Cornwall Ontario – Don’t you hate the utterly Orwellian titles politicians are giving their game plans?  Kathy loves to use the term “fair” in her bills and plans even though most are certainly not fair to those that pay for them. Patrick Brown is in an interesting position.  He’s doneContinue Reading

Statement from Patrick Brown on secret Quebec-Ontario energy deal   Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the La Presse story of a secret Quebec-Ontario energy deal:   “Once again the Wynne Liberals have been caught negotiating in secret when thousands of Ontario jobs are on the line. This secret dealContinue Reading

Making life better for Greenhouse operators, owners and workers Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader would scrap Wynne’s Cap-and-Trade Scheme and provide relief to the greenhouse industry   KINGSVILLE, ON – Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader slammed the Kathleen Wynne Liberals for making life harder for the Greenhouse industry under theirContinue Reading

Mr. Patrick Brown, MPP Leader, Official Opposition Legislative Building Queen’s Park Toronto ON  M7A 1A8   Dear Mr. Brown:   I am writing in response to your letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne regarding Hydro One’s rate application currently before the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).  Your letter is just another distractionContinue Reading

Ontario Passes Legislation to Lower Electricity Bills by 25 Per Cent May 31, 2017 Meaningful Savings for All Residential Households Coming this Summer Ontario passed legislation today that will lower electricity bills by 25 per cent on average for all residential customers to provide significant rate relief and ensure greaterContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Fire struck a central Cornwall home early this afternoon.  Cornwall Fire Services are present. One vehicle exploded and hydro wires are down as well at 314 and 316 St. Felix. Ambulances have been reported.     Residents have reported thick smoke entering their homes. CFN will updateContinue Reading

  TORONTO ONTARIO – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath didn’t let Premier Kathleen Wynne off the hook during the first question period following the release of the sunshine list, pressing Wynne for allowing an untold number of million-dollar salaries to be paid out to Hydro One executives while forcing Ontarians, bucklingContinue Reading

Dear Premier Wynne, Your legacy will be decided by the Hydro mess that you yourself publicly own. The impact of the abuse of Ontario residents via the debacle that is our Hydro system is public record.  From paying management ten times as much as other provinces, to dumping electricity forContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Hydro will be THE election issue in Ontario.   With Premier Wynne fighting for her political life she’s blinked first and reacted to the NDP’s strong first blow. The day after leader Andrea Horwath outlined plans to even out the playing field hydro wise, Ms Wynne announcedContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – According to media reports, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is suggesting that high hydro rates that are crippling Ontario are in fact her fault. Under the guise of caring for the environment,  coal (even though there are new technologies that reduce carbon and pollution)  was phased out inContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – I left Team Cornwall after a sampling of its former President Gilles Latour, who’s now waiting his court dates from charges of fraud, including of his mother. I also am no longer a member of the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce.    When I first ranContinue Reading

Ottawa Ontario – Electrical power was knocked out Wednesday afternoon until late in the evening in the 900 block of the Woodward Avenue industrial park and some of the surrounding area. Near 3 PM a middle aged man driving a white contractor’s van accidently struck the guy wire supporting an electric utility pole.Continue Reading

September 27, 2016 Decision Will Reduce Electricity Costs for Consumers Ontario will immediately suspend the second round of its Large Renewable Procurement (LRP II) process and the Energy-from-Waste Standard Offer Program, halting procurement of over 1,000 megawatts (MW) of solar, wind, hydroelectric, bioenergy and energy from waste projects. This decisionContinue Reading

 Ontario Liberals are buying union votes at the hydro rate and taxpayers expense a recently retired Ontario Power Generation CEO  made $1,528,933.36  in 2015  In 2014  at least 148 OPG and Hydro One employees made more than a quarter million dollars a year and there were 12,500 OPG and HydroContinue Reading

Letter to the editor  Hydro at any cost in Ontari_owe: . Approximately 25 OPG workers are still employed  at the closed coal Lambton station to preserve its idled condition for possible future conversion how many other closed coal plants employ people to do very little. The  Atikokan converted biomass plant Continue Reading