September 15, 2022 – It’s rare for an incumbent, especially an established one with the lineage that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has. Justin is very different than his father. At times it feels like he’s forcing it, being a Trudeau. He’s had a blessed political career that has seenContinue Reading

It’s funny being a journalist in 2019. My inbox recently started to flood with releases by both the Liberals and Conservatives. Smart. We not only own a large local audience, but are have great pools of viewers in Cities like Ottawa, Toronto, and even Montreal. The internet is content drivenContinue Reading

The local Liberal riding association still has not rolled out a candidate for the October Federal election. It’s an interesting paradigm. With local thug Guy Lauzon retiring his long time flunky, Eric Duncan, is running in his place. Duncan is a very rare out of the closet Conservative candidate. IronicallyContinue Reading

Yesterday the drama on the Hill unfolded as expected when the Justice Committee met on the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Everyone knew opposition MPs would be demanding answers to the SNC-Lavalin mess while the Liberals would try and stonewall any investigation. Other than a lot of phony outrage, did anyone actually expectContinue Reading

There’s a certain irony about writing this piece on Valentine’s Day as it appears for many their Love for Justin Trudeau has gone stone cold. Most don’t remember that JT was in 3rd place trailing Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper at one time in the last election run when heContinue Reading

There have been multiple allegations that our own Mayor, Bernadette Clement (a fellow former Montreal person), has been in a long term relationship with local lawyer Kimberly Walsh who’s the Chancellor at the local Catholic Diocese and formerly bankrupt lawyer, for many moons. In 2019 gender, religion, sexuality should playContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I kinda giggled when I found out that there was a Canadian Francophone organisation locally.   Not because I disrespect Francophones, but this area has people like that silly man with his pins and of course Dianne Poirier, retired school teacher,  who besides being President of this localContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario– Long time Cornwall City Councilor and two time failed Liberal MP candidate Bernadette “Flipper” Clement  may step out of the closet and run for Mayor of Cornwall Ontario finally!  At least that’s the buzz  heating up around the River City! When not using tax dollars at the legalContinue Reading

Incoming government will use every power available to challenge federal government’s authority to impose a carbon tax on Ontario families, individuals and small businesses TORONTO — Premier-designate Doug Ford today announced that his cabinet’s first act following the swearing-in of his government will be to cancel Ontario’s current cap-and-trade scheme, andContinue Reading