We Get Letters : Michael Labelle Says Goodbye Cornwall, Not Been Nice 121319

We Get Letters :  Michael Labelle Says Goodbye Cornwall, Not Been Nice 121319

Editor’s Note. Mike was born in Cornwall. Went off for his career, and attempted to retire to Cornwall having purchased a home in Riverdale.

Hi Jamie. I thought I should make it official for you. I am no longer a resident of Cornwall.

Before I trash them I should give the thumbs up.

1/ the community organizations who seemed to be out there trying to make things better for the less fortunate.

2/ Gabby at Lornville. This was a lady I felt I could trust.

3/ You might find this one hard to believe. Benson’s on Pitt St. Especially Mike. I never went in their and felt I would be ripped off. Unlike most other business in the city

4/ Because of your past experience you will find this one very hard to believe. The Cornwall Police. Except for one I met, in my opinion they had a much better attitude then the Brampton Police.

5/ Cornwall BBQ and Cornwall pizza.

6/ My memories from when I grew up in Cornwall. There are no bad ones. We were poor. I am sure my parents cared but we didn’t, we were happy

7/ The river

The thumbs down

1/ The politicians, they have no vision whatsoever. Maintain the status quo.

2/ The rich people of the city who for the most part are living outside the city. They would not want to pay the taxes. The rich people who get richer on the backs of the poor. The same as when I was growing up there.

3/ The Cornwall Police and all the other ones who refuse to live in the city and pay the taxes. . Like the CEO

4/ The professionals. Over charging people for everything. It was a good thing I had benefits to call them on it. People do not know any better. They have never been anywhere. Anybody who thinks Cornwall is a cheap place to live had best think again.

5/ Eva at Lornville. Bring a shovel when you are dealing with her.

6/ The local media. You are the exception. We had our differences of opinion but at least you were trying to expose the city for what it is . A Hicktown.   The rest were just mouth pieces for the city.

7/ The taxes that just keep going higher with not much to show for it.

8/ I could go on and on.

I will close with a song. Everybody sing.

Goodbye Cornwall…. Not been nice….

Hope I find my. Paradise…

Tried to see your….Point of view…

Now go make my….Dreams come true….

Goodbye Bernie….Got no debts…

Try to sing a..Nice Duet



Hicktown, it is not a nice place to visit. You would never want to live there.

Michael Labelle

Somewhere in Ontario (at the moment)

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