Rona Ambrose is the Only Possible Leader Able to Defeat Trudeau for Conservatives. By Jamie Gilcig 121319 #cdnpoli

Andrew Scheer lost to Justin Trudeau. No need to rehash the high end baggage that Trudeau and his Liberals carried into this last Federal Election, but it’s clear to say that a party only one term out of office with a strong base should’ve earned an easy majority.

Does that Conservative brand have issues? Yes, the Diversity factor is huge because Canadians truly support diversity. Ms Ambrose was the first Conservative leader to be inclusive and march in a Pride parade.

For reasons that many simply consider prejudicial, conservatives, including our own openly Gay MP in SD&SG Eric Duncan, have refused to. It’s silly in 2019 and has cost the Conservatives.

The bottom line in politics isn’t so much is the party or leader the best, but can they win.

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In the next election this writer can’t imagine Justin Trudeau having more baggage. I’m sure he’s learned just a smidgen from the humbling of falling to minority status. If the Conservatives really want to challenge they need a leader who resonates across Canada and frankly they only have one, and that is Ms Ambrose.

She has the experience; is in the right age bracket, and is attractive in more ways than one to a broader spectrum of Canada than Peter Mackay could ever hope to be.

Her only real possible liability would be her ability to earn Quebecer’s support, but the Cons have earned a majority government without Quebec before. However many in Quebec just might support her as they have an uncanny tendency to support who they feel will become the winning side in election.

The bottom line is the party has a huge opportunity to lay the ground work running by choosing Rona Ambrose to be their leader at their April Leadership convention.

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