Cornwall Resident Puts Riverdale House Up for Sale After Election Candidate Disgust LTE 101718

Please excuse the edits.  It is the city of Cornwall that educated me. They did not do a very good job on the English. Please read the additions.

It is to laugh.

There is not a Mayor candidate in this election that is worth supporting. The councilors are not any better. They are totally out of touch with reality.

Then you have a Freeloader that is more than happy to spread the cities propaganda. The people of Cornwall are going to pay taxes through the teeth forever.

Let us quote the present Mayor “making cuts to emergency services is impossible”. Yes, they best keep the bomb squad and mobile command center.

They can  continue to refuse to pay the cities outrageous taxes. The city can keep paying their wages.

Let us quote Get a B for Mayor. The most childish immature campaign I have ever seen. She does seem to like to be entertained by the elite in the city.

“emergency services should be left alone”. Ahhh!

Just more of the same. A lot more of the same. “Just not ready.”

Let us quote Get a D for Mayor “ open to ideas to get costs down” but let us open another fire station and hire more firefighters.

Now let us quote a Justin Towndale “ Equal work for equal value regardless of the community you work in”.

To the best of my knowledge I have never heard of a gun battle in Cornwall. It happens a way too often in Toronto.

After this election we need to start paying councilors a $100,000 a year. Make sure you keep paying 10 of them.

How the people of this city ever got stuck with people like this is beyond me. There is no intelligence in that statement.

It is not the people of Cornwall who are not intelligent enough to vote. It is the councilors who are not intelligent enough to run the city

A guy like me had to get out of town to earn a decent wage and pay the higher cost of living.

I can come back to the city and pay the outrageous taxes.   Then the city can over pay emergency services 50 %

I do not care what any arbitrator might of said. What I see is a city that refused to defend the position.

Once emergency services gets the raise. Every brother and sister who are working for the city wants the raise as well.

I am sure that includes administration.

Let us quote the only people who made any sense “the city needs to to what ever it can to save costs in all its departments and emergency services are not an exception.

Good luck Cornwall, you are going to need it.

Michael Labelle – Cornwall Ontario

(hopefully not for much longer)


  1. We are leaving too. Incompetence and gross negligence! They are spending our money like it is their personal windfall! I won’t support a city that doesn’t support their citizens.

  2. Have you seen the latest nugget from Elaine MacDonald? She said “until the cost of milk, bread and even asphalt comes down, it doesn’t make sense to decrease taxes.” Is she serious? As I’ve said before Elaine MacDonald has never seen a tax hike or fee hike that she doesn’t like. If anyone of the ten deserve to be tossed out on her keyster it is Elaine MacDonald.

  3. Author

    Anyone that votes for Elaine MacDonald deserves what they get.

  4. Thank you Lord for steering us out of Cornhole forever! What a town full of lunatics who fall for the nutty antics of the worst politicians ever. I am having such a good laugh that I almost fell to the floor with so much laughter. This morning when hubby had an appointment with the dentist I stayed in the car thinking about what the results were going to be about – same old tons of taxes and al

  5. “Until the cost of milk, bread and even asphalt comes down, it doesn’t make sense to decrease taxes.” Jamie,,,,is this actually what Elaine MacDonald stated ? Can’t be ? Cornwall voters , we must, at all costs dump this individual . If, she or the “bus driver” is re-elected next week, then Jules has been bang on with her comments ? Think of it ? CLEAN HOUSE !

  6. Are we back to nicknames for Cornwall? I thought those were going to be curtailed!! Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  7. The voice (mouth) of labour in Cornwall Elaine Mac and Cheese who did not support the 300 city employees who were on strike nor the city’s casual security guards (4 years ago) who were let go and replaced by security contractor costing the city MORE money. She did indeed say exactly that. It’s time to get rid of her for good. Milk and bread will never come down and she’ll never support tax freeze

  8. Author

    She also didn’t support Timmie’s workers who wanted to unionize this past winter. She outright refused to help when this newspaper went to the her and the labour council after talking with workers.

  9. A mighty huge draining of the swamp is needed to get rid of the same old same old swamp rats that feed off the town trough year after year since they cannot get a job elsewhere being uneducated and stupid. Who else will accept them?

  10. I think that there will be a great many RIVERDALE HOUSES and many others everywhere very soon. I just sent something to Jamie and I feel not only wacky but really stunned. You heard about the net going down well I know why. Get ready for the shocks to come. Sit tight and hold your shorts for what is coming.

  11. Michael, let me know when you’re ready to leave Cornwall , I’ll drive you to the train station.

  12. Rob, that’s rude

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