February 3, 2022 – Crimes and offences are not just illegal actions; they are also illegal failures to act and omitting to act contrary to law. Protesters in Ottawa are committing illegal acts, and the Ottawa Police Service is failing to act against them. Since at least January 29th, 2022,Continue Reading

Dear Editor, “Facemasks don’t work; they do nothing”… according to a Walmart security person on duty at the Ninth Street Walmart store in Cornwall, Ontario, on Friday afternoon, December 18th 2020. This alternate fact was shared by a Walmart contracted security person while he intervened in a verbal exchange betweenContinue Reading

Water Meters: OK what makes Cornwall so unique to have one of the highest water consumption per capita in all of Canada (ref.: Based on the city’s research, people across Canada use about 250 liters of water per person per day while in Cornwall it’s about 450 liters.”). How wasContinue Reading

Another Business Closing : It’s sad, another loss for workers and bigger unemployment lines. In parallel, Cornwall at least on paper gets another black eye. Perception all around will be that Cornwall cannot keep business afloat. Most of us suspect though that two (2) big box hardware stores in CornwallContinue Reading

CTV  had reported on Feb 14 2012 –   Liberal MP Justin Trudeau is facing a barrage of criticism for suggestions that Quebec separation could be deemed acceptable given the politics of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Now prime Minister Trudeau is trying to divide the French and English population once again byContinue Reading

Another year, another assault on Legion Park by the City of Cornwall. I can’t say that I am surprised. The consultant agency was directed by numerous City Staff to recommend moving the Park out to the Benson Centre. Cornwall Minor Baseball was grilled by the agency to support moving itContinue Reading

Please excuse the edits.  It is the city of Cornwall that educated me. They did not do a very good job on the English. Please read the additions. It is to laugh. There is not a Mayor candidate in this election that is worth supporting. The councilors are not any better.Continue Reading

I was not completely anonymous when I came forward in December 2010 describing the consequences of a micromanager at the Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge. One councillor was aware a letter was sent to city council. This is how we found out the severity of censorship (obstruction of justice) within the city asContinue Reading

Dear Editor:  The taxpayers of the City of Cornwall are looking at a roughly 8% increase in their property taxes, unless Council makes some decisions otherwise. The Fire Master Plan is designed to save lives and money.  It follows a Guideline from the Ontario Fire Marshal and it’s based onContinue Reading

What a pleasure to come on my Facebook page and not have to see all the “cop-sucking” by the tin pot dictator running the right wing rag in CONwall. The crime-infested SEWER polluted with HATE MONGERS. The city where city council knows the people are not “intelligent enough to electContinue Reading

Dear Editor, When a Canadian crosses into Canada without reporting to Canada Customs, the next time they pass through a customs checkpoint,  the have their vehicle confiscated.  When a Canadian carries a person into Canada without first checking with Canada Customs, the are arrested and charged with human smuggling. However,Continue Reading

Re:  Canada Committed to Lower Debt Ratio, Morneau Says Before Budget, 2017-03-20 http://bloombergtv.ca/2017-03-20/news/politics/canada/canada-committed-to-lower-debt-ratio-morneau-says-before-budget/ After the 2008 financial crisis, central banks created trillions of dollars to bail out big banks and corporations. Under Canada’s Economic Action Plan, our government stepped up with a $200 billion package for troubled lenders – theContinue Reading

Dear Editor People who pose such a threat to the safety of Canadians, that upon extensive reviews  have their refugee request denied, or, have such a checkered background, that they will not qualify, and as such, chose not to apply. Now given Canada’s most open and generous policies toward refugee claimants, thatContinue Reading

March 6, 2017 Board of Trustees Upper Canada District School Board   Dear Board of Trustees: RE: Pupil Accommodation Review, Proposed Closure of Benson Public School Please don’t let this happen. NOW is the time for you to take the opportunity and represent the needs and best interests of theContinue Reading