Dear Editor, From shortly after midnight, and into the early hours of March 6, 2020, the Diamond Princess evacuees hope to leave the Cornwall Nav Centre quarantine facility and take back their lives. And if we’ve dodged a bullet, it’s chiefly because nobody was infected to start with, and itContinue Reading

Dear Editor, This past week the Cornwall community was stunned by a Facebook post claiming an “attack” had been perpetrated on a Cornwall City Councillor and the Cornwall Mayor. Information in the post suggested that the weapon used in the “attack” may have been a pen, rumoured to have beenContinue Reading

What a pleasure to come on my Facebook page and not have to see all the “cop-sucking” by the tin pot dictator running the right wing rag in CONwall. The crime-infested SEWER polluted with HATE MONGERS. The city where city council knows the people are not “intelligent enough to electContinue Reading

Dear Editor, When a Canadian crosses into Canada without reporting to Canada Customs, the next time they pass through a customs checkpoint,  the have their vehicle confiscated.  When a Canadian carries a person into Canada without first checking with Canada Customs, the are arrested and charged with human smuggling. However,Continue Reading

Re:  Canada Committed to Lower Debt Ratio, Morneau Says Before Budget, 2017-03-20 After the 2008 financial crisis, central banks created trillions of dollars to bail out big banks and corporations. Under Canada’s Economic Action Plan, our government stepped up with a $200 billion package for troubled lenders – theContinue Reading

Dear Editor People who pose such a threat to the safety of Canadians, that upon extensive reviews  have their refugee request denied, or, have such a checkered background, that they will not qualify, and as such, chose not to apply. Now given Canada’s most open and generous policies toward refugee claimants, thatContinue Reading

March 6, 2017 Board of Trustees Upper Canada District School Board   Dear Board of Trustees: RE: Pupil Accommodation Review, Proposed Closure of Benson Public School Please don’t let this happen. NOW is the time for you to take the opportunity and represent the needs and best interests of theContinue Reading

Michael’s Right! Let’s Honour Bob Turner!   Michael Labelle’s wonderful February 15 letter inspired me to do a little bit more research into Bob Turner, his legacy, and the (typically pathetic) steps that Cornwall’s municipal government has taken to honour the man subsequent to the city’s having torn down theContinue Reading

And here she is folks, Cornwall’s dime-store version of Tony Blair, Daniel Ortega, and Hosni Mubarak. In honour of Elaine MacDonald’s 7 years of treacherous collaboration with the corrupt Trudeau-McGuinty-Wynne Liberal Party establishment and her resulting betrayal of artists, home owners, seniors, taxpayers, workers, and small business owners in CornwallContinue Reading

The medical officers of health across Ontario are pushing hard to add fluoride to municipal water and companies that supply fluoride chemicals will certainly make a profit. One Ontario MPP even wants to mandate compulsory municipal water fluoridation across Ontario. Except that citizens who want fluoride free water have severalContinue Reading

 Ontario Liberals are buying union votes at the hydro rate and taxpayers expense a recently retired Ontario Power Generation CEO  made $1,528,933.36  in 2015  In 2014  at least 148 OPG and Hydro One employees made more than a quarter million dollars a year and there were 12,500 OPG and HydroContinue Reading

Letter to the editor  Hydro at any cost in Ontari_owe: . Approximately 25 OPG workers are still employed  at the closed coal Lambton station to preserve its idled condition for possible future conversion how many other closed coal plants employ people to do very little. The  Atikokan converted biomass plant Continue Reading

Dear Editors of all news papers please place this letter addressed to The Honorable Prime Minister,MP’s and MPP’s to alert your readership of the impending laws that Health Care Givers will be forced to participate in against their conscious, against their beliefs, against their Charter of Rights and Freedoms. WithContinue Reading