September 15, 2022 – It’s rare for an incumbent, especially an established one with the lineage that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has. Justin is very different than his father. At times it feels like he’s forcing it, being a Trudeau. He’s had a blessed political career that has seenContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 21, 2022 – Here we go again, yet another Conservative leadership race. Maybe we will get it right this time. Now that the drama of the last three weeks appears to be over, Conservatives can renew their favourite pastime- electing leaders. We are all waiting for the rules toContinue Reading

NOVEMBER 24, 2021 – For over three months the Conservatives have been dealing with one issue that they can’t seem to put to bed. Pretty much every story on the Conservative Party has focused on just one issue- vaccinations. It is always a negative story- there is nothing positive inContinue Reading

Well the Tory leadership race is off and running. Really only two serious contenders at this point. Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole have entered the contest plus a few of the “Who Are They?” Still plenty of time for some hard-right candidate or someone representing the Social Conservative movement toContinue Reading

Hey, it’s 2020! Let’s go back to the 50’s! Quebec Conservative former staffer to both Stephen Harper and Jean Charest Provincially let loose a barrage of homophobia to ram home the point that the Conservative Party in Canada has issues with the LGBT community in spite of what some leadershipContinue Reading

The Conservative leadership race is off and running. More like a pegged-legged sailor than a sprinter, but at least they are moving. The party is carrying a lot of negative baggage from the 2019 campaign. It will have to do a damn good job of persuading Canadians that they representContinue Reading

Andrew Scheer lost to Justin Trudeau. No need to rehash the high end baggage that Trudeau and his Liberals carried into this last Federal Election, but it’s clear to say that a party only one term out of office with a strong base should’ve earned an easy majority. Does thatContinue Reading

After every election loss there is always a lot of soul searching and internal party reviews and of course blame. Needless to say, the Conservative Party is doing that now. But before the “leaders in waiting” start sharpening their knives, they should first decide on just what and who theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I kinda giggled when I found out that there was a Canadian Francophone organisation locally.   Not because I disrespect Francophones, but this area has people like that silly man with his pins and of course Dianne Poirier, retired school teacher,  who besides being President of this localContinue Reading

Incoming government will use every power available to challenge federal government’s authority to impose a carbon tax on Ontario families, individuals and small businesses TORONTO — Premier-designate Doug Ford today announced that his cabinet’s first act following the swearing-in of his government will be to cancel Ontario’s current cap-and-trade scheme, andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Day one and the Ford team is busy establishing a transition team. As per their release below. Premier-Designate Doug Ford announces Transition Team Queen’s Park — Today, Premier-designate Doug Ford announced his team that will oversee the transition into government. “We have a team that has already hitContinue Reading

Toronto Ontario- Only a few more weeks until the election and people are buzzing about the Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath, and Kathleen Wynne battle. Who will win? Everyone is wondering. I asked a few of my former SLC comrades to share who they think or want to win.   Jay isContinue Reading