes. It happens when I try to scroll down. I get about half way down the page, and it freezes up and crashes. This is the only site it happens on.
    Am I the only one having this problem?

  4. Author

    The only one reporting it. I use Chrome, Safari, and Explorer. I gave up on firefox a few years ago. Btw, I just tested CFN on Firefox with no issues Furtz.

  5. I wish that Bernadette Clément knew how corrupt the political system is and who is behind it all. Bernadette is a highly intelligent person and that is the truth. I would tell Bernadette stay far away from Brock Frost and the entire gang and be your own true self. Les has not done his job to condone what Brock Frost has done and the law is not tough enough at all and I will not vote at all because I know the truth. Bernadette you have the brains to be what you want to be but don’t think that you will do much to change things until the people of Cornwall and SD&G along with the entire world wakes up and changes. Don’t go for a certain political party because they are all owned and controlled by the same people. I say to everyone be your own self and do not be a follower because that is where all the bad comes from. Educate yourselves and be good leaders that are needed. Bernadette you have the makings of a mayor and if I were you I would start locally. In order to make the changes you have to change locally before you can change the rest. All the best for your endeavours and you have the high degree of intelligence to pursue what you want but you have to change things at the local level. Les nor BOB are fit to be mayor but you have the education and intelligence to lead.

  6. I use Chrome, with IE as my backup browser. I’ve had too many issues with Firefox.

  7. Furtz I have Firefox and Chrome on my computer and I didn’t have problems on Jamie’s CFN but had a problem on another site after I came off CFN earlier. Firefox came on saying that it had a problem. You are not alone on this at all. This was the first time that I experienced this particular thing just earlier this afternoon. I have so many programs here on my computer including AVG. Computers do act up at times.

  8. Jules, Jules, Jules….will you please stop writing things that I agree with?

    And you use AVG? The best one is one of Micro$oft’sown creations, MS Security Essentials.

  9. Poor Newton still can’t seem to deal with the fact that women have boobs. Life must be hard.
    Jules, I’ve been using Firefox for years with no problems.

  10. Although she may well have given up on winning as a federal candidate in the upcoming election, is Clement, as a Liberal, not entitled to her entitlements? Priorities like unnecessary expenditures (given the supposed leave of absence) are a Liberal trait, are they not? Gas plants…e-health…windmills and solar panels to reduce the green energy from Niagara Falls…air ambulances…carbon tax (money without addressing the perceived problem)…you get the drift. Is anyone really surprised by this?

  11. Hey Furtz…have been using Firefox for years no issues at this time as Admin stated. The culprit lies elsewhere.What security software are you using and are you running 8.1?

  12. Jules…I think Bernadette is familiar with the corruption in politics, after all she has been in the game long enough to learn the ropes (how to keep it from tightening around your neck).

  13. Hugger thank you I will look into that program that you spoke about and I wrote it down.

    Furtz my husband likes Firefox and has put it on both our computers. I had so much trouble with a few other programs that it drove my daughter and I completely batty and so much so that we felt like pitching the computer out the window. LOL LOL. ROLF! Earlier this afternoon I had a slight problem with Firefox and I told my husband about it and he said sometimes it will do some strange things when it wants to update and also it depends on the site that you go to. I have not had any problems with Jamie’s CFN but had some problems with another site. Firefox is very good including Chrome. I have Chrome on my computer as well.

  14. Pastor Tom without looking at the picture of Bernadette again to refresh your memory can you remember the colour of her eyes? I would hazard to guess that you were fixated on her breasts. The eyes are the window to your soul (Shakespeare) and most women like a man that looks them in the eye. Besides breasts don’t talk (although some may claim that they speak to them). Just funning ya Pastor Tom, no offense or drama intended.

  15. Hey Furtz…if you are using an Apple tablet the issue you describe is likely due to that particular tablets software no longer being supported. Being bumped out of Safari is a common occurrence and side effect of this lack of support.

  16. Firefox?? Really!! Anyone using should it should so research. I talked to a PC techie whom I trust and she says not to touch Firefox until they get their act together.

  17. Just fired up Explorer and no problem. Strange indeed! Been using Firefox for years with good results until now. And the problem only occurs on this site.

  18. Author

    furtz we have thousands of FF users. I’m sure if there was an issue we’d hear about it. Btw, CFN does not use any cookies or funny codes specfic to us.

  19. Hugger1…I hear what you are saying…but talk to ten techies and weed through ten opinions. I have been involved with computers for some 45 years and have had a portable version as well since 1983 (Osbourne). Firefox meets a need and the new browser on Windows 10 is a welcome improvement over the archaic and cluttered internet explorer. In the end it depends on what you are using the technology for.

  20. David Oldham….I sort of agree. All I know is that on the 3 PC’s /laptops we have here Firefox causes major issues. So, we’ve switched over to Chrome with IE as the backup browser.

    I, as well, had an Osborne as my first PC. I actually had two and gutted one to make the original faster and more powerful. They were called “portable”, but they were anything but portable.

  21. The biggest problem that I have is with Explorer and I have had nothing but good results so far with Firefox. I have Firefox since a few weeks and I only had one problem yesterday. With Explorer it was a constant hastle and both my daughter and I wanted to ditch the computer out the window. Since my husband put in Firefox things are very good and only one small problem yesterday but I restarted the computer and no more problems whatsoever. I also have Chrome on my system as well and no complaints so far.

  22. Bernadette Clément is highly intelligent and she is a great deal more intelligent than Justine Trudope and she would be able to toss him out to his mommy and take over his job. Bernadette would make a huge improvement over Justine and just maybe she can give Harpoon Harpo a run for his money if she was in Justine’s place. Yes I think that Bernadette must know about the corruption and lies in politics and it is bad enough in the lower levels in the federal government but in those upper levels you really see that none are any good and only there to feather their own pockets.

  23. If Bernadette Clement is highly intelligent she has not been showing it lately. Attending the AMO I Niagara Falls when she is on “leave” from city council?? And letting numerous issues slide while on council and being a lawyer does not provide great optics to the taxpayers of the city. As the saying goes “perception is reality.”

  24. Jules….make sure that you have all your updates installed on your PC(s).

  25. Author

    Hugger she isn’t on leave yet. She delayed it; perhaps to go to the AMO conference….

  26. And this is why we don’t like politicians. They use any excuse to screw the taxpayer. She should have been on leave from her city council position soon after the election was called.

  27. Hugger my updates are up to date. when I go to turn off the computer it tells me not to shut it off and I have a lot of updates on some nights. Thank you for reminding me because this is essential.

  28. This is what confused me about Bernadette Clément and I haven’t seen her confront any of the MP and MPP in SD&G and wondered what she is waiting for. Everything has been totally silent on her part.

  29. Bernadette Clément is highly intelligent but like all politicians they are there for themselves and not for their constituents. Politics is mighty corrupted. I remember the time when Bernadette had a luncheon with Winnie the Poo and then we heard nothing afterwards and she brown nosed up that direction. Now she is brown nosing up Justine’s direction. There is one thing about me and that is I am no supporter of the liberal/fiberals but I do wish her well in whatever she does. She is a very smart cookie and knows what she wants. I have said many times that we have to be our own leader because none that I see around us represents us at all no matter where we live. I am a staunch conservative in my ways. I have never voted for Harpoon Harpo and that is the truth. When Harpo first came forward in the elections I voted for Ollivia Chow’s husband and I am not a socialist. I voted for him because I didn’t want that professor who lives in the US nor to vote liberal and I never trusted Harpoon Harpo and I just put the NDP down on the ballot. A great many people do not trust Harpoon Harpo at all including those who voted him in at every election. Harpo is very closed up and does not say what he is thinking.

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