Letter to the Editor   Wynne Liberals Loan OPG / HYDRO One Unions $111m For Stock in Hydro One

 Ontario Liberals are buying union votes at the hydro rate and taxpayers expense a recently retired Ontario Power Generation CEO  made $1,528,933.36  in 2015
 In 2014  at least 148 OPG and Hydro One employees made more than a quarter million dollars a year and there were 12,500 OPG and Hydro One employees who  made more than $100,000.a year
 Since the Wynne Liberals have sold off 15% of Hydro One with the help of a hundred and eleven million dollars loan to OPG and Hydro One unions to buy  stock in  2015  Hydro One, salaries are no longer required to be published on the Sunshine Club list.
 Premier Wynne states the Liberals are selling off 60 % of Hydro One and retaining 40 %    OPG workers will get equivalent to 2.75 per cent of their salary for 15  years in stock. Hydro One employees will get shares equivalent to 2.7 per cent of their salary for 12 years in stock in exchange to support Premier Wynne  in  the sale of Hydro One .
From the so called 60 % sale of Hydro One Premier Wynne says Ontario will make $9 billion , then Premier Wynne states $5 billion will go back into Hydro One  so in reality is Wynne selling  Hydro One for 4 Billion ? or is the 5 Billion going back to pay the 5 Billion  OPG and Hydro One are short in their pension fund?
Ontario hydro ratepayer and taxpayers are supposed to be putting in almost $5 for every $1 employees are putting into these unsustainable pension plans anyway you look at it the Ontario hydro rate and taxpayers ends up on the losing end of this failed energy experiment. On another note the Ontario ratepayers/ taxpayers paid almost 1.1 billion dollars to export excess power off the grid in the first 6 months in 2015 while our rates continue to rise and we continue to over produce hydro in Ontario while Quebec,Manitoba and the States get free hydro or for pennies a kwh
Ross Ayotte Smiths Falls
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Ontario enlarged loans to unions so they could buy more shares in hot …


Nov 5, 2015 – The unions were to use the 15-year loan, held in trust, to buy Hydro One … Accordingly the costs in the $36 million loan refer to the financial-services expenses ... The Ontario Liberal government has said it would use the $1.66 … The unions are prevented from selling their shares, which are non-voting, until …

Electricity exports cost Ontario taxpayers $200 million in June …


Aug 12, 2015 – hydro A hydro tower in Toronto. (DAVE THOMAS, Toronto Sun) … 2015, brought costs to almost $1.1 billion for the first six months of 2015,” Gallant said. … “At a time when Ontario has the highest hydro rates in North America, the Liberal … wing public service unions for voting in governments that can’t add, ..

.Report says pension plans for Ontario hydro workers are …


Aug 2, 2014 – Ontario Power Generation wasn’t much better, with employees putting in just 24 … Leech, former CEO of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, ..

Ontario Sunshine List 2015 released – Toronto – CBC News

Mar 27, 2015 – There are about 12,500 employees from OPGHydro One and their subsidiaries … when the auditor general warned those salaries were driving up electricity rates. … Ontario provincial government and who earn more than $100,000 a year. … Generation, topped last year’s list with earnings of $1.71 million.

Ontario Power Generation CEO Tom Mitchell tops list again with $1.55M salary

Report says pension plans for Ontario hydro workers are …


Aug 2, 2014 – Ontario Power Generation wasn’t much better, with employees putting in just 24 … Leech, former CEO of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension 


  1. Surprise surprise

  2. Politicians know the public will not organize against them between elections in most cases. Few individuals have the ability to organize a group and go with a “we will not take it anymore” attitude So we get this more of the same. Good on Admin for putting this together..

  3. Author

    Eric it’s a letter to the editor – I had no role in its creation.

  4. Eric Canadians are wimps and that is why nothing gets done and the screwballs politicians know that and they know that they can get away with the entire mess. I am making up my mind to not vote because our votes do not count and I am learning plenty from the Yankee elections about votes. The entire thing is a scam.

  5. This is the system, leadership and direction that the majority of voters in Ontario begged for. What is the problem? This is a non issue in Ontario. A joke to the rest of the world. Personally Canada is a joke. Wasn’t always that way. Good thing for duel citizenship! Have a safe Queens birthday long weekend.

  6. With attitudes like some have on here it’s no wonder our voter participation rates are low.

  7. The Liberal plan is like this. Loan taxpayer’s money to the Liberal unions so they can buy a leading share in Hydro One. So by 2030, or so, when all natural gas is outlawed, and homes are forced to buy electricity from Hydro One, guess who will be rolling in the doe? It is a conspiracy to commit racketeering!

  8. Maybe in 2018 the Cons will get serious about winning the election. They deliberately threw the last two elections, handing majority power to the Libs. And by choosing Patrick Brown as their new leader, it looks like they still aren’t serious about bringing down the Libs. In the meantime, we are stuck with the Libs and their asinine incompetence thanks to the asinine incompetence of the PCs.

  9. Furtz writes “we are stuck with the Libs and their asinine incompetence thanks to the asinine incompetence of the PCs”. Blame it on anyone else but the voters. I thought the Liberals were voted in by a majority. It is what the people wanted! Incompetence begets more incompetence. That is what we have in the Liberal camp! Pro 14:34 “Doing right brings honor to a nation, but sin brings disgrace”

  10. Newton, even you should know that if the Con’s run with a total ass-hat for a leader, the Libs will retain power. What’s so complicated about that?

  11. People can you you e-mail the letter to your friends
    Letter to the Editor Wynne Liberals Loan OPG / HYDRO One Unions $111m For Stock in Hydro One. Spread the word

  12. Author

    Ross on CFN you have to post with your first and last name. Thanks

  13. Asinine incompetence belongs exclusively to the electorate. The leadership and direction mirrors the electoral will (accountability). The problem is never the government. The problem is that people forget that they are the government (will of the people) and they fail to exercise the power that under a democracy they wield. Apathy is a cancer to democracy. IMHO

  14. David, in the last two provincial elections, the voters had three choices…
    1) The Liberals with all their baggage and incompetence.
    2) The Cons, lead by a raving lunatic with a very weak grip on reality.
    3) The NDP, a socialist party that some say is under the influence of the devil.
    The voters had little choice but to elect the least scary party.

  15. Just curious who wrote the letter to the editor. There is no name attached to the letter.

  16. Author

    Hugger the writer signed it at the bottom. A Mr. Ross Ayotte of Smiths Falls, Ontario

  17. We have incompetence at all levels of government because the sheeple turned their backs on God. God will not heal our land until we repent and go back to Him. Things are going to get mighty worse off than what we see now. Expect a huge economic depression coming soon and that is the truth. Venezuela is starving literally and you can look it up for yourselves.

  18. Saying “We have incompetence at all levels of government because the sheeple turned their backs on God.” is a bit of a stretch. Governments are incompetent by default. You will not find a government that everyone likes.

  19. Jules, I understand that Pastor Billy Bob Johnston from the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Awphuket Idaho is predicting that the fire and brimstone will start raining down on July 3rd of this year. Have you been following this? He says it will start with flaming rats and talking snakes falling out of the sky on July 1st, and by July 6th, all life on our planet will be toast. Pretty scary for sure!

  20. Author

    Furtz, Furtz, Furtz…..

  21. It’s true Jamie. Google it or check with Newton… He’s always up on these things.
    LOL LOL ROLF etc.

  22. That people feel that their choices are limited is to say that some people do not understand who empowers the government (which is a reflection of the people, in a true democracy).

  23. Furtz I don’t know who Billy Bob Johnson is from a hole in the ground but i do know that we get bad government today because the sheeple have turned their backs on God and are being punished for it and that is the truth. About raining down talking snakes, etc. you have no idea what you are talking about. Things will be worse than you can imagine. Canadians are wimps and sheep.

  24. Yes Jules. Anyone who turns their back on your imaginary god will be in deep doo-doo.

  25. The Liberals have piped in on the common greed and selfishness of humanity. Give or say you will give something to the voter for nothing, and you just bought their vote. Today’s voters do not vote, if they vote at all, on principle of conviction, but how big is the check that is coming their way. Freebees with out responsibility, and accountability. We are greedy and corrupt, our politician likewi

  26. You get the government that you deserve. When the sheeple are greedy, and corrupt and are bankrupt of good morals then the worst kinds of people come forward as your leaders. You get who you vote for and this has been proven for quite some time. None of the politicians believe in what I believe so I will decline voting for the worst.

  27. Yeap, I guess we can blame the people (or as some say “sheeple) for corrupt governments. I agree you get what you vote for. But the attitude of I don’t like whose running or corrupt government so I won’t vote is what’s wrong nowadays.

  28. Imagine living in the Good ol’ USA where the voters will have to choose between a raving lunatic (Trump) and a totally corrupt charlatan (Clinton) in the November presidential election. If we think we have it bad in Canada, we only have to look to our American neighbour to see how bad it can get.

  29. I am very Conservative and no liberal in me. I refuse to vote for the crap that we have as leaders today. Justine can stick his tongue out till it dries up and will never get my vote at all nor that of my family. I do not believe in drugs at all legalized or not. There are many things like euthenasia, same sex marriage, etc. that I am 100% against – no vote from me at all.

  30. It appears Cornwall Electric is in negotiations with Hydro Quebec to extend the current electricity buying agreement to 2029. In the city council meeting of August 23 there is an item titled “Cornwall Electric Franchise Agreement Extension and Ten Year Power Contract.”

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