2 Minutes for Diving to Ruth Ellen Brousseau as Trudeau Breaks Delay by Jamie Gilcig MAY 19, 2015

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

What odd days in our Nation’s Capitol as members of the NDP caucus practice clear reverse sexism over Justin Trudeau tapping into his inner Jean Chretien as video shows him charging across the floor to end a delay to bull through Bill C-14 on Assisted Dying as opposed to the assisted dying that tragically so many Canadians experience in our current health care system because of waiting lists, cuts to service, language issues, and drugs and treatments not available to all unless they can pay the extra fees like a friend of mine that has bone cancer.


While it was wrong of our Prime Minister to cross the floor as he did, surely there would not have been such a voicing out if he had incidentally brushed a male member?

The over reaction by the NDP MP’s, including leader Tom Mulcair, whose performance was so strong that if he’d done that during the election the NDP might have more than the 44 seats they plummeted to, clearly shows a healthy dose of hypocrisy.

Great coverage in the video below in slo mo.

Further statements, especially by the female MP’s in the fray show clear double standards, especially in the language used.

In hockey parlance, MP Brousseau would get two minutes for diving. 

All MP’s should feel safe in doing their jobs.  If we are going to have gender equality nobody should be given special concern, male or female.  If someone wants to enter a jousting circus that is Parliament they should be prepared to handle all circumstances.   If they are that sensitive maybe politics isn’t the right vocation for them?

At the end of the day it gave we journalists something to write about on a relatively slow news day, and gave the World a giggle about Canadian Politics.

As for our Prime Minister and his apology for the incident?  Well, that’s just good politics.

Imagine if our MP’s put as much emotion and energy into helping Canada instead of their own political aspirations?

On a side note, surely there is a dress code for MP’s while sitting in the house for both men and women?  Some of our MP’s looked like they picked up mark downs from Wal-Mart which this writer finds far more offensive than what occured.

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  1. A tempest in a teacup. Not the brightest move by Trudeau, and the Opposition will make the most of it as they can. They can’t stand the fact that if an election was held today, the Libs would win about fifty more seats than they have now. That must hurt. The winner in this is Gord Brown. Hardly anyone in Canada had ever heard of him before.

  2. Much ado about nothing. Time to move on to more important issues.

  3. Where is Harper when we need him?

  4. What stupidity to vote to literally murder someone if they are elderly or have an incurable disease. Only God can take a life otherwise this is murder in the highest degree. No doctor or anybody who has a conscience would ever accept this kind of a crime. The same with same sex marriage or any tranny business is against my principles. I refuse to use any public washroom anymore.

  5. If I had kids in school these days I would literally remove them from the system and home school them. Like my husband said there is no religion in this country – the sheeple are atheists. There are no morals of any kind and the sheeple are both morally and spiritually bankrupt and God knows how I feel and “in the days of Noah” as the Bible said now we have “fire” and God is punishing the people

  6. Harper?? Seriously? He’s been quieter than Brock Frost when questions about the River Kings were asked of him.

    This right to assisted suicide law will pass. Everyone should have the right to decide their own fate, not leave it up to the “church” or any other entity they may or maynot believe in.

  7. Angry man, pushes and swears his way through the crowd, clamps hold of that arm for a little manhandling (sounds like a story from a woman’s shelter), now justify it, blame the victim, and at last, make a show of contrition — quote the Bible for good measure.

    Work got to him? Kids? Wife’s bad PR moves? Breakdown from his overdone self-emasculation ploy?

    Whatever, it’s an ugly ego revealed.

  8. Jules… you are the epitome of why we do not mix church and state.

  9. This is what happens when a poor actor breaks from the script prepared for him by his handlers. The real Justin broke through for a moment. Solution….more acting lessons.

  10. John Rivington the real reason of not mix “church and state” has to do because of the days of ancient France and other countries where the Vatican would impose the Catholic faith on everyone and keep them down and the Protestants were being slaughtered and they left Europe to the US and wanted people to choose their own faith. I fully believe in the Good Lord and His laws and that will come.

  11. Jules’ imaginary god is about to cover the Earth with pestilence and talking snakes, and that is the truth! LOL LOL ROLF etc…

  12. Furtz the pestulence is coming and that is the truth. God never lies only people lie and people are going to be punished like in the days of Noah.

  13. Jules, your imaginary god says whatever you imagine him to say, and that is the truth! My imaginary god tells me to boil my pasta for four minutes at a rolling boil. LOL LOL ROLF etc…

  14. Furtz I don’t know how to describe you and I am always laughing when you are on. I will try your method of boiling pasta. LOL LOL..ROLF! God is not imagination and that is the truth. I never felt like that until not all that long ago. You area funny character. I just came back with my daughter and I can hardly stand up with all that walking that we did. I am too old and out of shape.

  15. Jules, the cool thing about my imaginary god is that HE doesn’t constantly threaten to destroy our planet or throw everybody into a fiery lake to burn for eternity. Admit it Jules… My imaginary god is way nicer than your imaginary god. LOL LOL ROLF etc… Pasta is the answer every time!!

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