Eric Duncan Not a Gimme for Conservative Nod in SD&G by Jamie Gilcig 020119

No surprise that Eric Duncan wanted to get into the race quickly to replace the thug and corrupt bully that Guy Lauzon was. As his former #1 Duncan played a huge role for the Big Blue Machine in this region, but that machine has seen a few wheels fall off over the years.

Not enough credit was given to the late Judy Bobka who was an amazing leader.

Duncan, who didn’t run for Mayor again after coming out of the closet has some real issues if he faces another contender for the Cons.

His record as mayor was not great. There was the scandal of his involvement with the scuttling of a business incubator and the fact that even in 2019 the glass ceiling still exists in his own party.

His hyper activity was great as an EA, but some are not sure it will play well with the voters,especially in Cornwall where many preferred a francophone candidate even if they couldn’t really speak French all that well as was the case with Lauzon.

And of course his own lack of ability to work with media. Mr. Duncan not only did not send out a presser to CFN, the largest newspaper in the riding he hopes to lead, but actually hid from this journalist once during a campaign.

That’s not leadership. It certainly is not conservative leadership, especially when this newspaper runs columns from Keith Beardsley and Conrad Black.

While it’s been said that this riding would elect any conservative candidate it also has a history of voting Liberal. And while Duncan may be counting on that, it’s an opportunity for other Conservative candidates to jump into the ring, especially as there are rumblings that the Trudeau camp may be dropping in a candidate to this riding. The locals Conservatives would not want to lose this riding to the Liberals.

The Conservatives have been fortunate to benefit from the failings and imploding of the Liberals in the area, essentially as Mr. Trudeau will most likely benefit from weak opponents in Captain Creepy and the guy with the turban who still doesn’t have a riding of his own in the 2019 election.

Mr. Singh is running in an easy NDP riding, but his leadership of the party is on the line as he not only has to win the riding, but win it well.

The good news is that we have something to discuss politically locally in the first week of February!


  1. I’m glad that Guy Lauzon is retiring. I was never happy with him as our MP, little got done with him as our MP.

    As for Duncan he is not a gimme. I can see the Cons dropping a candidate in as well.

    In regard to Jagmeet Singh he is not in an easy riding. In the last federal election the NDP won with less that 550 votes. Not a slam dunk. If he loses or has less than impressive win he is done.

  2. Author

    I think Mr. Singh is done either way.

  3. Agreed. How Jagmeet Singh thought he could be NDP party leader WITHOUT a H of C seat is beyond stupid. He passed up EIGHT opportunities to run in by-elections before running in the February 25 by-elections.

  4. Author

    The NDP do not seem interested in being anything other than a fringe party. They attacked the very person that gave them their greatest success. Instead of pulling together they did a better hatchet job than the opposition. Now they’ll lose his seat too.

  5. All are just there for the money and the perks otherwise they are not fit to do a real job. One goes out the door and another comes in. The government is a revolving door.

  6. There are some good politicians. But the disease seems to strike a lot of people once they become politicians. They waddle up to the trough and see how much they can get away with. Then there are others who try to get us, the taxpayers, to pay for their mistakes and legal bills. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

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