William Hopkinson of Cornwall Upset at Abuse of Handicap Parking 091117

It seems some people in Cornwall don’t know how to read or refuse to understand what certain things mean.

Today I was at a local medical facility that had six designated handicapped parking spots. Would you care to guess how many of the six designated handicapped parking spots were actually occupied by vehicles with handicapped parking permits? ONE!! This goes to show Cornwall’s complete ignorance for laws in general. I could have called the bylaw office. But by the time an officer would have arrived most of the five offenders would have departed.

Further to Cornwall’s ignorance of laws are the bike lanes on various streets. I rarely, if ever, see anyone using these bike lanes. Part of the problem is that the bike lanes are very poorly thought out and designed. When I do see bikers near the bike lanes they are usually riding on the sidewalks. If the bike lanes aren’t being used for their designated purpose I say remove the bike lanes.

Even further to Cornwall’s ignorance of laws is the assumption by some motorists that stop signs and red lights are decorations and only to be used when they feel like it. They are NOT decorations and must be obeyed. They are there for a reason and the reason is safety. And I’ll mention also some pedestrians who seem to think that walk / don’t walk signals fall into the same category as top signs and red lights for motorists. These are not to be used as decorations and used at your discretion. They save lives.

It’s sad that some in Cornwall have a draconian and caveman attitude and only their opinions / ideas count.

William Hopkinson – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. A lot of the same applies here in Ottawa. When hubby and I go for our walks in the park there are plenty of bike lanes. There are stop signs for bikes but they don’t obey the law and stop before continuing. The same with the bike lanes on the streets (painted green) and they don’t obey nor red or green lights for cars and pedestrians – plenty of accidents here in Ottawa.

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